Steemjet World Cup - Day 21 - gif contest - 600 SDB in prizes

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Background music by @tudors

OK, I got a little excited explaining the importance of team work the other day while imagining the worst thing possible that you could do to a team mate in the world cup, and then I saw it happen. So I started a contest and here is how it went:

I will give 137 SBD to the best meme of:

Henrik Dalsgaard (@deandaniel) smashing his clearance off the face of teammate Andreas Christensen (@dimimp), which allowed Mario Mandzukic to sweep home from 10 yards out

200 SBD if it is an animated gif showing deandaniel kicking the ball repeatedly off my face on every loop!

250 if you can get me falling down repeatedly as well (the second angle is hilarious)!

Thanks for the laughs friends! I will award and pay this out following the final game.

And here are the entries:

@shrazi (@250) almost nailed it becasue you can see the guy getting ready to tap the ball in! Amazing job to get all 3 critical players in the gif! magic!

@samexycool - yes that is the clip, but it looks too long to make an effective gif showing my buddy perfectly assisting the ball off my face perfectly onto the foot of the opposing player who effortlessly kicks it into the net as if planned in advance as a practical world cup joke!

(that is no Neymar flop to the ground either, he is dizzy!)

@prextix (137) went straight to the point and it is indeeed funny

@ubongj following directions marvelously

and @yhaulez (@200)

It is funny becasue it is almost an autogol on me becasue it is off my face, but not soltly off my face, but BLASTED by my friend! This cost Denmark the game too!

I know that this is a lot of work my friends, but your efforts are very much appreciated. Sometimes it is best to let others make the mistakes that teach us life's valuable lessons such as "know your surroundings"






Gifs or small video clips are a fun and effective way to not only teach, but they can leave lasting impressions due to the emptions untapped.

@gnarlyanimations (SF7)

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Boss @dimimp thank you for appreciating my work. How do you want it, I can still modified it to your taste.

Okay, I think I now understand.....i will be dropping another one soon.



I did this one Specially for you @dimimp

The Imp.jpg

You can use it as your display picture on steemit. Link to post


hi @dimimp
this is my entry for the color the logo contest
hope you like it



Hello boss @dimimp please check out these cool designs of T-shirts. please check out my post.

Boss these are some of T-shirt designs hope you will like it.
@dimimp @god I also requested before that if you throw me
on some steem I will not refuse that.
steemjet we are words and steem.


Lol this is hilarious, still working on mine. As the clip is of long range its quit a difficult task that needs a little more time

videotogif_2018.06.27_22.50.15.gif I also worked on this. Over 2weeksnow. Have summited. Didn't hear anything from you . I know you are collection of arts





I'm also still looking for the perfect minimal logo to add to this @dimimp. I took the main navigation layouts that @mbj gave me and wrote the front end codes but it still needs a minimal logo
Html Index

Css style

Homepage design

The logo at the top left corner hasn't been aligned and we still need to modify it and add quick swipes for services, since we're starting build up from scratch to make it explicit.


Great job with the code, I suggest trying out my minimal version of the logo and try applying bootstrap as it will assist in the design better. You can reach me up for suggestions. @chri5h or chri5h#2607


Brilliant! Congrats. I'm taking you in as the new Tech/Dev team member. After a week evaluation from @afolwalex, I have no doubts in taking us the next phase @chri5h. Great Job. Although , I haven't initiated those yet, It will be implemented gradually.

SF-1 @Gutzygwin
Project/Dev Manager


Wow.. @gutzygwin... Well done bro, I now see your Hardwork.. Keep it up


Thanks bro


Do u need more help gutzy? 😁😁. Longs time no see u. A busy man with the project hah. Nice job @gutzygwin

If u read this comment. Ping me on discord. 😁


Woo hoo. Ya. I will.. Long time no see friend.

Nice post boss... Keep inspiring.

What a awesome giph's.
This is really great. I like this. Just perfect.
But funny also

you didn't get my own entry. I posted it yesterday. I've posted so many ideas. Butbit noticed videotogif_2018.07.04_06.03.18.gif

Haha yeah these are well made and pretty funny


Thanks for the upvote Dimimp, you're the best =)


donot scam if boss upvoted you


Hello @dimimp can drawings be accepted?


Hello sweet boss @dimimp
Its your baby girl and I just wanna say
Good morning and have a pleasant day ahead.

Love from @oredebby
~SPF 7

Great one by @prextix, if he can only fit in @deandaniel head's a bit smaller to match with the neck of the player. Well, I can't make art so I'll just get a popcorn and have a good laugh as more entries pour in. Let's have fun guys.




