STEEMJET RECORDS LOGO CONTEST UPDATE - 5000 Steem in prizes - Preliminary rankings - post all new contest entries here from now until Oct 1

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The Steemjet Records Logo contest is ending on Oct 1
If the contest ended today, the results would look something like this:

This post is under construction, no other contests are open, but the next contest will be concerning a logo for the Steemjet Dancers.

@sistem (1st 1000 steem)

@stevendion (2nd 800 steem)

@mbj 3rd 600
























@samexycool (SF2)

@macspeaks (SF6)

I am trying to get the steemjet records teams all done and the logo competition done because nest we are having a steemjet Dancers logo contest.

what shoudld we call the dance team? troupe?

give me some names:

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Hello @dimimp, let's call the dance group Steemjetbreakers.
Since every dance involves a particular pattern of dances steps, and every dance step comes with a form of break. There is a break in every dance step, and as a dancer, I tell you that every dance comes from the successful mastery and exhibition a steps accompanied with breaks. The breaks give dance rhythm and style, and it's as important as the dance itself, I hope I made sense.
I still await your response on the steem request I made for the continuous steem bath of space force members on the occasion of their birthday celebration and steem for maintenance, data and update of the steemjet database. A total of 2000 steem will be sufficient for these. Also I await my ticket consideration for steemfest of 1000 steem, SF 4, bringing it to a total of 3000 steem. Thank you


Hey dimimp... my entry was missed lol

Udezee ssf7.18.09.jpg

Logo steps here in gif:

udezee sf7.gif

Thank you.


Little Benita dances for @dimimp

I spent today helping other steemjet members ( @wizzybright and @ruthuwah) make a dance Video for @dimimp.
In this process , Little Benita walked up to me and asked why they where dancing, I told Her it was for @dimimp.
She left but returned shortly with a another set of clothes and pleaded me to capture her as she dance, She ended the request by asking me to make sure I show it to @dimimp.
She actually did put a lot of energy to the performance and that's why I had to do my best to make sure I made this post.
So I am delivering Little Benita's request to @dimimp.


Good day sir @dimimp my logo was skipped out it was in second position... Sir please reconfirm.




(edited) being sincere with you comment 1.
I made changes in it. I change the font, remove the logo behind the girl and increase the contrast of cyamball logos.
As you said.
Is it ok now.

New logo designs for the steemjet records

I believe this time I will rock the contest.

The @dimimp and always dim I will always be in steem force 7 or you will upgrade me.


You got a 15.15% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @yameen!


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Thanks to @yameen

We have planted already 3522.50 trees
out of 1,000,000

Let's save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest
in Cameroonian village Kedjom-Keku!
Plant trees with @treeplanter and get paid for it!
My Steem Power = 39476.41
Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku


Greetings Dimimp, here is the plan for S.I.N2 as requested.

We agree to support attendees with accommodation. I've checked on hotels and the most affordable ones will be at the price range $30 - $50 per room a night ($150 - $250 for the five days)[taste and proximity to venue increase the price]. Let's base all estimations in USDollars so we can monitor the market and know when to cash out.

Depending on the number of rooms you will want to sponsor. We can put attendees a person a room or pair attendees to a room {1:1 or 2:1}

For the plan. I'll make reservations soon as the plan is approved. We have over 150 Spaceforce members from Nigeria (and still employing more). To know those who will be attending the events, here is the plan.

  • A Google docs will be created for those attending the event.

  • A post will be made on the @steemjet account with a link to the registration docs. Interested members will indicate interest to attend by filling in the Google doc within two weeks of making the post.

  • data from the Google database collected and accepted entries will be listed out in another post and each member will be given a code.

  • On arrival at the conference registration venue in Abuja, members will present their codes to confirm their names and will be taken to their assigned rooms.

This plan is up for review. An email has been sent to you to confirm a few details for clarification purpose. We are grateful.


This is a great plan from steemjet.
It will be good for the boss @dimimp to look into this, as soon as possible, so as to make full preparation ahead. Am very sure steemjetters will dominate SIN2 this year, and this will make steemjet more popular in Nigeria.
Thanks #God bless steemjet


Good day sir @dimimp
The project is not a music production but rather a movie project that will help and quickly put our steemjet talents out there, ranging from musicians, actors, video editors, actress, dancers, graphics designers etc. This movie project is going to be a bluckbuster that would be hitting the cinemas and believe when I say it's going to be first of its kind coming from africa. It will also help sell steemjet record to the world. I sincere plead that you take critical look into this project and I hope to hear from you as soon as possible. Sir I also want to put it to you that stars will be made out of all talents we have in steemjet and I advice we start this project as soon as possible. It's a project that every steemjet member would be happy that they where part of cus it's going to be a life changing one for everyone...


