The Steemjet World Cup - Day 4 - How in the world did we train earth's first Space Force so fast?

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We used blockchain technology.

"Steemjet Space Force - Mission Accomplished"

Today, everybody wants to have a Space Force to "explore new horizions and tame new frontiers"

Who wouldn't?

But building a team of unique genii is a little more difficult than sourcing a soccer team. You wouldn't just pay a few kids to show up, buy them some matching shirts and call them a soccer team any more than you would throw a wad of cash at some pilots and call them a Space Force.

You actually need to discover players who love the game. Find talent that is obsessed with perfection. Seek the minds who perform a skill better than anyone else. This gives you the best chance of hitting your performance targets when you are up in the air.

@mdnazmulhasan (SF6)

Sourcing talent was difficult prior to the invention of free and secure immutable data storage. You simply cannot purchase a more qualified Space Force anywhere else in the modern employment era because the smartest kids in the world want to get paid in crypto. And thanks to the invention of free and secure immutable data storage, future business is frictionless.

@samuel9135 (SF3)

Our goal of complete cosmic STEEM adoption requires that we budget our capital carefully. You can't just go blowing your budget on every proposal and hope to retain your talented Space Force under contract. Now that we have a qualified Space Force, our message is clearly articulated for the world to hear.

Steemjet Media is @vheobong @profchydon @kristenantai @mathemandy @kekegist

@graface (SF7)

@deandaniel (SF1)


@samuel9135 I must say you doing a great work.
Am impress with it , keep it up.

I would donate my 100% steem to the human race because serving humanity has been a thing i have passion for and also to be a reason for someone to smile just as you are doing. Then finally to see that the goal of steemjet is attianed at it full potential.

Steem is something that everyone should know about and feel what it can do.


Here's a design for the CEO of steemjet; @uche-nna the jet pack holder and his sidekick @jesse12..


Welcome boss, hope you will be doing great.
Accept a little love from my side.
I will not say anything more. But it just took half of my day.
please checkout this link for full post.



Why I would donate 100% of my steem to humanity...,
because I've learnt the very act of selflessness in another dimension, from you @dimimp.
Because as you've shone your light so far, unconsciously giving us permission to do same.
Because for some of us on this jet, we were people who never truly had a community we could call ours, untill you brought steemjet to us.
Because I believe that this is the age of abundance, and as such, no one should be left behind when it comes to the knowledge of steem and cryptos, to enable them leverage on the endless opportunities within it to attain financial freedom.

Congratulations to @samuel1935, this was an excellent attempt to create something spectacular


Hi @dimimp my Name is Princess Vanessa and am a musician I've been singing since i was a kid
Well I've taken the step to start up my career here is a short clip of my preparation for a concert called king makers concert

I also did a theme song for steemjet i want to be a part of @steemjetmusic

I hope you like it music is all I've got but sometimes talent isn't enough to make you successful i need funding i also got involved in @steemcamp that was how i got to know about steemit because @michaelcj introduce steemit to me he's the founder of the @steemcamp project.
Also @uche-nna as also been a great motivation for me on steemit @dimimp thanks for giving your help to talented unemployed youth and i hope you help also reaches me.

You have a nice voice

wow......i like this one

Hello dear @dimimp I'm here requesting you to get what i deserve.

I was with you before steemjet projects and after i supported this project with all my heart and abilities but unfortunately you didn't see this effort.

You promised me that you will reward me for my efforts but you didn't.

I'm a old member but you didn't give me a rule in a department or a delegations to support the newbies in steemjet community.

I still promoting steem blockchain through steemjet thoughts in the schools, the collages and the universities, even you didn't support me i still support this project because i see the future of steem blokchain in steemjet project.

Finally hope you read my request and give me what i deserve. I need 2000 Liquid Steem to build the studio and start the promoting of steemjet trip. My art can send our messages easily and faster.

Special Greetings.

This comment has received a 1.43 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @soufianechakrouf.