Ahahaha... Am here to have fun too.. The entries are hilarious.. Lolz


Hello @dimimp here is my entry
And the Gif entry

Thank you @dimimp for put me in mind
I have that 200 steem comission I promised you right here @omowumi:

I will be expecting the commission as soon as you update me for the images.

Here is my entry for the worldcup gif.
The worst thing your teammate can do to you in worldcup.
omowumi gif.gif

Bling of your best logo.

@dimimp the boss, am also using this medium to celebrate my 100days on steemjet. Thanks for your support sir.


Is your girl queen of bling

@dimimip your STEEMJET quarterly
My entry videotogif_2018.07.05_05.30.46.gifMy entry

My entry
I hope to win because I haven't gotten any steem or SBD from steemjet contest before

250 if you can get me falling down repeatedly as well (the second angle is hilarious)!videotogif_2018.07.05_05.17.52.gif

Haha.. Glad you liked my entry boss..
How's it going??

250 if you can get me falling down repeatedly as well (the second angle is hilarious)!
My entry videotogif_2018.07.05_05.14.27.gif
Your STEEMJET quarterly

Good day to my steemjet family and out founder @dimimp check out my animated GIF

After a lot of thinking on how to implement an artwork on the new contest of an animated gif showing deandaniel kicking the ball repeatedly off my face on every loop!

It was a difficult call but I finally came up with something.

Here is my animated GIF of @deandaniel kicking the ball off @dimimp's face.


A Slower Version


I spiced up the animated GIF by adding fire to the ball, let's call it FIREBALL lol.
I hope you like it.

I am @kilatunzii
Tech dev team

On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem

Link to post;

@dimimp sir this is the most funniest football video



Thanks boss for finding my GIF worthy of winning the contest.
Am so happy

Creative minds there... Steemjet is filled with creative and talented people!



Sir @dimimp all are great designs i have an idea for steemjet promotion i am explaining it in my post hope you like the idea
We are words and steems

Hello sir. Im gift. I got introduced to steemit and steemjet by @dannytroniz
Its nice to be part of the steemjet communty


Welcome dear. I'm glad you accepted my offer

My entry @dimimip videotogif_2018.07.05_05.32.19.gif

@dimimp i havent been able to access your last post properly because its hanging and drains alot of data.

This is my own cover of the steemjet anthem, do read my last post sent to you above.

This is another song cover of me, and also produced by me.

some cool designs of T-shirts. please check out my post.




Most of these gifs are really funny sir. But each bearing a message. Team work is important on achieving progress here on STEEMJET and also as individuals.
Meanwhile sir. I will be sending my progress report as we just had our first official Project IMPACT meeting and we are making progress thanks to you.

My entry




Sir @dimimp i know you have a little steem and you are really in critical situation but to promote the steemjet i need some amount for making ads and uploading those ads on youtube videos
If we apply this method we really promote it well. It is cheap and quite easy to promote the steemjet and one more thing we achieve our gaol very soon by applying this method

  • one gaol
  • one mission
  • one brand
  • to promote steemjet
  • our one love @dimimp
  • our one love steemjet
  • we are the developers

This is very funny 😁😁

Hello @dimimp
I'm not so good in arts, I would have made some designs of you.

My specialty is music and I did you a music

Here's a link to the post

I hope you'll like it

Cheers 🍻

Some of the entries are really funny and some did put some hardwork to it. I will use the time available for the contest to master the art of making an incredible gif before making an entry

this is my video for steemjet music. songs that are popular by mariah cerry

Really funny and hilarious gif memes

Catching up with your blog, @dimimp is great way to relieve myself of depression after lossing two of my cousins just in two months, one died in in a weird high way accident & the other died of a cancerous tumor..😖😖😔😢
The one who died in an accident left his pregnant wife, & young daughter aged 3 behind. Both are presently in my family's house just to make they are fine.

The gifs & memes am viewing at the moment just made me smile.