Below is the storyline if u need to take a second look at it(click the link below)
Even if for some reason you may want to put this project on hold. Please I want to plea for funds to support my smaller movie projects... Am not giving a budget but sir, I plea that out of your generosity help my dream of being a movie producer. Thank you very much sir for your positive response in advance
Am a spaceforce 2 member


Nice logos boss, I want to suggest we go with steemjet dancers or steemjet dance crew.


Steemjet Dance ville
Steemjet Dancing Angels
Steemjet Dancers Divine
Steemjet Groovy troupe
Steemjet Blue Dancers
Steemjet Sky Dancers
Steemjet Dancing Queens
Steemjet Thunder Crew
Steemjet Sparkle Crew
Jet Dance crew
Steemjet god-troupe


My entry for the logo

My first entry for the logo hope i will win.




For the steemjet dance group

I think we should call them



Also i was nit paid for my meme entry.




Hey boss @dimimp
Thanks for cashing me out. Its 4days now i have been in the studio for Eddie23 spoken word audio production and will upload it for your listening via @steemjetstudios

I am happy to see the steemjet logo contest going on well.

what shoudld we call the dance team? troupe?

Let me drop my suggestions below

Steemjet Jive (SJJ)
Steemjet Dynasty
Steemjet knack
Steemjet synergy
Steemjet fellax
Steemjet Xpression or Expression
Steemjet stormers

You are really incredible and thanks for giving everyone an opportunity


Hello sir @dimimp

Here's a painted version of my steemjet record label logo. I do hope you like it Sir.


Also I edited the jet to that of shartzy which is the official new logo..


This is a gold design IMG-20180904-WA0017.jpg

Here's also the black and white for your use


I have a few suggestions
"Steemjet Danseur" let's go french😂
"Steemjet DanceStars" 😎
"Steemjet MJ stars" tribute to the greatest dancer and performer ever, Michael Jackson.

I thought of a couple of names. We can call them the..
jet steppers,
flames (makes them look cool and blazing),
the ensembles (steemjet ensembles),
Or steemjet band.

Hello sir @dimimp my suggestion for this would be "Tropez" or rather "Steemjet Tropez" from the french town Saint-Tropez....
Once again sir i was glad to get a reply from you concerning my last request which i have replied back to..
Your amazing sir.




Hello boss here's is yet another entry of mine
I would explain the concept

The jets engines are the mics (recording) and the gas release from the engine are songs (speakers) .

Guess I cracked the code.

Also you have been talking about the Spaceforce

I mistakenly believed that the community would appreciate the speed in which I completed the 4 part teaching course. Logically, the community reaction means that we care more about making money than we do about learning the unique information required to differentiate ourselves in the crypto teaching space.

So I went ahead to help you create an image that would explain all those hoped to get some rewards or PROMOTION for it tho


And ops guess you forgot my image you could ignore it if this new entry is better


alright sir and thanks a lot man.......would take you up on that...... for now, party on and party hard.

since i can't party with you over at the steemfest, would like to get the grove on over here so i wont feel to left out.......kindly consider hitting me with an upgrade in gadgets and a spaceforce promotion.......

to clarify things boss, I'm employed as SF6 right????!!


Hi @dimimp friend greeting and good wishes to you. here is my rocking entries for the steemjet records. I am newbie in this platform you might like my art.

  1. Now change the blend mode

  2. Color change of the official logo
    i like the no.1 because it has a steemjet official logo on the shirt and in the background with records logo in front.

Hi @dimimp, as we are in search for a name to give the dance team, I have a suggestion which is cool and best for the dance team.


Yeah, let's name our dance team "steemjet saltantium". Saltantium is a Latin word which means dancers.

