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RE: New Art Contest - Sharpen Sistem's image

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Hello @dimimp.
There is one very important thing I want to request from you and I want you to please do this for me.

Steemjet has become a very large community because of your generousity and kindness.

I want us to now run a witness server. We have technical guys who will be able to rune a witness node around here. I equally can also do that.

I learnt that one of your account @dim is still an active witness node and may not be useful to you anymore, So I humbly request that you mail me the private keys to that account so that I can use it to run a witness node for steemjet, If you want me to that.

Here is my email: [email protected]

It will be a very good thing if we can run a witness node for steemjet and it fall among the top 10 witness node. More funds can be generated in the process to keep funding steemjet amazing Ideas and parties.

Please do this for the love of our steemjet.

Thank you.



I don't have the @dim account, but I have several others with better, more recognisable names. what kind of name would be more effective? Rattle off a few ideas, and I will tell you what I have that is close to what you are thinking. I just emailed you at the same address I sent roleandp.

[email protected]?

so [email protected] was already taken, huh?

How about the @steembath account?

I bought that one!

Boss @dimimp please you added me to the top 15 of the steemjet records competition, you said my work was brilliant boss and you liked it

OK sir, just send me the pkeys to the @steembath account..
Will try to get it approved as a witness node.

If it doesn't work, will get back to you.



Hello big boss @dimimp, you insisted we make use of the one you posted, here is what I made out of it and I hope it's exceptional, I'm waiting to get reply from you





Sir @dimimp am very happy to see my art work up there. Here is what you asked for PicsArt_09-20-04.26.41.png
Thanks so much once again

Funniest Entry

Charlie Lee Vitalik Ned dimimp
Dance Video

My Entry for Sistem Paint Logo



Good day sir@dimimp hope preparations for everything you are planning is going smoothly and without troubles. I know there is currently alot you are busy with at the moment. So as your goals in life were achieved by the aid of crypto so also i hope mine would be achieved by your aid also and you would believe in my project. Currently am not a professional singer/rapper/songwriter but i hope with your aid i can achieve it and take my music far and wide,with this am pleading that i am supported and get the chance to perform at the upcoming steem festivals taking place both in Nigeria and outside NigeriaIMG_20180718_231011_773.JPG

Hello boss @dimimp here is my new logos for steemjet records.

steemjet records logo1.jpg

steemjet records logo 7.jpg

steemjet records logo 6.jpg

steemjet records logo 4.jpg

Hi sir @dimimp here is my entry for art contest ....






That would be awesome , meanwhile here's a little snack to keep you rolling ,so let me love you

@dimimp here’s an update / Report on the Visa Application & Processes , for the steemfest ,so far i have been able to finish up the Health insurance procedures and duplicates here take a look DAB0DF9A-D270-40AE-B551-D9CF7883EFFF.jpeg 3C22CAA2-4203-417C-B88E-D5360E817682.jpeg All these I have done a with almost no assistance yet F4282749-0083-4F28-B9D1-770112CDB0DE.jpeg, I do implore you sir to please put me on the first batch of your power down payment-schedule ( and please please kindly Top up my prize money to 5000 steem as this will enable me carry , out all expenses / Debt incurred so far as steem has dropped badly roughly at 0.7 $, currently i am in Lagos state to meet up a visa agent for further procedures , Thanks a lot daddy 😘😘


Good day sir @dimimp .. My name was omitted from the 2nd position on the current steemjet logo contest @ozurumba , my name was on the 1st post ( on the logo contest but it isn't on the current one, please reinstate me sir.

This was one of the images I made in the first one


Here was your comment sir


I also made another 3D logo, I hope you'll love it sir.. Music is life... Life is music. We're heading to the space.

I bring to you sir @dimimp [S. J. R] STEEM JET RECORDS.

STEEM RECORDS mockup.jpg




Hello @dimimp please check out this entry. I feel it deserves to win a prize and we'll be waiting for when you update the list. I hope you get to see this


@dimimp sir we did a little steemjet dance grove on the street ..a small competition just for fun this is the video
Sir we will love if you can delegate this account SP for more events like this thank you
HOD of steemjet dance department


Boss @dimimp.
Your queen of bling is back againhere is my entry




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