@dimimp music is one of the easiest ways to preach crypto currency and steem adoption to, as far as ghosts, they understand music also. Since you are interested in making superstars out of steemjet and we already have the steemjetmusic department which you kick started yourself. You should be one of the early investor in the music department. We would like to get better musicical skills because steemjet loves classic things. So the proposal is for you to become an early investor and send two people from the music department i nominate myself and @mrprecious to a good music school so that we can get better kmowledge from professionals learn more stuffs about music. This will cost about 5000 steem but steem price currently is low . We would represent steemjet in the school and make the brand proud for the time its going to run

Consider these proposals. Cause #we are the future of steemjet

Like you said "don't love me for my steem, love me for my words". We believe in your words. So just say the word. Done ! And we will be assured that it will be done @uche-nna the CEO and @jesse12 are fully in support of this and they support our dreams.

@dimimp it has always been my dreams to attend a music school and also get professional certifications on song writer and acoustic music productions @etemi i am deeply humbled by this nomination and as the head of the music department i must say thank you for you for your unwaivered supports so far ,you are indeed a blessing and a diamond in the rough dear. @dimimp this will be a dream come true indeed and i cannot but thank you enough for your support of talent so far you the real mvp and the true artisan here.

This might also be a reason why you gave all your steem to the SpaceForce members.
The media Team is at it again :

Attaining Global Adoption with SteemJet Media!!

Congratulations @Samuel 9135...your hard work has pay you off... Well done

I participated in the steemjet gold contest but unfortunately it seems my.reward was sent to the wrong account my username is @kally but my reward was sent to @kaffy and i have proof


The account it was sent to is a new account and the account has no post so there is no way the person would have participated in the contest


My name was among the list of entries see the evidence, i will also show evidence of my post


I would be glad if this error is rectified thanks once again to @dimimp for this wonderful initiative

@lordjames come see this.
@mbj too.

Thank you very much sir I really appreciate everything you have done for me and STEEMJET community @dimimip and thank you for the promotion

Congratulations @samuel, you deserve every bit of the reward....

Congrats Sam, your designs were spot on! Very spectacular i must confess

Thank you very much

Congrats man

Thank mate



Sir dimimp, this is my logo in the business card.

I love this..its beautiful

Nice work @steemedi


This is beautiful, curated.


@samuel9135 is a superstar, his images have blown my mind, all thanks to you minning superstars with steem. This is a new phase of steem you just made me realise, steem is a miner of superstars you just proved this with your genius mind. Thank you baba for helping us SF shine!
He will be very effective, hes too brilliant

Steemjet Campus Busters plead your attention here. Superstars are out there waiting to fly @dimimp



That's right, it's better since it's open source. I've given the account access details to @lordjames as you said. But, before giving away all your money, I'll appreciate you include me in your plans too.

The other music artists that received gears aren't staying close to me, so, it will be quite difficult going to their place to use their gears.

I have bought a PC already, I still need some gears to make it complete. Here are the things I need:

  • Focusrite scarlett solo {an audio box which comes with free recording/mixing software}. = 300steem
  • Samson C01 microphone = 200steem
  • Semi-Acoustic guitar = 150steem
  • KRK KNS6400 Headphone = 90steem
  • Microphone tripod stand = 60steem
  • Pop filter = 30steem
  • XLR cables - (Mic cable) = 25steem
  • Camera - {for a better video quality & editing} = 400steem

Which totals = 1255steem.
Due to the present price value of steem, seems the price of these gears.

Working as an SF member and working with you has helped me achieved a lot, I'll be grateful if you look into my needs boss @dimimp.


I participated in the steemjet gold contest but unfortunately it seems my.reward was sent to the wrong account my username is @kally but my reward was sent to @kaffy and i have proof


The account it was sent to is a new account and the account has no post so there is no way the person would have participated in the contest


My name was among the list of entries see the evidence, i will also show evidence of my post


I would be glad if this error is rectified thanks once again to @dimimp for this wonderful initiative

Oops, I'll check your complains out and if it's so I'll send you the Steem from my own wallet. Must have been a mistake so I apologize for that. I'll look into this by morning. Sorry for the inconvenience.


How EFFECTIVE do you thnk that he will be in completing his individual task

As fast as possible @dimimp.


Nice work...this can be used for different purpose.

