I appreciate your efforts sir, i am a member of the SF7 and i have worked alongside everyone, contributing my best and making sure that i am able to preach crypto and steem to everyone around one.  I appreciate your offer of giving us 1/6 of our SP, Am a member of the SF7 and that automatically makes me qualified for a 100 steem. I will accept the offer so as to assist myself with some pressing needs now. I appreciate your generous person and may God bless and refill from were you have used to bless us.

I accept the 100 steem offer and will appreciate it more if there could be a little more increment to it. Will be expecting the steem. I take the steem please take the delegation. Long live steemjet and on the wings of superstar we will always ride

STEEM looks Promising, but the entire Cryptocurrency space looks much more promising. As regards this, it's disheartening that a huge chunk of the world's population still do not know what blockchain is, let alone Cryptocurrency. Not for long though as the SteemJet Moviestars are all geared up to wash the scales off the eyes of the looking but not seeing fraction of the world's population through practical explanatory videos.

Well, we have just observed that steemjet will be making some changes. In the light of these changes we too the steemjet moviestars will be making changes too as regarding our storylines . we will now focus more on crypto-education in our subsequent videos. We will also shorten our videos to 3mins or less so that the message of our videos will be grasped comprehensively by our targeted audience. It is also the wish of each and every member of the crew that they get to be spaceforce members since we are going to be the major focus of steemjet from now on the others being the music and dancing categories. So far we have been able to get equipped with gears but still we strive for better audio quality as we intend on getting some wireless microphone to help propel better audio in our subsequent movie series. And sir @dimimp do well to give this video your best criticism and if it beats your benchmark we'll be glad to receive the bonuses that your promised us😁. On this note , i will leave you with these captivating words of @emmycapable

"On the wings of superstars, we are making changes"

@bateren (CEO)
@okipeter (actor)
@chukychuky (actor)
@tonerochi (actor)
@brunorich (actor)
@ced000 (script writer)
@jovee (actor)
@kally (actor)
@eghe21 (videographer)
@joshuaedoja SF3 (supporter)
@kilatunzii SF3 (supporter and video editor )

Check out the latest movie We promised to deliver.

We will be expecting your kind gestures as we keep putting a lot of work into this everyday.

Hello boss @dimimp here is my entry for steem high ....



Take a look at these logos man.... So mine wasn't chosen?
steemjet logo-01.png
I spent time getting these logos ready sir @dimimp.
Don't I deserve some accolades?

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