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RE: Don't use vote-selling bots: use @promoted instead. A bot that upvotes you when you burn money!

in #steem4 years ago (edited)

Hey there. Is there an issue with the bot? I've had 2 instances where I've burned at least $1 and gotten no vote from it. I just spent $1.297 and haven't received a vote for my most recent post after a few hours now. I'd appreciate any info you can give, I'm just genuinely curious if there's a specific time where the bot stops for a bit or anything like that. Thanks!


I just fixed a bug, the @null account received an unprobable transaction that wasn't a transfer... And it threw an error as it should have. In my mind the @null account could only have transfers. I fixed the bug, reran the bot from where it stopped and the missing upvotes were all done.

By the way the unprobable transaction was interest on 0.000 SBD. Weird