Total congratulations to @ samuel9135 for their work and talent, which pride share with human resources as valuable as the one you have in the @steemjet master @dimimp; It's wonderful how the SPACE FORCE movement has been growing and it feels so good to see it grow ... I always support those steemit users who give the community a bit more sand. By the way @dimimp, talking about the World Cup, what are your predictions for the cup?





The new Nigerian jersey designed by Nike was recently announced by FIFA as the best kit for the Russia 2018 worldcup.

Hello @dimimp, how does our steemjet logo look on the best jersey in 2018. Doesn't it simply confirm that steemjet is the best?


Sorry Boss for popping in late... I've been so busy with the Steemjet Games actualization plan with @fidelmboro that I missed out on the contest... Believe me, it's been busy moments after you hurled me onboard the SpaceForce Team. Thanks again, Boss. I cannot appreciate you enough...
However, I did prepare something on the side in response to your call for BETTER designs for Steemjet logo. I did a couple of variance, by the way. Hope you don't mind, I got out of my way to think outside the box a bit (the graphics will tell the story) in trying to introduce some concepts of various options the logo may evolve...
But I didn't leave out the conventional concepts of the logo -- just did some derivatives of same. Anyways, without much talk, I present, the New Steemjet Variance!

New Steemjet Logo Variance_#1.jpg

New Steemjet Logo Variance_#3.jpg

New Steemjet Logo Variance_#2.jpg

Wow, congrats to you @samuel9135, kudos to the media team too.


Why not make it more interesting by printing football with the logo ...

Why not make it more interesting by printing football with the logo ...

Wow winners are born to be genius, Weldone @samuel9135.


Hello @dimimp, I wish to inform you that I have just released my first music production dedicated to the Steemjet Community. I apologise that this is coming very late, it was due to a lot of challenges I had to go through in order to put this all in place. It took me weeks to get the space after series of application to the owner of the facility, I was able to get it for few hours and I'm glad I was able to do something nice with it.
I would also love to appeal to you Sir for help, I have alot to offer to the Steemjet network through my Music but due to lack of funds and equipments, It is proving impossible to achieve anything. I will be glad if you love the music and could help me purchase some equipments. Thank You Sir.

Good day to you sir @dimimp, I really appreciate your effort to be a democratic leader, in which you always seek for the opinion of your workers, this is really great.

As you said that you need a force that will work for you for a long time, I wish and I will like to work for this great community for a very long time sir. I love this community and have been doing my very best for this community. I will also like to seek for your favour by getting promotion from you sir, so as to encourage the new members by upvoting them, so as to see smiles on their faces (steemjet is for the broke) .

I will like to use this opportunity to also remind you of Your promise That you will commission more pictures for me to make as a bling. But it over two month you promised me that and have not hear from you sir. I will be happy to get your response on this sir @dimimp .

steemjetlogo gif2(2).gif

Even with my bling logo, it looks good on a customised shirt of steemjet space force member.

This is your girl queen of blings

Good day boss @dimimp.
Prior to your comment on the ID cards made, in which you said you don't like the logo, on that note you open another contest for modification of the logo, and now am back with the new modification of the logo after working on it for weeks so as to make it perfect. I also put the logo on the ID cards to see how perfect it will be on the card, and now it looking perfect on it, I will be happy if you can check it out sir.

Here is the logo

ninoh new logo for steemjet.jpg

Here is the logo on the left side of the ID card and I also have it at the background For the CEO




To donate all your steem to space force is because you really trust them and their projects, because the work they do you like and that's why you decided to give them that opportunity, which in my opinion is a great vote of confidence! Now it is up to thethethey to achieve these projects in order to meet your expectations and they achieve to overcome more and more.

Hello there boss @dimimp You have created a very strong team that works tirelessly. You are an example for everyone.
Great initiatives from the art department once again and great contests once again also.
Sir I am struggling to get in touch with you lately. I try to move on with the longer version of the book you assigned me to do but unfortunately my computer is dead and I am using the phone lately. It seems that I cannot upload those ‘heavy images’ shrazi created until I am able to replace my pc....
Boss I need your help.
I also need your opinion and evaluation if the book is proceeding the way you want it to be and if you have any notifications and stuff that we need to change.
I ll try again to work from the mobile but it seems it is highly unlikely to manage it.
Here is the link once again boss
Waiting for your response.