Much love to you Dimimp

Let the entries begin then

I just have to crack my rips, you look more like messi @dimimp


"A campaign to help improve the kado kuchi community standard of living"



THE QUOTATIONS. ..................(STEEM AT 450NAIRA/1)
The clearing of the waste........................................................115steem($143.75)
Fumigating of the land and it environment. .........................169steem($211.25)
Purchasing of waste collector................................................334steem($417.5)

TOTAL...................618Steem ($772.77)
THE QUOTATIONS..........................2 ......... (STEEM AT 450NAIRA/1)
Dangote cement..... ...... ....... .......... 5 Bags (2570/1= 12,850...28.5steem)... ($35.6)
Gravel (1-1/4 inch)..................................................14 Tonnes (155 Steem = $194.4)
Sand..........................................................20 Tonnes (99.1 Steem = $123.8)
Pipes For the drainage .............................................. (107 Steem = $134.2)
Labour/Service...........................................(197 Steem = $246.3)

TOTAL = 586 STEEM ($733.25)

GRAND TOTAL =733.25 + 618 = 1351.25 STEEM ($1689.1)

Here are the links to the related post

Dear @dimimp

You're and you've been a great inspiration and great support to us in #steemit and I love you day by day for your commendable efforts to see that STEEM comes to the lamp light. And I too I'm fully in support of your dreams and ideas.

Chess is a great game.. it's a mind builder and IQ builder I've been a tutor for chess for 5 years now and counting... I've tutored from the levels of old to very young children.. And I believe the future lies in the minds of this young children.. I believe they'll make the world a better place.. And I love what I'm doing.. I believe too in steemjet because as the motto goes "On the wings of superstars "... The young generation are part of these super stars they are at their jet age.. I believe I could help build @steemjetsports to a space level.. And I couldn't do this without your support and permission.

images (28).jpeg

images (27).jpeg

unnamed (3).gif


Nobody needs permission to start a Steemjet initiative. Steemjet is an open source community. Use our logos, our misic, etc!


Yes sir.. I'm aware of that. If I could get funding from you sir @dimimp, I'll be much grateful it will take me a long way to see that the initiative comes to fruition.. 500 STEEM will do to help me carryout the project sir.

🛩️🛩️Is very interesting👍@dimimp ⚽⚽⚽⛹️🤾🤹🌫️

It is a great chance for everyone.
Thanks @dimimp

Here is my meme Entry for the contest
Thanks for @ubongj and @shuta for face photos
footballcrotiavsdenmark copy.jpg
I will start work for next task soon
My entry for 200 SBD Task
Another entry for 250 sbd Task
Hope you like all of my edited work

Steemit is a revolutionary idea that will bring freedom and independence to many. What we have seen is just the start. When there are millions here a whole new economy will open up. Its been fun so far and I'm excited to see what happens next.

Hi Passing by And Upvoted you :) !
“A woman always has to prove her beauty.” ====> Ljupka Cvetanova

Neymar is a truly distinguished player
Thank you for the wonderful effort

@dimimp here are my paintings of the logo designed by @dromzz

Paint 1


Paint 2


Paint 3


Paint 4


I hope you like them

I am @kilatunzii
Tech dev team

On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem

Sir i think you have missed to see my design logo for Steemjet ... sir I want to be the part of Steemjet community ..... please just look at my logo for Steemjet I have spend days on design such logo for Steemjet logo contest I hope you like it and give you valuable comments on it
Here is the link

Thanks @dimimp for selecting my GIF for the contest

Sir @dimimp, here is my entry.


I painted this with a metal texture. This depicts the strongness of steemjet community.


This is painted with golden texture. This shows the beauty of steemjet


This is painted with wooden texture. This shows that steemjet would be here forever.

Here is a link to a detailed post.

Crying... I am Always late... Nice and funny memo's. Is the compitition still one?

Funny and interesting photo work

My Entry For the gif contest

You're an inspiration @dimimp.. God bless you

Nice one @dimimp, I love this idea.

Haha. Hilarious
You are a true legend boss @dimimp

Hahahha really fun contest ornagnised @dimimp I made two but it's getting late and I'm going to sleep, will return tomorrow with another, or the day after

Repeatedly shot in the head as requested. (literally ripped our face off)

This is my favourite one as it has the whole situation in + the way you fall is hilarious.

EDIT: and for the continuous falling you requested this is the best possible angle I can get. Hope it is good enough. Would also enter the meme contest but think that would just be too much, lol.

Made your head grow in size every time you got hit, thought it made it look even more funny. Hope you enjoy the gifs.

Congrats to the winners, all entries are nice.
I should participate soon.

I'm in a jolly mood today because it's my birthday💝

Greetings boss. I'm little worried as I haven't seen you post in a while. I hope you are good?

Right here is my humble entry for the logo painting contest . I hope you like it



Here's a link to the full post and other colour variations.

Still waiting for my reward boss

Awesome contest. I also try this contest. thanks for share this awesome post.

All the pictures in here or do I say with what #dimimp requested for isn't going to me in....... the way I'm seeing it here...... My thoughts are: what would have happened,having something on pulling the ball to one's face doing that alone to me calls for a mind in questions ................ I guess ain't the only one seeing what I'm picking out in here............