Dev Wanted for OpenBazaar Integration!

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I have been exploring the OpenBazaar market platform and I am impressed. This is a decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplace using exclusively crypto as currency.

You probably already know what OpenBazaar is, so moving on...

There are a few tokens that are integrated into the system, but I'm sure a lot of us would LOVE to see Steem and maybe SBD integrated into OpenBazaar as well.

So, now I am asking for any Steem developers that might be interested in working on this integration to take a look. I have reached out to the OpenBazaar team on and asked them for direction on getting started.

They said that the best place to start would be to check their wallet-interface section on GitHub to see what a Steem implementation that satisfies the wallet-interface looks like and if there are any obvious gaps in the coin's ability to meet this interface.

I think this could be a great thing for our community and I really hope we can find someone interested in working on this project.

Community Support

I am not an experienced community organizer or an influencer around here, and I certainly don't want to promise something I can't deliver, but I'm pretty confident we could scrape together some amount of support for a developer.


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This is a great initiative to bring steem to crypto mainstream. I have used openbazaar myself and find it a great marketplace, it already supports multiple top cryptos and has a large userbase.
Some projects like dstors , dcommerce and steem-marketplace have tried to build something similar for steem although nothing concrete has been produced in this direction.

We, @swapsteem are a team of devs and creative individuals who are creating a P2P exchange for steem blockchain. You can check the demo application at

We DO have plans to extend @swapsteem to enable trading steem/sbd for almost anything tradeable with other steem users, making it better than openbazaar.
We are open to discuss your requirements and can surely help you out with development if needed.
Please join our discord for further discussion at


Thank you!
I joined your Discord group and I would love to talk further about the development. Hopefully, this is something that would benefit your project.

Is there a specific channel or person I should be looking for on your team?


Hmm. I'm looking at your project. I definitely would like to know more. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but SwapSteem can be used as an on/ off ramp for fiat?

Can that be integrated with Steem/ SBD integration for OpenBazaar? That seems like something that would work out strategically if it's reasonable technically. It would be just frick'n awesome.

Anyway, just thinking out loud with little to no understanding.

If there is anything I can do to facilitate this, please let me know.


Thank you for your interest! Let's take this forward in discord!

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You got it! Thanks.

Why isn't STEEM supported by OpenBazaar instead? Steem would solve a lot of issues for them.... content distribution, escrow function, no fees, etc


I would love to know more. Maybe some of us could come up with some bullet points or a presentation of some sort.

I would be happy to puy something together, but sadly I don't know anything.

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Interesting, none the less... Sadly, I can't put it to use, but hopefully, someone with come chops can. No interest in giving this a shot?

Resteemed in hopes that someone that has the ability reaches out. I've never really been impressed by any of the reviews i've read on openbazaar, but I know that I'd be more interested in purchasing items off there if I could do so using and know this would be good for both Steem and openbazaar if someone made this happen.


You should just download and give a try to the app itself, the reviews I have always read never really seem to do a good job of reviewing the app, most are on outdated versions and sometimes I see reviews based on items on the network rather than reviewing the app itself.


Good to know. I'll go take a look right now.


Thank you!

I have been using it lately and I am pretty happy with it. Even more, is that they really are rolling out the updates and recently changed to an IPFS system which is really interesting to me.

I do also think this could be great for both communities. Steem is among the fastest and is certainly the cheapest (free) tx fees.

That's an awesome idea! Open bazaar needs more sellers anyway.

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Thanks for putting-up this post :)

I want to support this initiative and pledge an initial amount of 50steem for the developer who is able to execute the integration of steem to Open bazaar. My network isn't that huge but I think if we talk more about it and let the people in steem learn about the benefit that this integration would do for us then there will be more people here who will gladly offer some help as well.

Integración me gusta

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Thank you!

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Just had replied to the other post you made, now just resteeming the other and this one, awesome to see you fighting this good fight of all of us decentralizing together :) OB is the future of all cryptocurrencies working together, true dapps not forcing anyone to use any specific coin.

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