What do you think about the name? Please reply

Let me also inform you that today is my birthday. I will be so happy to get a birthday wish from you and something light to celebrate


@dimimp concerning the suggested name for our dance team which is STEEMJET SALTANTIUM. Was just trying my hand on a logo for it and came up with this

Do you like it?
If the name is finally approved by you, I will come up with a better logo for it.

sorry for putting this on another reply. The first reply is already more than 7 days and can't edit no more


Sir we are still waiting for funding and we have projects like the one below to bring to the party
We make cartoon lyric videos and cartoon drama videos.. We need funding to up our performance and graphics quality
We need about 4000 steems to accomplish this

Good day boss... you know who it is... it's your superstar emmy...
I say I love the idea and plans for SIN2 it will be nice to have more of steemjeters in attendance and of course I will represent as I am hired to do and bring fire 🔥 to that stage when the time comes for music and entertainment. I just concluded my club tour and would like to share with you the fun after wards as your boy Emmy was the point of attraction.


Am currently working on a song


It's for the SIN2 and it will be massive for me.

I couldn't see my logo in the listed well I still have hope... May be you should take a look at it in case you still make a correction



well that is my update for now any more I will edit to keep you updated....
List I forget boss you still owe me 1000steem and my cash out of 250steem


Thanks for all your support not just to me alone but to the entire community.... Love you even more...... Yours emmy 😘

Permission to crash the party @dimimp
This is the steemjet archive account (@sjarchive) run by @earnestslain and @nayomie
The account would be relieving you a deal of stress from your partying duties sir.

This account would be actively compiling and organising music, artwork and viable space force application every week. This also comes with a google drive account where very important assets would be kept.

Each week, there would be three posts.

  1. Graphic contests
  2. Party music
  3. Newbie requests.

Over a period of 7 days the posts would be updated until the edit functions expires and then another one would be made. This service would run till you say it should end

So anytime you come back to face your minions, you would come back to organisation.

Now the work would be reduced and steemjetters would not have issues with having no responses.

This service would cost 3000 steems which half can be paid after power down and the other half subsequently, a position on the spaceforce for @earnestslain and @nayomie and probably a 30k sp delegation incase you still want us on party upvote duties..

You said you wanted brainstorming initiatives
We love you @dimimp.

The show must go on

               - Freddie Mercury
3 videos to show how steemjet recuits and rewards thier workers
Hello dimimp here are 3 videos which I know would go along way in our new focus which is music and dancing and video production..
They are videos of how people with talents (musicians and dancers) found steemjet and showed off their talents and got paid. Most of them left their talents to do other jobs cause they never found a company who could reward them for their creativity, skills, talents.

...... To much talk just watch and enjoy the videos

A video of Jenny a teacher who can sing

A video of Mike works in a construction company but can dance

A video of Steve a doctor who can sing.

On one of the video's you might have noticed a GIF of @dimimp spraying money on the space force well here is the GIF would have helped in the dimimp is a jackass contest.


would be really lovely if you could spare some steems for me and a promotion.

Would be great if it's 1000steem per video or 500 steem per video as it pleases you. And would love a promotion too. I would be dropping more of this category of videos for you. Thank you alot.

Hope you loved them

@yhaulez SF5


Thanks @dimimp....i suggest the dancers should be called.

  1. Steem ballerino's
  2. The Dim Jackson's
  3. Mombo Jombo's
  4. The Dim's
  5. The jetter's
  6. The Moon walk.

Sometimes when I read the comments on commandant’s post , it reminds me of this movie {Beasts_of_No_Nation} and I fear for the future of steemjet. It is not the horrific scenes of the movie but the storyline and what happened between the commandant and the followers

They say everything answereth to money right and this is nothing but a universal truth. I try to imagine steemjet crews and members including myself without the fundings. Yeah without the fundings, will there be these much energy going on in the steemjet society.

All I see including myself are followers that answereth to the commandant cause the commandant feeds them, will there be this much loyalty if it happens the commandant stops feeding or unable to feed the followers .... will it end like the movie { Beast of no nation }

I know all I’m saying doesn’t exclude me, but I feel different cause I think different. As humans, we are bound to only think about the positivity and never the negativity and this is why most have no way out when the unexpected happens

I care less what others say about this , I care less if this is downvoted or flagged but the fact still remains that money buys loyalty but when the money is absent, does everyone understands the vision ? Will everyone remain loyal to the course of steemjet?

Well I’m not picking on anyone but if a change is gonna be start , it starts with someone. I’m not the black sheep of steemjet community, I’m only a deep thinker.
Success I wish us all

All I see is some hungry followers that are ready to follow blindly the leader but loyalty is a scare commodity, if another richer leader evolves , the same follower becomes his followers so where does the loyalty lies without the money ??


