STEEMJET RECORDS LOGO CONTEST UPDATE - 5000 Steem in prizes - Preliminary rankings - post all new contest entries here from now until Oct 1

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The Steemjet Records Logo contest is ending on Oct 1
If the contest ended today, the results would look something like this:

This post is under construction, no other contests are open, but the next contest will be concerning a logo for the Steemjet Dancers.

@sistem (1st 1000 steem)

@stevendion (2nd 800 steem)

@mbj 3rd 600
























@samexycool (SF2)

@macspeaks (SF6)

I am trying to get the steemjet records teams all done and the logo competition done because nest we are having a steemjet Dancers logo contest.

what shoudld we call the dance team? troupe?

give me some names:


IMG-20181001-WA0002 - Copy.jpg

My Submission for the Steemjet records contest
The picture shows a wave pattern and the traditional steem logo. The wave pattern represents the music that'll be made since music in digital format reads in wave pattern. Also, the wave pattern represents our steady and progressive rise as a community of people. Like the wave pattern we experience up and down trends in the steem valuation but together we're all stronger, together we can. Go Steemjet!!!



Good day king @dimimp this is the pledge I compose for steemjet community, kindly listen to it it's lovely and melodious.

Here is the video boss @dimimp

I compose this pledge in Islamic pattern because this initiative has not been used by anyone in this community ..... Boss @dimimp it is uniquea and it has been stressful for to make this video and audio to be done I thank God“Almighty Allah” for the project.

Look into my effort and encourage me to do more for this noble community STEEMJET.

sir @dimimp, you not paying my cashout offer and also the fund you promised me.
the cashout offer you copied 1 month ago i am @einstei1 (SF2)

My entry for steemjet record logo



HEllo @dimimp I am grateful for the 2000 steem yeah you sent me but I saw that amongst everyone on my list from Kristen,Philip,Mbj,uchenna,mrprecious you sent them 3000 steem each but I was The only person you sent 2000 steem from that list and am in SF1 just like them too I just thought I brought it to your notice and that since you decided to send them all 3000 steem I ought to be qualified for that too. So in regards to that I also want my remaining 1000 steem and my delegation cash out of 1000DSP which is equivalent to 160 steem and also you gave others 500 steem for their promotion to SF1 here again am the odd one out! I don’t want to believe that you have decided to treat me less so do kindly cash me out and send the 500 steem for my promotion to SF1.

In total 1660 Steem is what you are oweing me thanks mate!
I also want to bring to your notice I made a proposal to do An album which you requested for “self audit”. Dropped a video for you, you didn’t say anything about it but you listen to the videos of others and even send them steem, well I am passionate about what am doing and will not give up about the album project I spoke to you about

it’s only 8000 steem in total I need to kickstart the album project ! Kindly reply this text@dimimp.
Cumulatively Total of Request is - 9660 steem
You said you will look into this and fund this Album project soon after concentrating on sending space force membership to Steemfest! Am banking on your words! @dimimp.


Important News.

Sir @dimimp the Steem blockchain is Upgrading the system contains some bug
Sir @dimimp do not upvote to anyone until the system fully recover
If you Upvote to anyone You lose your voting power 31.84% per upvote
Below is the proof attached about your account

We Love You Sir @dimimp
I am Your Boy @einstei1

Hello Boss @dimimp, I'm here with my entry.

I hope you like my work sir @dimimp... I made two designs. i pray you like one at least :)

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