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RE: Introducing NeoBoost

in #steem5 years ago

how is this of no value to new users? new users dont like ICOs? who says? are pictures of trees of value to new users, for instance? maybe i'll tell you new users don't like tree pictures, so let's get rid of them! it's absurd!


You're right I wrote this clumsy. I'm not sure of anything but we should all atleast try to make value for new users here right? Maybe I'm wrong to believe that this won't be of as much value to new users as trending post where people actually voted on it's free content instead of buying things. Maybe the platform could be updated to separate posts selling things for votes from content that users just like. But that's atleast my argument for now. That this site shows more value to users without trending posts selling thing for votes, right now.

As I said I'm not sure but what's your argument? I know tree pictures was just an example to show how absurd it was to think that you know what people want to see. But if you actually had an argument for something like that I would like to here it and then make my decision on if I wanted to promote it.

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