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RE: STEEMJET RECORDS LOGO CONTEST UPDATE - 5000 Steem in prizes - Preliminary rankings - post all new contest entries here from now until Oct 1

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I just sent you your 3000 steemjet to steemfest prize today!


Hello Dimimp this my entry for the steemjet records logo contest.


Helo sir i made a video of this.
Art work by me with a steemjet anthem song.
I have been trying to upload with mobile phone but its nit work.
Pls sir i need assistant to complement with the little cash i have so that i can buy laptop.
Pls help with steem.
Project Capture (1).jpg

You appreciate talent a lot.
Pls sir support my talent by giving me some steem to to buy laptop i need to kick off the production of the music and the video of the art works i have done.
I can't upload videos on dtube because the phone i am using can't do this.
I just need 400steem to do this sir.
I love you.
Help me sir @dimimp.
Project Capture (3).jpg
Project Capture (2).jpg

i have been trying my best to show you what i got.

just need steem to kick off

My Entry
Funniest Satoshi









@dimimp i made this SWAGS DANCE FOR YOU...
it is hit and currently doing my last examination in school but to make steemjet grow I did this for you, i will be glad you promote me as I will be dropping more videos.... Sf3 on my mind because as a female and a street dancer I can work perfectly with the stemjetdancers

Hope you enjoy it


My Steemjet Dance Videos

My letter to @dimimp because i want to join Steemjet dance group..
My name is Mukky, i am in 14 years old and in senior secondary school 1.
I also go to a dance school close to my house where i learnt some of my skills today.
I am from Ghana in Africa, have you been here before?
Well i want you to watch my dance video and please tell me if you like it.

I made another video because i see Steemjet Take over


I used @steemjetrecords and @steemjetstudios as logo in my video. I hope they like my work too. Thank you to my coach who edited the video for me.
Thank you @dimimp for watching. I will like you to respond too. My family will be happy

Boss I am very unhappy because you left us.
Please don't go away from us. We are only here just because of you.

Boss I am very unhappy because you left us.
Please don't go away from us. We are only here just because of you.

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