Top 10 artworks for today (DIGITAL PAINTINGS)

in art •  last year

"Top 10 for today" 

all artworks are done by Daniel Eugene Botha

All of the flowing artworks are my selection for today, please feel free to leave an Up vote or comment on your favorite artwork.

10. Dreams never

9. Classic Nude

8. Salvidor

7. Bonzi

6. Frozen

5. Tricky Mind

4. Whales sleeping

3. Road trip

2. Summer birds

1. Following

That is it for today I hope you enjoyed my post if so please follow to see more of the art I do in the future. Thank you for supporting have a nice day.





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Very nice... thanks for sharing. I think 10 and 4 are my favs.


Thank you, I will post more tomorrow ;)

LOVE your art, @debart. My favorites were 1 - Following, 2 - Summer Birds, 5 - Tricky Mind and 10 - Dreams Never.

Summer Birds reminds me of all the road trips my family used to take every summer. For as long as they remained in sight, I always stared at the birds that rode atop the cows in the fields that stretched way out into the distance. The birds were always busy picking the insects off the cows or just sunning themselves.

Thank you for triggering that happy childhood memory!


Thank you for your lovely comment :)

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Ooooh yea baby


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This sounds very interesting :0

I find your artworks really original and I enjoyed them a lot! You have my follow :D I also love art and I will write about it in my profile


Thank your I will have a look at your profile ;)

You have inspired me to do some artwork for my wife for valentines day, thank you for this!


Thank you ;)
Just want to say :)

hey man i really like your 'classic nude', and 'frozen' your work has a vibe to it


Thank you, Will be uploading a top 5 today.


wow i'll check it out now ;)

Hi there! Very funky and cool! I like no.5 a lot!


Thank you @koto-art ;)