Yeah I spent a lot of "money" on them. I've been making quite a few digital purchases of goods on here and on ethereum. Most of the time they loose me money, but it's doing 2 things right now. It's helping with the burnout "rewarding" myself and it's teaching me how to interact with the ethereum network, which may not be the future, but is knowledge earned which is invaluable for me in this space.

Plus with Steem price continuing to drop I figured might as well buy them now when they're cheaper then a month from now when Steem is even lower (may have "bought" the bottom but o well.)

I'm super excited about this. How much do they cost steem a piece? Also, do you get to choose which card you get?

i enjoy multi-player games such as this one. Which is where my name comes from (pangoli). Clash of lords 2.

Typical card game. You buy a starter pack and then you buy some booster packs.

Don't remember how much they cost but you can go to and find out.

Or you can look and people have individual cards for sale on @steembay

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