OK! So I deviated a bit from the assignment Boss Imp gave me and @fidelmboro as I spotted his post on the campaign to hunt for BETTER Steemjet logos. I did some late entries in a hurry 'cause I missed the gist about the contest... However, my Muse moved me to do some more designs about the current FIFA World Cup in Russia.

I wasn't really sure what to do, so I decided to fool around with the designs to see what my Muse would inspire. At the end of it all, I came out with 3 initial designs (still not sure if they'll fly, but I thought Boss Imp might like 'em)...

Anyways, the 1st design is a football version of the Steemjet logo, the 2nd is an extended variance of the same logo introducing the FIFA World Cup in Russia, while the 3rd is a glimpse into the future where Team Steemjet won the final match (against who? Well, I didn't get a glimpse of that part of the future, but who cares? All that matters is that Steemjet won!) -- with Boss Imp holding the Golden World Cup!

Can you beat that!!!


steemjet football.jpg


sttemjet won!!!.jpg

@samuel9135 has done a great job. Well deserved. Congratulations bro

Congratulations @samuel9135, i guess everyone in the space force are contributing in various aspects that would help us achieve our ultimate goal.

I do have a question, since everyone has been limited to posting just two comments, does it apply to my team? Because we use it as an avenue to know/welcome newbies, get to interact with them as well as issue warnings to spammers or those who post plagiarised contents, answering this question will help us do our jobs effectively. As we're kind of handling security and public relations at the same time.

Here are my 3D designs for steemjet logo, I hope you like it sir @dimimp







On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem

The SteemJet community is definitely having fun on the Steem blockchain. Loads of initiative are been carried out and i'm proud to be a part of it. This is of course due to the creation of the space forces. You are Great!


@dimimp sir there is my 2nd entry logo for steemjet logo contest please sir check my design



This was an outstanding graphics design. Congratulations to @samuel9135 my namesake.
Thank you Boss @dimimp for showing the world it is possible through selfless services.

My strategies on reaching out to more individuals on social media and bringing them to steemjet. Check it out sir.

Wow I'm so happy for @samuel9135
Congrats bro

Thank bro

This is my entry to the SteemJet Minimal Logo contest which is hosted by the amazing @dimimp.

The key was minimalism, so I kept the logos simple.

I provided 4 variations to suite whatever style.

Here's one of them

SteemJet Minimalist Grey.png

@dimimp thank you for always empowering us and appreciating our hardwork, your indeed a role model which everyone should always try to depict. You have touched more lives than we had imagined throughout the birth of steemjet, more people have been financially free and we all know that a nation with active and financially free youths is definitely going to get higher grounds.

You have helped us to achieve this and i have not been an exception, i wish to do more for the steemjet community, and to help us achieve our goal of the global adoption of Steem. Congratulations to all those that their lifes has been touched by our boss @dimimp

Did I just made the logo to beat? Who knows?...this logo is not all about the graphics designs but the content, it signifies the efforts of everyone in this community pushing hard to make it a better place for all...with the help of the boss @dimimp.

A whale like no other!



To my Boss @dimimp

Hello boss it's @yhaulez SF5 and here is my contribution to the world cup contest and I would be grateful to hear from you about it and also wish some love is shown really took a whole lot to get this done and I would keep on doing more Thanks

  1. GIF with Oliver ridding her bicycle 🚲 and the globe rotating with all the nations kits rotating too.
    Image :
    WORLD CUP.png
  2. @Dimimp star Ahmed Musa a short video (very short)

link to video
GIF (with no audio)
musa .gif
And seems you missed out on one of my cool contributions here is the link.

Boss @ dimimp One of the reasons why i think you donated all your steem to the space force is to create a great force and community that would help promote the steem and impact lives.
In that light a tiny fraction of steemjetians in the eastern part of nigeria(even though it seems we dont exist) have been trying so hard preach the gospel of steem to the people.

This is what we intend doing next as a way to promote steem(it) in the eastern parts of nigeria


Congratutions to > samule. And thanks to the boss @dimimp..Sir i once made you a request that can help intergrate new steemias that follows this community.
We are young to this platform and we have great potential too.
We just need incentive and morals to compete among our equals
We too can deliver. Please give us the chance, to prove ourself.

