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1. Did you know you can follow curators & authors using www.Streemian.com?

Following Curators: Do you know someone such as myself, @AcidYo, @thejohalfiles, @kingscrown, @ausbitbank, @ats-david who spend most of their day on Steemit, and basically only upvote the quality posts, well you can simply follow these curators using Streemian and save yourself loads of time curating quality content and earn better rewards in the process!

Become Someone's 'Fan': Are you sick of having to check certain peoples profiles to upvote and read their content? Well the good news is you can cutback on some of this effort by using Streemian to become a fan of anyone you want! For example; after signing up you can become a fan of myself by visiting https://streemian.com/profile/fanbase/leader/decentralizd and clicking the heart. Now you will auto upvote all of my posts after XXX time. (you can customize the settings all the way down to the hashtag!)

2. Don't have time to vote, or find it hard keeping up? Follow your favorite authors and curators, and simplify your life!

The moral of the story here is that everyone is worth some amount of Steem Power and the more Steem Power that votes each day is better for the entire system, so instead of being offline all week and sitting at 100% Voting Power, why not follow a quality curator and let them do all the content sifting for you? It takes less than 5 minutes to do all of this and it really goes along way to help the community out! So c'mon, follow @decentralizd's curation trail on streemian!

Oh and I think this code does something when you sign up but I'm not sure what i just found it in the back end of my account:

 Code#: a982d081

3. Make the most out of Steem and follow the people who LIVE on it, like myself!

Whether you find yourself taking weeks off from Steem at a time, getting busy in real life or simply don't have the oomph to log in everyday and be active, using Streemian is a great choice for anyone. It helps you make the most of you Steem experience not only by maximizing your rewards but also by helping more fairly and evenly spread out the reward pool, which is good for everyone!

Why should you follow my curation trail and fan me?

I have been using Steem since last year in June and have become quite proficient at it, I plan to setup a witness soon and to top it off I spend 7 days a week online as I run my own business from home, but lately it seems like I work on Steem all day, everyday, which is all I could ever ask for! I have recently started #steemthreads, #kushsmokers & live on crypto currency, so I am always at the fore front of whats happening. I only upvote users that deserve it and make sure to follow only the best of what Steem has to offer, the users who are here for the long run.

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//Don't forget to follow, upvote and re-steem! 


I've registered Streemian and used it to follow #minnowsupport as part of the process of joining minnowsupportproject, I actually don't know much about how much it can do.
Good to read this post and I am now following you and the curation trails you suggested. Hope to see some positive effect afterward.
Thanks for the information. Great post!

Is it valuable for us minnows to start curating now, I wonder? Since our low SP is not that large as for us to gain some decent benefits from voting up other people's posts whole day, or to be able to give others any decent rewards. Sorry for my lack of knowledge of curation on Steemit.

Wow bro. That was a super post im definately following you. I like your into and content. I saw this site around and didn't realize how powerful it was. I do work in a day job so ill definately need something like this.
What other tips can you offer me. Im judt 1 well old...

Wow thanks man I appreciate it! Streemian is quite the useful tool, I'm also new to it myself.

Thanks i have resteemed your post and upvoted your post to hope more people will notice that. I will definitely checked out steemian site once i am off from work, just one question abbout curation, i have done many upvote previously but one week past, i am seeing only a few payout, i am not sure the exact how it decides how much to payout, can u sheer some light for me please?

Each post is different, the rule of thumb is best tiem to vote is at 15-16 minute mark for maximum curation rewards and only vote about 40 times per day, voting much more will drain your power over time and give you less influence. Voting less is basically a waste.

Manny thanks. Let me follow you in steemian and follow your curation vote. I guess this should work much better for me :) once again thank you for the post and introduce me the site. Should be super useful to use.

Followed you and the other top Steemit users you mentioned! Gonna go check out Streemian right now.

Thank you! It's a very handy tool and I highly recommend it!

I notice I am not on your list LOL!!

I hope this week is another good one for you buddy!!

hhahaha to be honest I only signed up for it this week and have been slowly adding people, but I think I may need to rethink my following strategy if I',m going to follow everyone with 100% upvotes... hmm

I know what you mean.

You are a hard worker, you are like the Swiss Army Knife of Steemians LOL!!

Oh hai!!!!!! .....

More practical posts:

The SAK post #1 is up now.... it is the Advance Notice post for the Swiss Army Knife GAW coming soonish.....


Hi @decentralized! I have a few questions for you if you don't mind answering? I have followed you in the Curation Guild does this mean I automatically get votes on my posts? Also I see from your Blog you are following multiple people do you then get there votes swell on your posts? Last one now, can you explain how its beneficial on my posts! Thanks for any advice look forward to your response! :) @WILLIAMS858

I just signed up but why would you need my password? why cant post password be sufficient?

Thats how the website works, it's fine I would think alot of top whales use it sooo yea..

I am curious how signon works and why they have different levels of password for example chainbb uses post password.. any way i am signing in . Another question i have is if you let somebody else vote for you or post for you how does this whole thing work? I mean lot many users who donot know abt these will loose out. How would steem do a fair job then?? Sorry i am just trying to get my head around the whole thing

I also am in your situation. This is my first glimpse of understanding of Streemian and how it works.

I will need to know more, too.

It's is quite confusing to be honest, I don't know 100% of the details but perhaps @acidyo does, I'll ping him ask and return tomorrow.

I'd appreciate it.


Hey thanks for sharing! - I will get involved today and become a 'fan' of yours haha... great idea for if you were heading away for a weekend or if you get tied up during the working week!
was going to ask you how many minutes it is best to vote on a post at but can see you've answered that in the comments already - thanks! 🍁 🔥
Resteeming :)

Thanks for following Hannah I'll try and do your voting power justice!

You should start one yourself!

Haha I did :) thanks again for sharing!!!

You are now my leader on streemian. Verified and authorised happy voting.

The best part is that @hannahlicious was the one that actually explained to me how to send the SBD :)

She's quite the Steemian already that Hanna! Good job sir!

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