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RE: Normie Talk - New Steemit Wallet Change | How Does It Work Now?

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I am having a problem with my wallet in that I am not able to power up or sell my SBD in the market. For both these functions I get the "transaction broadcast error". Anyone has any idea how to solve this? Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Hmmm I have not had that issue and it seems you have plenty of RC. I would say close out or try a different browser and attempt again.

You will get a pop up asking for you to log in with a higher authority key (as usual) but I can’t think of why you would get a broadcast error.

If you retry will you document your process and we can try to get to the bottom of it?

Thanks for the prompt response, @llfarms. I closed out and tried powering up with Brave and Chrome browsers just now with active private keys and got the same broadcast errors in both cases. It is past 1.18 am here and I going to sleep now. Should you respond shortly I will only respond back later in the morning local time. Thanks for your assistance again.

You will not have any luck, just use the Vessel Wallet or just use, also you can just go use Blocktrades for nwo and steemconnect, and using websites that use steemconnect you shouyl dhave eveyrthingw orking teh same like it was before

just go download @vessel off the github page its made by @jesta who is a great steem witness used to be top witrness at least, if hes not anymroe, its because hes working on EOS greymass wallet or maybe he has a new project now

but anyway , just go use Vessel, or go on discord if you need help from an actual 24/7 support discord for steemians

It works for me. What I do is, I go to and then log in using my ACTIVE key. I was able to power up and such.

Thanks @ackza for the advices.

I was able to sort it out. The error was in my password manager. It has for some unknown reason changed two of the characters (tt) in the active key to ??. I have corrected that and the wallet works fine now. Thanks any way for the useful and alternative suggestions.

cc @llfarms

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