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RE: God rage quits while giving away over 50,000 in LIQUID STEEM

in #steem6 years ago (edited)

We all need cash (some more than others), but SF3 has a 2,000 delegation and a sixth of that is 334 in liquid steem cash payout... And the delegation is removed so Steemjet can operate on a powered down cash basis going forward. Steem makes a good communication network, but the upvoting is a waste of time and will be a waste of money in hindsight. Our research shows that now is not the time to be invested in social currencies, now is the time to be invested in the most popular crypto payment mechanism.

Your choice is still opnen.


i ll need to think about this

take your time, the offer is permanent, and all future hires will be offered this buy out at the point of hire. My plans are much bigger than you think!

Life is tough, but opportunities are time based, lucky for you, this opportunity I am extending to you never ends.

It is great to know this. Putting this on a permarnent base is a genius move because we never can tell when the need for the other option will arise.

ok then...

perhaps you might wanna share this plans to us in d future😃😃

i d love to be a part of such great plans ...

meanwhile, say hi to your wife for me..

tell her joshuaedoja says howdy😊😊😊

ok that means even if i dont accept the offer and my contract expires ...i ll still receive liquid steem at the point of expiration

sir what about we old members that don't have sp, but has been actively working hard with the space force member? what happens to our faith? please i will appeal for a little steem for compensation. i will be very happy.

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