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RE: Accumulation almost over for STEEM/BTC on Poloniex! Get ready for 0.002 STEEM/BTC soon!

in #steem5 years ago

Hi @steemboost Thank you for the insight. I have a question: do you think art will ever be sold on the block chain? I am a digital artist and just want to know from the crypto community whats their view on the subject?

This is how my art looks. What do you think?

BTW I left an upvote for your good post.


Yes, art will be sold on the blockchain! And the best method to sell it will be using STEEM! (no transaction fees) :)

I wonder If someone will provide a good platform to sell it art on, Thank you.

BTW can I just say how supper Excited I am that this comment just got like $3.16 , to who ever did this thank you :0

:) See? the power of STEEM!

That is just so crazy ;) was that s so called whale that liked the post?

Hmm thats nice of them Thanks @gentlebot and thank you @steemboost for the nice chat ;)

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