Hmmm, I thought you guys all took an oath to your dear leader to never freeze accounts. Was that a lie? How can this be honorable?

This post literally doesn't even say what the softfork does. How in the world can you support it? Or you would just support it, no matter what. The post says the softfork will "restrict a group of operations by these accounts." ... without saying what operations LOL.

This is basically just another Sybil attack. It was all preplanned. They manipulated Justin Sun to vote in all these new witnesses so they could run this.

so you want to tell us that he is just stupid, not evil and stupid?

No. My point was that a lot of the witnesses are the same people. It looks like Sun is all onboard with this.

of course he is. look at blockbrothers, the moment they said they will not support this fork, the vote from justin was removed. he is doing this. the witnesses are just puppets with profile pictures.

You must support this fork because other way:



Considering that you run the code already, and this post mentions transparency, what does this softfork do?

freezing in Steem softfork and
reset to 0 stake in Hive hardfork

Which one is more acceptable? It's very clear. One funny thing is many HIVE supporters/spammers have unapproved their witness. e.g.:

Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 11.00.50 PM.png

Easy to explain: HIVE is a new chain maintaining a link to STEEM legacy blocks. No one is owed an airdrop in a new token. However, freezing existing tokens in an existing blockchain is a fundamental threat to the integrity of that existing blockchain.

steemit v steem

HIVE is a new chain maintaining a link to STEEM legacy blocks. No one is owed an airdrop in a new token.

100% agree on you on this point except that HIVE is a token, it's a coin/chain. It's guilty to copy people's account/posts/activity history with no new coin compensated in Crypto World. You pay, you play.

The word "link" is very tricky to hide the theft by a collective action. If HIVE witness/community is confident enough to attract users and investors, why not start from block 1? Aggressively promoting HIVE with bots and down voting every post by people with different opinion is unacceptable for a community running on ATTENTION ECONOMY model. IMHO, it's an act of war between the 2 communities so far.

If it's war, blame Sun and Steemit Inc. The witnesses may not have handled the matter well, but Sun has been sketchy from the start, and his actions have confirmed their concerns. If he wants to operate through censorship and puppet government, guerrilla tactics are the consequence. Welcome to the internet.

Oh, and YOU still have full control over YOUR content on the new chain. Nothing has been stolen.

Easy boys! Don't suck too hard!

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