Thanks to dimimp for the opportunity to participate in the steemjet records contest. I must confess that @dimimp has a very high taste for excellence.

We should take cue from the boss and never settle for less.

This is my entry. I do sincerely hope that it meets and surpasses your expectations.

This is coming from your girl, @joyce-okpobo, Human Resource Department.

On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem.


Hello @dimimp, it is with great frustration I write to you today, owing to the fact that i've tried everything within my power to make sure I deliver something great to the world through my voice but all my efforts seems to be yielding nothing.

Few months back, I produced a song for Steemjet, and I was glad I got your attention because you loved my song. Your comment spurred me up to write more songs for steemjet which I was planning to release as soon as possible, but without the necessary resources, I'm still unable to achieve anything.

The equipments which I used to produce this video is owned by an organisation and it took alot of effort and funds to get them for the first video. All efforts to get them again in order to produce more music has proved futile. I'm deeply pained because i'm not achieving my dream and without your support, I might never produce music again.
I therefore appeal to you Sir, that some steem be sent to me in order for me to purchase some equipments for me to start producing music again. 2000steem will help to purchase these equipments in order for me to start producing music once again. I have a whole lot to offer to STEEMJET RECORDS, I would love to get a chance to prove myself.

I sang this song in grief and some voicing difficulty which i've been having due to stress in order to remind you I'm still here and
with your support, I could touch lives with my music. Sir, you've been an inspiration to me and many other steemians out there.

Thank You

My entry for the steemjet logo design



Hope this one counts @dimimp

hello @dimimp i humbly request my cash out offer of my steem power delegation.thanks alot for the offer. And am dropping another entry for the steemjet rcords Untitled-1.pngSteemjet Records.png plus i would love to be among ths space force members.. Thank you

My entry for the logo design; check out the two @dimimp ..


My Suggestions:

Since they have account already @Steemjetdance ,

The project should be Steemjet Dance
While the dancers called #Steemjetdancers or #Steemjet-Hoofers or #steemjet-Dance-Crew

Isn't this simple and perfect?

@dimimp , Have seen this?

Please take a look at it,



Hi sir @dimimp here is my entry for art contest ....






@dimimp , I am most delighted to have heard about this amazing STEAMJET ✈ community... So I designed this logo with all the amount of joy present in my heartgwill steem logo~2.jpg

Thank you Sir for appreciating my music.. And hiring me as an SF7
I humbly request for a cash out offer to get a good recording gear and also solve some urgent problems.. Thanks and God bless you

@dimimp, you mentioned in you last reply to me that you were going to include this the lastest compilation, but am not seeing it here, you forgot, right?


Black & White Version


Other designs



I made this design for the spaceforce members going to Steem Fest³. I hope you like it.


As for the dance crew, I call them," De Space Troupes"!


lets call the dance crew


Congratulations to all the winners...

Sir you said you're promoting me to space force SF2


I was in SF6 before, you're using SF5 in your above compilation. Please check


thats what I have in the books, from 6 to 2 (next power down)



Sir @dimimp, it seems you've forgotten the above screenshot comment. You told me to make a list of the people i can work with based on the proposal i made on STEEMJET SPOKEN WORD ART INITIATIVE. below is the screenshot of what I commented some weeks ago.

I really don't know the reason why you've not responded to the request. Am so unhappy, sometimes it looks as if there are some group of people you've made your favourites, but I stand not to believe that because I know you would favour me too. Below is the link to the proposal;

This is @simonmaven, we decided to use the account we created for the steemjet spoken word art to comment, so that you would know the account had been created already. Sir @dimimp, we plead that you fund us with the 5,500 liquid steem we requested for and 50,000 SP likewise. We are about starting up a contest very soon, but we've not gotten all the requirements we listed in the proposal. Please sir help us on this one, we pledge not to let steemjet down. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you ASAP.


@dimimp sir listed below are the names i suggest for the Dancers.

Does are the names i suggested sir,thanks for the previledge.


Hi @dimimp I am a graphic designer and I am very poor .Sir I really need a job. Here is my entry for steemjet records logo contest .I hope you like .







Greetings Sir @dimimp!