I participated in the steemjet gold contest but unfortunately it seems my.reward was sent to the wrong account my username is @kally but my reward was sent to @kaffy and i have proof


The account it was sent to is a new account and the account has no post so there is no way the person would have participated in the contest


My name was among the list of entries see the evidence, i will also show evidence of my post


I would be glad if this error is rectified thanks once again to @dimimp for this wonderful initiative

Thanks a lot sir, i appreciate your post

@samuel9135 has many amazing works.
His designs are a wonder
Kudos mann

We are words and steem

Thanks for sharing would content sir.
I like your every content.
Upvote resteemit

As an art department member, I have been observing the man @samuel9315 and his art works. What I like about him is his swiftness in executing task. He just hits the nail at the head everytime. He is a capable fellow and I believe he won't let us down..

Wow... I'm astonished by the great talents I see here

Hello @dimimp I made a proposition for a steemjet sports contest for the world cup and I will need some liquid steems to run it and gift prizes. It's great to see you are a sports lover. Here is the link to the post I made days back




Great information.
Upvote resteemit done

Humanity is staying everyone person, i love steemit. and i appreciate this contest for sharing.. upvote and resteemit done.

Wow... Congrats to @samuel9135...i Sure know he will deliver...

Hello @dimimp, I'm really delighted to report to you of the great progress Steemjet Photography has been making and all these has been as a result of your candid support.
I have just kicked off a contest on my blog to adopt a Logo for Steemjet Photography Department. This contest is aimed at expanding the scope of the Steemjet Photography Initiative and by doing that also we'll have the opportunity to empower and encourage fellow steemians and publicize Steemjet to the world through photography. This will help give a big boost to the GLOBAL ADOPTION aim.


The Steemjet Photography Exhibit has not relented in any way. I still have a duty to display weekly exhibits dedicated to the Steemjet Community on my blog some of which I will display below because it is obvious you are a busy man and might not have the time to visit my blog to view them.
Sir, I also want to appeal that more of your support will be needed to help me get more photography equipments which will help increase the efficiency and quality of my works.

Steemjet Promotes Nature

Nature is Life


Steemjet: On the wings of SuperStars


Sir, Alot more have been displayed on my blog. You colud see them by following the linka below

Thanks a lot my friend for sharing this post.
I appreciate this contest.


Congratulations @dimimp Sir...
The cost of the trophy is increasing every time. During the 2018 World Cup, the price of the trophy is about 10 times the starting point.

The dream of any footballer in the world once touched him with a hand. The scope does not have all the opportunity. Those who can, they feel happy for their people. That's why Football is the world's most respected, Tamam is the most prized prize of the sport, as it seems to be the FIFA World Cup trophy.

Very expensive, but what is the price? The value of such 'priceless' material can not be calculated in the figure of the money. Artist Silvio Gazaniga made the trophy for the 1974 World Cup. Before that the prize was the Jule Rim Cup of the World Cup. Brazil won it forever in the 1970s. This new trophy was created soon after. That's going on even today.

The trophy weighs more than 6 kilograms. It is 14 inches long. And the element? 18 carat gold! Green malachite ring below. It is not saying that the financial value of such things will be skyball.

When it was made in 1971, that amount of gold was worth less than 11 lakhs. But since then, the price of the trophy has increased with the rise of gold prices every time before the World Cup. During the current 2018 World Cup, the cost of the trophy is approximately 1.8 million taka. That is, the trophy that will be held in the hands of this year's champions is such a precious thing.

Very good information..

Congratulations @dimimp Sir steemjet design is best...Very amazing art photography post Sir... I appreciate your contests... I love StEeMiT... thanks for sharing this valuable Post...

It is impressive that they decide to do a project like this is a great responsibility but I am sure they will do the best to prove to be the fittest to carry out this dream, this goal that will make them grow

Congratulations @dimimp! You have completed some achievement on Steemit and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

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Do you like SteemitBoard's project? Then Vote for its witness and get one more award!

