RE: STEEMJET RECORDS LOGO CONTEST UPDATE - 5000 Steem in prizes - Preliminary rankings - post all new contest entries here from now until Oct 1

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STEEMJET RECORDS LOGO CONTEST UPDATE - 5000 Steem in prizes - Preliminary rankings - post all new contest entries here from now until Oct 1

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I had to pay the steemjet to steemfest prize winners first, now I can pay everyone else, relaz man you are on the list and I am powering down as fast as I can.

If more people would have agreed to cash out like you did, then my debts would have all been paid by now. Soon all contracts will be over anyway, and we can proceed funding steemjet with cash instead of delegated steem power which is not very efficient payment method!

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Hello Dimimp! I hope I'm on the list too?


I'll be expecting my SF2 cash out offer too. And please don't forget what you promised @steemjetdiscord, we really need the funds right now!


......Enjoy it


Peter pypar is my producer

I hereby request for some gears (2000 steem) to make the production of this video...

I will be glad you sponsor me with 2000 steem to carry out the project

#i trust you @dimimp
Thanks @dimimp

A Musical Video For @Adamzi Track Memory.

We still have alot of pending music videos to produce pending on you. Now that the steemfest payment is complete, hopefully you can prioritize video production now.

Emmycapable's video- 2800steem

Druids sf1 promotion-1000 steem

Please cash me out and pay total promotion bonus of 1100 Steem.

Steemjet-videos contest- 5000 steem

Adamzi Music Videos-3000 steem

Total budget- 11,900 Steem

Hello man!
Just made some dance skit for this great community, just wondering if I could drop it over now or when we kick start the steemjet dance contest.
Whats your take sir?

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"If more people would have agreed to cash out like you did, then my dept would have all been paid by now".

Boss have requested a couple of time for a cash out on my sf1 promotion but no response from you. Please sir I'm in need of money i wish you cash me out as soon as possible thank you #sf1

Here is a reminder of my entry in the logo contest. IMG-20180905-WA0002.jpg


Sir you never see this I guess, sir I will like you to reply me


Thanks sir @dimimp i am waiting
Thanks again you consider my comment and replied me

I have no laptop or desktop computer, so if you give me 250 Steem than I will accomplish my work properly with Steemjet

Please Sent 250 steem @dimimp sir

Good afternoon [email protected] dropped the African eulogy and chants I promised the other time and I made a special requests under it...
... Boss, I also wish to participate in the upcoming Sin2 and I'll be needing 500steem for that... I'll be glad if I can be sponsored by you,
Also the request of been a space force member have not been approved by you.... I wish this will be attended to quickly... Thanks boss

I love steemjet

Hi @Dimimp i want to join steemjet and work with you in steemjet. if you approve me then i will be very thankfull for you. Here in my entry for steemjet records

steemjet records 8.jpg

steemjet records 19.jpg

steemjet records 15.jpg

Good day @dimimp. It's your boy @king-oghie (my @oghie was hacked.) I actually wanted to remind you about the promise you made to me. Sir in one of your posts, i commented that i needed some funds to pay some demanding bills. And you replied back, saying i should drop a YouTube video of myself singing/rapping. Here's the prove bellow,

This was exactly what you said, and for that reason i decided to drop a song which i did on my own for steemjet and for you sir @Dimimp.

But unfortunately, when your power down was due, you sent thousands of steem to other artists and i wasn't included.

Well i felt maybe you didn't like the first one i did, and so i decided to drop another YouTube flows, and which is this;

Sir I know you're a man of your word, and so i request you fulfill your promise to me. Your power down is in few days (at the time of writing) please send something my way so as to encourage me to drop more flows. And also you said in your other post that the dance competition will commence in a week or two, i sincerely hope you reward me for this piece thereby encouraging me to drop more flows and also getting set for the dance competition. Thanks a lot sir, love you!

Atleast 3,000 liquid steem will go a long way and also in preparation of the dance competition that is coming up.