I think the name for the Steemjet Dancers should either be "Steppin' Steems" or "Steem Steppers" or "Stepology" if you will. It should be something brief and punchy -- not lengthy, and should carry the Steem Philosophy with it as a brand name. Just a thought...

Meanwhile, in case you missed my Steemjet Records Logo submission, I'm resubmitting it for your consideration. Thanks!

Steemjet Records_c-cube2.jpg

Steemjet Records_c-cube.jpg

One more thing, Sir. You said you missed out some Meme Contest Entries in one of your recent posts. I'm wondering if mine might be among them? Check it out below. Thanks again:



Hello, @dimimp, this is my entry for the Steemjet Records logo contest. I hope you find it appealing. Thank you.



My Entry for the Steemjet Records Logo Contest

Good day sir @dimimp,

I am a newbie who was introduced to Steemit and the Steemjet community by a friend. I specialize in memes and graphic designs. I heard of this contest and decided to join in. Here it is:

Steemjet Records_1.jpg

Steemjet Records_1a.jpg


Nice selecting!
Check this out sir boss @dimimp



Hello i made my post 10 days ago but never got the chance to post it in the comments the correct way. Im not sure if you got the opportunity to see it so here it is..
Steemjet records logo no bckg.png
Here is the link to my post with some logo variants. Thank you!

My first entry for the logo hope i will win.




For the steemjet dance group

I think we should call them


Well sir i would prefer we call The Steemjet dancing crew.


@dimimp sir, hope I can make that list in the end, haha.. Here's the link to the second entry I sent in

For our dancers, I suggest we introduce them as:



sorry, but the definition/resolution is too low when blown up, I had to omit several because of that


Steemjet Dance ville
Steemjet Dancing Angels
Steemjet Dancers Divine
Steemjet Groovy troupe
Steemjet Blue Dancers
Steemjet Sky Dancers
Steemjet Dancing Queens
Steemjet Thunder Crew
Steemjet Sparkle Crew
Jet Dance crew
Steemjet god-troupe


Hello @dimimp, I made this dance video for you and would be glad if you can hire me into the steemjet dance crew and also the spaceforce.
I'm ready to be dropping more dance videos and collaborations .

Thanks To @dongentle2 for helping me with the video/editing.

You can call the dance crew STEEMJET DANCERS


Drop the video at @steemjetdance account


Hi @dimimp I am a graphic designer and I am very poor .Sir I really need a job. Here is my entry for steemjet records logo contest .I hope you like .







Thank you Sir @dimimp for appreciating my music.. And hiring me as an SF7
I humbly request for a cash out offer to get a good recording gear and also solve some urgent problems.. Thanks and God bless you


My design was not updated again we'll that's fine, ok I will suggest we call the dancers indomitable dancers

Hello Boss @Dimimp

Below are entries:


I do hope they're not missed. Thank you very much.


@dimimp I hope you are fine, I wanna ask, can i make some more design for steemjet Record logo or 1 Entry per person is allowed? Kindly reply me here, I am waiting.



Hello @dimimp, have a look at this


Like my boss dimimp would say Time is money and money is time. With the 2900 steem, i was able to speed up the video production and it's with pleasure that i announce the release of the completed steemjet record track video.

Steemjet Record Track Completed

Sir, i need an sf promotion to the spaceforce 1 or 2 in liquid steem

Request For Approval

Steemjet Videos Delegated Sp Or Equivalent Liquid Steem

The Steemjet-videos account needs to self fund her operations as the central repository for all music videos and steemjet video productions through upvote or liquid steem,we need 30,000 dsp or 1/6 liquid steem equivalent.

Steemjet Video Design Contest

We want to organise and run a recruitment video design contest to help us discover more talents who will help the department using the steemjet-videos account.

Video Design Contest-4000 steem

Steemjet United Mix

So, we decided to jump on @emmycapable steemjet united mix next.
I love the jam and i have to say this video might just be our next big production.

Emmycapable Steemjet United Mix

Complete Video Production Cost - 2800 steem


Hello @dimimp this is my logo design for the Steemjet Records.


Hope you like it I hope I will win a prize this time around.


Sir @dimimp, I’m sure you never see my entry sir. I decided to make this unique because of its ancient looks, pls review and I will like to hear from you back





Hello Boss @dimimp

I'm a space force 7 member and an artist. This is my entry for the steemjet records logo contest. It's a simple 2D design made by me.


