Delegator & Delegatee Booster in February

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The new year is on the roll! Thanks to all Delegatees that have already taken the opportunity in the beginning of this year to test the waters in our Steem Power delegation platform. In total 11 Delegators have secured the additional Steem Power boost in February totaling extra 2'998 SP delegation. And because of this success we are not only extending the Delegatee Booster period for another month but also adding a Delegator Bonus payout for February!


Delegator Bonus System

After introducing the Delegatee bonus, we have been asked the question why there is no such system for Delegators. And you are right, there should be one. So in February, the top 10 Delegators will benefit from an additional 150 STEEM payout on top of the total STEEM they receive depending on their rank.

  • STEEM count: Total Steem to be received from filled lease requests AND renewals
  • The higher your payout, the higher your additional bonus payment!
  • Qualification Period: 01.02.2019 - 28.02.2019
  • Bonus payment: 01.03.2019
  • Bonus scheme
Delegator RankBonus Payment
317.5 STEEM
512.5 STEEM

Delegatee Bonus System extended: + 2 SP for every 1 Steem invested

Because of the success of the bonus system in January, we are extending the 2+ SP for 1 Steem promotion for another month. Here is the list of the January extra SP qualifiers. Congratulations!

Final Delegatee rankings and SP bonuses January 2019

We are happy to delegate extra 2'998 STEEM POWER to you during the entire February. Thank you for your loyalty!

No.NameSTEEM investedBonus STEEM POWER in February

+2SP for 1 Steem promotion is extended for another month!

Also during February, you can qualify for extra Steem Power delegation in March.

  • For every 1 Steem paid by you for SP delegations in February (new requests filled AND renewals), we will delegate additional 2 SP to you during the entire month of March.
  • All your payed Steem from filled lease requests are summed up at the end of the promotion period.
  • Minimum 50 STEEM investment required (total of February) to qualify for the promotion.
  • Qualification period: 01.02.2019 - 28.02.2019 UTC
  • Delegation period of extra SP to you by @delegationhub: March 2019

Example: Delegatee A has 4 lease requests filled and 3 lease requests renewed in February that cost him a total of 178 Steem. Delegationhub will delegate additional 2 x 178 = 356 Steem Power to A during the month of March.

For detailed information and the overview of the current leader board please visit our delegation market rankings.

Happy Steeming!

About is striving to become the leading delegation market place for selected Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) utility tokens such as STEEM and EOS. The Delegation Hub aims to connect different stakeholders of the STEEM and EOS ecosystems and thereby foster the growth and strength of communities and help them succeed. Delegation Hub is an independent initiative not associated with any block producer and self-funded.

Please get in contact with us via the channels provided below and visit


Seems like a service worth checking out. I like the idea of your service not being restricted to the steemit platform.

Das sind tolle Neuigkeiten, danke für diesen Beitrag.
Dann werde ich doch gleich mal, auf der Webseite vorbeischauen.

Good opportunity and excellent offer for all

Good opportunity for everyone. Thanks for this post.

Seems like a pretty cool system

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Thanks for this post
And for more information


I'm Just Confuse....

Someone put me through with this system.... made it looked simple....SMH

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