Congratulations! Steemjet is now Biggest tag in steemit platform..
upvote and resteemit done sir 👌👌👌

@dimimp gracias por siempre empoderarnos y apreciar nuestro trabajo duro, de hecho, un modelo a seguir que todos deberían tratar de representar. Has tocado más vidas de las que habíamos imaginado durante el nacimiento de Steemjet, más personas han sido financieramente libres y todos sabemos que una nación con jóvenes activos y financieramente libres definitivamente va a obtener terrenos más elevados.

Nos ha ayudado a lograr esto y no he sido una excepción, deseo hacer más por la comunidad Steemjet y ayudarnos a lograr nuestro objetivo de la adopción global de Steem. Felicitaciones a todos aquellos que sus vidas han sido tocadas por nuestro jefe @dimimp

Sir @dimimp check my design I use shartzy's and jogreh's concept and try a different design. if i win this contest I'll spend my steam on Steam Jet Bangladesh Community.

hello boss @dimimp you made a comment about the logo not showing actually it due to the colour blending the blue colour in the background tends to be the same with the symbol that is why the symbol is missing like this one i did LOG05.jpg but thanks to you for allowing more creative work to be done on the logo, so i modified thislogoab.jpg boss @dimimp the gold symbolize trade-able token and i belive it is good for the logo i will still update more for you to choose @dimimp

Tried my hands so in the design logo contest. Hope you love it.

Thank you so much sir, I really appreciate all that you have done for us all and the community STEEMJET and I do not know when to join this community @dimimip and thank you for promotions.



Why delegate 100% of your steem to the space force delegates?
Because we are talented and that is for the main reason I will pitch this proposal to you.

Stemjet Tv

A while ago I designed a 2d drawing for you and though it was shady but I'm getting the hang of it. I needed to come from another angle and class and I'm very sure I will bring to you a different special taste of success. I have come up with the initiative - Steemjet Tv.


steemjet tv is the next big thing because this will eventually kick in as the prime primitive and front row of our success.

Let me do the honours of pitching this idea to you.

Steemjet tv is going to consist of presenters in which I have a set of team at my disposal to carry out this initiative, we will create a platform which is gonna be Jet-TV, a new site that will make use of IPFS just like youtube but instead, we will host presenters on steemjet to talk about steem. And since we're in the greatest sport festival of the year, this is the greatest opportunity we have to showcase our talents on live TV... We can best the greatest player -Ronaldo and become the next big thing.

Here's a few things that I will use in making this happen.
A crypto space IPFS server to work as our TV website for showcasing presenters online - 800 steem
A mobile application for steemjet tv for both andriod users and ios users - 800 steem
Media equipment such as electronic mics - 300 steem
Video camera - 400 steem
A token of support to host presenters - 300 steem.

Total = 2700 steem.

This is my task to the steemjet community and i will execute this to my very best.

you have done so many tremendous things @dimimp. you selfless without been doubtful. with the your initiatives you making the world a better place . God will always be your strength. we love you @dimimp. role model.

Wow these designs are really so beautiful
@samuel9135 issa goalllllll 😁

I was just playing around with my fingers, say I was freestyling.. and I came up with that thing up there.
.. searching out hidden superstars!
Am I making any sense at all?🤔🙈

Thereafter, I picked up my blue traditional pen to do this too, pls don't laugh at me

Sir @dimimp, please sir consider this design . i know you are a kind and generous leader sir. I am good at graphics design. I need a job in this steemjet community sir.
Thank you sir.

Grate post sir @dimimp.i like steemjet.i like your work.thanks sir

Thank you @dimimp for this great opportunity.
I modelled my design from the works of shartzy and jogreh coupled with my own colour combination skills.

Here is the logo in a rebranded form
. IMG-20180616-WA0021.jpg

I went further to designing the Identity card in this format.
I actually choose This format since most Organized organization have theirs in the same format. Indeed steemjet is an organized community made up Of superstars.

You can equally check this out in its original form

My entry for the new steemjet logo.
Motivated by the name, steemjet space force, I have come out with a logo that best befit it. here is the logo.spaceforge.PNG
I worked on it to make sure it doesn't look busy when minimated. Here is the look on a business card or ID cardid3-1.jpg
I hope you like it @dimimp
On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem. One love family.

@dimimp sir I loved your project so much. from couple of days I see your post it's so amazing.
so today I have done upvote and resteem your post.

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