I specialize in making portraits and abstract art traditionally by hand. The Van gohr style like you previously mentioned :)






However, I learnt to use the graphics program specifically for this purpose. I hope my simple logo design is good enough for the @steemjetrecords

All the best,


Wonderful entries!!! What a talented community!!!

My entries



Let's call our Dancers "JETDANCE EXTRAORDINAIRÈ"

Hello sir @dimimp, hope you will like this sir


1.The wiggle and wags

  1. The shakers
  2. SJ-shakers(steemjet shakers)
  3. Steem wave dancers
  4. The waves
  5. Dance-2-steem

As you pointed out,I have changed these images by incorporating the jet version you sent to me and here they are:

ev steemjet rec 2.jpg

ev steemjet rec.jpg


Hi @dimimp,

as you requested, i have varied the logo with shartzy's logo design, do check them out..

for our record label


@dimimp, i humbly request to be conscripted into the spaceforce, sir...

Congratulations @dimimp! You have completed the following achievement on Steemit and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

Award for the number of posts published

Click on the badge to view your Board of Honor.
If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Do you like SteemitBoard's project? Then Vote for its witness and get one more award!

Check it boss


golds 2.jpg

When start steemjet dancers logo contest?

I already make Steemjet Dancers logo.


Greetings @dimimp, am very happy for the new developments sir. I have a request to be hired as an sf on steemjets so as sponsor myself and my crew to the upcoming sin2,am a rapper and a dancer. Still an undergraduate tho, watch our new video here

As for the steemjet dancers i think it should be called 360jet dancers or Dynamics jetdancers.

Thanks sir for your good works you are truly an angel on the blockchain, i hope my request as a space force me is accepted.

steemjet to the moon

Hello dimmest @dimimp

Here are a few submissions for the steemjet logo. Would appreciate any pointers towards what you would like to see. Seems the black and white is your favourite colour combination?







Thank you Sir for appreciating my music.. And hiring me as an SF7
I humbly request for a cash out offer to get a good recording gear and also solve some urgent problems.. Thanks and God bless you

what shoudld we call the dance team? troupe?

I will like the steemjet dancer crew be:


A pretension on creating a platform under the umbrella of @steemjet, getting steemit users, as well as steemjet member and amigos of steemjet and his environs, having them on seat to discuss on steemit related topics, events happening on steemjet and his environs - #steemit and a better way to air out the upcoming STEEM FEST event . Various impact that the platform have made in people's lives with different perspective, his advantageous view and also his disadvantage. Life changing scenario as per individual's experience, distinguishable relegation as regards individual's opinion.

Link to proposal:



@dimimp I really need to cash out on your next power down and also need my 2000 steem for steemfest on your next power down too. I haven't made my passport want to use from the steem to start my preparations because I am behind the clock.

Good day boss.

I suggest we call them

Steem JetRavers

Ensemble et Steemjet

Jet Mob

Space Ravers

Sir @dimimp this is my second attempt for the Logo contest, this one truly depicts the idea of the Record. It has "wings" and it goes with the motto of the record label, it has an Headphone and a vinyl Record Disk which all signifies "Music" and of course the "Steemjet" Logo inside of it. They are all MODERN and not in the 40s😊


Also want to remind you of my promotion sir, I've been really putting effort in my music skills.

Lastly Sir I'm still waiting for you to grant my request on the Music Production so I can go ahead to record this Steemjet promotion song "studio quality".

Here's another Rap song I did sir @dimimp just wanted to show you so you know how badly I want to make music.

Listen to King Eazi-Check (All the way up cover) by Ezekiel Ovie #np on #SoundCloud

I so much love your regards concerning my work.
I have fixed everything and now it's prize worthy as you said.
Dimimp keeps to his words that one thing I love about you.
I fixed the apple and the clock hands
I fixed the font made it bigger
But go confused in the steem logo so image 3 with 3 different logos one of which am sure you asked for.




Thank you Sir for appreciating my music.. And hiring me as an SF7
I humbly request for a cash out offer to get a good recording gear and also solve some urgent problems.. Thanks and God bless you

While working on the ass entry, I'll drop this logo entry. It's simple and I hope you like it.


Another variant


I also think #steemjetdancers is a good name for the dance crew.

