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Thanks for the high engagement in the October competition. It is very encouraging to see that our STEEM delegation market place serves more and more satisfied Steemers at lowest market fees each and every week! So please stay tuned for the next platform updates and developments.


TOP 3 Delegatees

Congratulations and many thanks for leasing STEEM POWER through

1. @fuerza-hispana1000 SP delegated until 31.12.18
2. @kalif250 SP delegated until 31.12.18
3. @upfundme100 SP delegated until 31.12.18

TOP 3 Delegators

Congratulations and many thanks for delegating STEEM POWER through

1. @holoz0r50 STEEM
2. @cesky25 STEEM
3. @rhanna10km10 STEEM

For more information and the final results of the October competition please visit the Delegation Hub ranking page.

Happy Steeming!

About is striving to become the leading delegation market place for selected Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) utility tokens such as STEEM and EOS. The Delegation Hub aims to connect different stakeholders of the STEEM and EOS ecosystems and thereby foster the growth and strength of communities and help them succeed. Delegation Hub is an independent initiative not associated with any block producer and self-funded.

Please get in contact with us via the channels provided below and visit


Thank you very much on behalf of UpFundMe and #upfundme.

We will try to put it to good use!

Hi @taskmanager and @upfundme our thanks go to you for leasing STEEM POWER through our service.

Thanks for running such a smooth and easy service. It was right down to the wire for first place in the top delegator market!

Hi @holoz0r We are glad to hear that you are satisfied with our service. Please stay tuned for the next platform updates and developments.

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How does this work?
How do i earn money by delegating to you?

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So nice of you

Please, 1 second, I will be very good at your 1st boot. That's it. I'll boot you too.

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I need my refund of 0.8 SBD
My post was not promoted

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