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RE: How I earned $30,000 USD in my 1st 6 months on Steemit

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The big thing that a lot of people miss is the cross promotion. They forget to share their posts with Twitter and Facebook. I'm finding a really great community of Steemians on Twitter, people I don't even know. They're looking and retweeting my posts about #steem, completely unprovoked.

You can very that they're also checking out my Steem profile in the process, maybe even upvoting the posts they like...

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Definitely... I have gained about 700 new Followers on Twitter since I Started adding the #steem and #steemit #steemtweet hashtags to all my Steemit posts... I am getting almost 1 Million views per month now on my Twitter Steemtweets.

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Twitter may be a cesspool, but it's good for something...

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Facebook too.... I only use them to share my links to and

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