Hello boss sorry it too me time to fix it.
Here it is. Thanks for approving my logo. Anticipating the position am going to be given

@dimimp my very first video for Steemjet "GIRLS LIKE YOU COVER OF MAROON5 BY ETEMI" TOP 2 SONG ON THE BILLBOARD! Firstly i want to say a big thank you for promoting me to SF1. I had dropped alot of covers for you that didn't get your attention and since the community was interested more in partying I decided to do this video but now its "GUYS LIKE YOU", dedicated to you and Steemjet community there is no way you won't VIBE to this video Other artists have benefitted on Steemjet from dropping videos to you but guess what? I sang,danced and rapped in this video and also The audio in this video was produced by me, at my studio give me some slack @dimimp. Its topnotch!!

I would love to upgrade my studio to a more standard version like the one I showed you in the previous video of my friend Brian Cook from America and i want to produce an Album that will top the billboard charts just like Eminem's new albuM . Its going to cost between 5000 to 8500 steem to upgrade my studio kits, and produce an Album for steemjet artist and this is independent of my 2000steem for steemfest then i will promote the song to the world cause this is a massive project. I would love to sing this song at steemfest by november so i would be great tp fund it ASAP if possible. All other artists from steemjet have benefitted from your benevolence in just one call away except me and i know you have an higher expectation for me, because of my vocal abilities . Everyone in steemjet is partying to this jam right now and they all think you would love it . I would be very happy if you can send anywhere between 5000 - 8500 steem specially to kick start this beautiful project!

Funding this project will make me very happy since I newly got promoted to SF1. The community supports this video and have listened to this song/video non stop on their playlists!

Thanks in advance for the steem to commence a project that would advance the music department on Steemjet..

Hello sir @dimimp can you see this? I hope you should see my entry in the last contest but you did not. I will be happy if you can this time around. Thanks


Steemjet record logo contest entry :

Hi @dim here my entry for the jackass contest


Hello sir @dimimp, I saw your reply on my entries yesterday but I wasn't happy because my designs did not meet up with your standard.
But here are updates from me, I hope this ones will be good enough for you.
UPDATE 2.jpg

Having it on a paper
Update 3.jpg

As for the #steemjetdancers I think we can call them SMJT DANCING CREW.



My new entries hope you love them.



And am applying for a spot on the Spaceforce.

Wow! The entries looks so amazing.. we have great graphic artist on board steemit!!

Good luck on the new logo..

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Dear @dimimp I have a request and I would be extremely grateful if you at least consider it. I've said before in a previous comment a few days ago I am trying my best to curate and empower the Greek community on the platform. I am Greek as you may know... We are only about 150 members and most of them quit since they have no attention from other users and almost no payouts on their posts. I see what you have achieved with Nigerian community and I admire all your efforts towards them. You empowered them that is why Steemit / steem has rapid growth over there. And it is amazing,really. So my request is: I would like you to delegate me an amount so that I can effectively curate all of them. Steem is global force and it would be a shame not to expand as in Nigeria. Plz @dimimp with a small action you could help me to set an example...and make them believe again. I try to curate them but my account is just weak for such a role. These are my stats :

2018-09-02 23_17_51-SteemWorld ~ @mindtrap.png

As you can see i try to spread votes as much as I can. But your help would be vital. Plz consider it sir and I will patiently wait for your reply.
Sorry I was off topic with this comment...

@dimimp... I suggested that the dancers troupe should be named steemjet body talented or steemjet streaker

Here is my entry for the steemjet record logo contest...


@dimimp, I think you should see this.
steem record mic.jpg

Thank you for shortlisting my logo for the steemjet record


You mentioned that you couldn't get to listen to my tracks. Try to listen to em here and tell me what you think.


Hello @dimimp check out the designs for my steemjetrecords logo You asked for a switch from my plane to shartzy's, in my steemjet records logo i have done that already.

check out the new designs

Colour Variant 1


Colour Variant 2


Colour Variant 3


Here is my entry for the jackass Please consider it, spent time working on it

jackass dim1-01.jpg

you missed my blind date entry too

blind date 2-01.jpg

Hope you like them

I am @kilatunzii
Tech dev team

On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem


not bad, but we are only paying 20 prizes, and the competition is brutal now man


you missed my blind date entry too

blind date 2-01.jpg


Hi @dimimp I am a graphic designer and I am very poor .Sir I really need a job. Here is my entry for steemjet records logo contest .I hope you like .







My entry didn't make it to the list??? :'(