market update: Delegate STEEM POWER for highest returns

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In the last 2 months many more Delegators and Delegatees have used to lease or delegate their STEEM POWER. It is very satisfying to see that many community members are appreciating our transparent approach with no high fees hidden unlike other services. More value stays in the community! Steemit market development

Since the last update in January the amount of Steem Power delegated through has reached the 100k STEEM POWER mark. We are very pleased that many new Delegatees and Delegators are using our platform. Thank you for using our service!


Monthly Delegator & Delegatee Bonus System offers a monthly bonus system to both our Delegators & Delegatees. Please visit our STEEM POWER market rankings for the current standings.

1. Delegators: Monthly STEEM Bonus

Each month, the top 10 Delegators are rewarded with additional STEEM payout (up to 50 STEEM). Please check out the available lease requests on a regular basis. There have been many offers that were filled over 20% APR recently with one over 100% APR.

2. Delegatees: Monthly STEEM POWER Bonus (+2 SP for 1 STEEM invested)!

Each month, all Delegatees get additional 2 STEEM POWER for every 1 STEEM invested (new lease requests filled and renewals). In January and February this year we have already delegated several thousand STEEM POWER to many Delegatees. As it stands right now in March with 2 more weeks to go, already 7 Delegatees will benefit from additional STEEM POWER delegation in April.

Steem on dear friends!

About is striving to become the leading delegation market place for selected Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) utility tokens such as STEEM. The Delegation Hub aims to connect different stakeholders of the STEEM ecosystem and thereby foster the growth and strength of communities and help them succeed. Delegation Hub is an independent initiative not associated with any block producer and self-funded.

Please get in contact with us via the channels provided below and visit


Hello, why is the payment the same when renewing the lease? You should pay a little less as 5-day cooldown is already covered in the first payment.

its really good for steemit user,i hope it will increase day by day

Hi @mixsteemittopic that is what we hope too. In the end it is about the community to help each other and produce quality content.

I really hope you can increase the number of delegators, lease requests take a lot of time to be filled. I really want to use delegationhub, but I can't wait days for a lease request to be filled, especially when I'm offering 19% APR!

For comparison, on it took 10 minutes to get a 2000 SP lease request filled.

Keep promoting your service I would say, I hope more people pay attention!

Thank you @daan this is what we will do! Thank you for your support and thank you for your support on our platform. Our goal is to keep this consistent will see :)! So looking forward to having you back.

Yes, I will definitely keep trying to get some more delegations ;)

I'd like to try it when I'll have enough Steem to lease SP!

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Hi @hiddendragon please do so. There are sometimes lease requests from 20 SP, so I suggest you check it out.

Me I try delegate 50SP for steemitgoldminer but my delegation have no garantee to earn why is it happen

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Did you delegate via ? Let us know in case it does not work.

glad to hear :)

ohhhh nice post, man,you are a genius. It features an interesting point: If both features are close to release at the same time, it can combine in a single public release..I understand 90 percent of you in this post. If you post more beautifully, we will understand better and we can improve. Thank you for posting this type. We want you to improve in one day.

It's an interesting and useful tool for those who have effective SP without any active posting.

Exactly! Where else do you get 20% interest payments.

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