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RE: God rage quits while giving away over 50,000 in LIQUID STEEM

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My only failure was that I was unable to convince any whales to expand Steemjet or fund the completion of a permanent everlasting DAC charity.

This is an opportunity for you to cash in your delegation if you want to.

Other than that Steemjet is all about onboarding and teaching but not global steem distribution.

If you want to do that then go ahead, but I am here to make my friends and family filthy rich, and not pump a currency that has no chance of becoming the

world reserve currency

This is a really big thing that is happening , and we have just mathmatically described the mechanism for the soon to be reaction of the crypto world.

The crypto world is becoming "the world" but that transition is going to create unique, once in a lifetime opportunities.

This is yours if you want.

Don't ever say that I did not offer it to you. I did sayt that I would make your delegations permanent, but I can only afford to do that at a tenth of your salary. I am now offering you 1/6 cash payout just in casse you need the money. If not, then keep riding the Steemjet. The offer is continuous.


before i decide

right now i have not been offered any contract extension

does that mean that i can be fired anytime soon and my 2000sp delegated to me taken away by you?

YES! This is what I am saying!

This is why this deal might not be so bad!

We are reducing our budget to take advantage of the knowledge bestowed upon us by the great creator of STEEM. Dan Larimer. this guy is freaking brilliant, and he proved our theory, and now we can more accurately predict the winner of the payments sector race!

I'm not just saying take the deal, I'M SCREMING IT!

Dan Larimer has just drastically changed Steemjet into

  1. Crypto Teaching & Research
  2. Music
  3. Nothing else

Our budget is blown. we have a versatile logo, and are no longer interested in what other Steemians have to say becasue they have already been on-boarded, so our job there is done. We will focus solely on teaching/research and music. People who know us, know where to find our latest information.

We are not here to spread steem globally, we are here to educate the truth and make our families wealthy.

We will learn crypto and tell everyone when it is time to get BACK INTO steem with more steem than ever before. Knowledge is power, and Dan just passed on to us some incredibly lucrative knowledge!

What's the fate of people like me who are SF7 that has worked quite hard for the first vision of the community?

Touring so hard offline for the adoption and integration of people on steemjet. I'm quite committed to this course.

I want to be a part of what this community holds for a very long time. My mind is so made up about this.....

Organizing the first offline football competition and getting mad support and adoption by university students showed me how inspiring and beautiful our concept will be.

Would I want to continue? Obviously yes.

I wish I can be empowered more to do this job no matter the directions we jet of again

ok then .. if taking the deal doesnt mean sweeping me off the jet


then i axxept the deal or offerIMG-20180611-WA0008.jpgIMG-20180519-WA0038.jpg

these and others have been my previous works for the community

i still didnt get a contract extension

i ve also been involved in curation nd onboarding activities

i still didnt get a promotion or a contract extensiom

now am left with no option dan to let go off my delegation ....

i accept the offer

Its is good to know music has a place on this jet, and when we are talking of music, i mean quality music alias my friend its only the supreme who hath shown you this, music is a global language. Ah

hey boss.. what if I decide to stIcky with my delegation??

Okay I see
You can send me the 100steem

But I appeal for one last thing before I leave promoting steem

Can you give me 200steem for this arts works I did and was not well paid? I got 4.2steem for the hours I spent to design this and that was really discouraging. please Make mine 300 steem so that I can also trade and become rich alongside you our great crypto teacher!



We can only afford contest winnings and cash outs right now, but after we return with major steem for the 3rd cycle (following the payments cycle bubble), sure , then we will have a huge steem bath for all Steemjet retro old folks like us!

Steemjet was so 2018

Seriously, the depreciating steem power for the first 10 years is going to curb any major investment because you cannot calculate a guaranteed ROI.

Steem is great, but right now, we are looking for INCREDIBLE, not simply great.

Our family's lives depend on it. Your image did inspire many, however, and I will give you 30 for it.

So I will give you 130 overall, thank you for your incredible inspiration.

Okay I accept it, but try not to forget me this tume. Thank you
Thank you very much

Boss I am very gratefull to you for considering my work in the paint contest and sending my reward to me. Boss i am working tirelessly and now I am working on some rocking designs i will upload it soon. Boss i am working hard but didn't see any promotion as others get.

I think you missed these logos in the logos contest.

logo 2.PNG

logo 1.PNG

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