3 Things You Can Do to Help STEEM on Binance Now + Get 10 SBD If You Help Out

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Hi all,

As most of you know, STEEM was listed on Binance this week. There are a few things we should do in order to build our relationship with Binance and I need your help.

  1. update on the latest info about the STEEM blockchain in https://info.binance.com
  2. apply and vote for the current round of community coin and get SBD on there! https://support.binance.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000598531-Community-Coin-of-the-Month-Round-6
  3. follow @binanceexchange here on steemit to show them some love. comment on this post after you've followed and I'll randomly give 10 SBD to a person who follows them.

I will now explain each aspect in details.

-following this link https://info.binance.com/en/currencies/coin/add will lead to the page to add details about STEEM on binance. this helps give exposure to our chain. Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 4.30.30 PM.png

I have already filled out this form and it is pending for review. I will share what I have put and please fix any information you know is incorrect and I will update the form.

Language: English
Picture: lmcmkgkeniakmnbfojaekpnlfgnlcnog-logo.png
Coin Full Name: Steem
Coin Abbreviation: STEEM
Issue Date: 4/19/2016
Issue Price: 1BTC = 665STEEM
Max Supply: 265,771,248 STEEM
Circulating Supply: 248,797,154 STEEM
Website: https://steem.io
Explorer: https://steemd.com
White paper: https://steem.io/steem-bluepaper.pdf (couldn't find their white paper)
Introduction: Steemit—a social network that pays its community
Steemit is a blogging platform with it's own SMT called STEEM. These tokens are distributed to content creators and curators daily as rewards, based on community voting.
We built Steemit on Steem to show the world the future of the web. We built it to inspire new digital content business models and apps by entreprenuers and developers.
‘Proof-of-Brain’ community incentives
Proof-of-Brain is a type of tokens rewards algorithm that encourages people to create and curate content.
It enables tokens to be distributed by "upvote" and "like"-based algorithms and can be integrated with websites to align incentives between application owners and community members to spur growth.

-following this link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfR35jahiffcsGnhcakRnvWMt-aFssmG6DJ5trFqBFsaaXMsg/viewform?usp=send_form I have filed an application for SBD to be listed on the Binance exchange as well. They do say on the application that it is preferable to have a member of the core team to apply and I have given Binance the contact info of our core team.

IMPORTANT after our coin gets on the community of the month poll, you need to vote! click https://www.binance.com/?ref=10132755 to register and vote when the poll comes out in a week. yes, that was my affiliate link and use it to sign up and you will be supporting me as well. thank you.

-click https://steemit.com/@binanceexchange and follow them! show them that we as a community care about their presence on our platform. they have already verified this account as their official steemit account. dont forget to leave a comment on this post and I'll randomly pick a supporter for these efforts and send you 10 SBD

Who am I and Why am I doing this?
-I was an ICO investor of BNB and have been supporting the Binance platform since day 1. you can find videos and tutorials on how to use Binance on my youtube page. I have since focused a lot of effort on Steemit and hope to see more adoption of useful chains in the crypto-space.


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Sounds great. I'm planning to sign up on Binance. Been hearing good stuff.


https://www.binance.com/?ref=10132755 use this link to register and you will be helping me as well. I have some videos on my youtube page if you need walk throughs on how to use it


Great article. I just made a post about BINANCE and particularly people that are holding NEO or plan to. If you hold NEO on Binance you get GAS as a kind of dividend. Bittrex and other exchanges actually take and keep your GAS. NEO is an excellent project so this should really be of use to every crypto holder :) Hope it helps! Kind regards



Thanks for the link.


Great to know as I own NEO as well on Binance. Do you know how much Gas they pay?


the coin name and the abbreviation is telling that the name contains illegal characters and not sure how to fix that. But followed bianance and did the other things.


I am already on binance but thanks for sharing this info.

I'm following them here on Steemit, will vote for SBD when the opportunity arrises too!


Good! Will take action!


Yes thats good
I wish i can make it within 1month
But i am new. Anyway , i have a blog for you and i see it to be helpful to all.

Just view and say something about it.




Yeah, I didn't know about it to be able to help, but I sure am glad everyone got it done!


good info/post and or video, im totally not a bot xD

Is it still not possible to withdraw STEEM from Binance? Since my STEEM I bought there at the weekend was locked with no timeframe given for how long this will be, I had to sell my STEEM again and buy again at Bittrex, where everything worked fine.

Next is OKex, Bitfinex and Bithumb. We need STEEM/USDT or fiat too in all these exchanges too. 2018 will be STEEM in exchanges.

I use the Binance exchange for some coins. very happy about it so far. I'm following them now here on Steemit. Hopefully they'll post here their updates as well.

Just signed up for binance 2 days ago. I plan on learning more about the platform. They seem like one of the best options on the market and the fact they added steem is a huge benefit. I only wish he had steem/usd pair. Maybe soon! Thanks for the post!



  • Binance actually doesn't have any direct USD pairs.
  • They have few USDT pairs yet you need to transfer crypto to them, you can't buy straight from cash.
  • Once it's established it's super easy

The only downside is if running on iOS you need to download their app every couple of weeks. They're too cheap to publish to the AppStore.

I love their exchange and the fees are reasonable.


it is almost as big resource hog as SteemIt.

I wonder whether one will be able to transfer STEEM from Binance to the Steem blockchain. Last time I've tried that with Poloniex it didn't work, have a ticket with them (and two trial STEEM transactions pending). So if I still need blocktrades.us when I want to power up then all Binance is going to offer is active trading which is good for them (transaction fees) and bad for the dedicated community because it will increase volatility and the price will be subject to pump-and-dumps.
It's probably ok to say that I have mixed feelings about this listing, let's see


they implemented the wallet and it excepts both addresses...
So fingers crossed...
You can transfer here then to block chain read my post on the transfer here:

Nice to see some initiative taken, well done!

I didn't know that steem is in Binance too. Thanks for this.

steem is finally on my favorite exchange!

Great initiative to try and make this relationship better. Followed binance and upvoted.

Thank you for your great effort. Adding steem to Binance is a great development indeed. Nice to know that @binanceexchange is in the Steemit platform. Followed @binanceexchange. Cheers


I'm excited! Bittrex rubbed me the wrong way a few too many times.


no problem. I will update all with anything binance that could be beneficial to STEEM

Steemit is growing too fast !

48.5mns visits in January (+41% vs December)!

Thanks to all of you and the content you share.

If you want to learn more about Steemit Big Datas please look into:

Steemit Statistics & Big Data: 🚀 End of January 2018 Update 🚀

Take care my dear Steemians

Nice. Also you can find the whitepaper by clicking the menu button and scrolling down to "White Paper".... lmao


ya I realized that later on haha and ive updated the link in their application

Great info dude!

Trying this out.

This is really good info

Great post

Thanks for info! :)

followed and bought some steem through binance now:)

Good post, helpful information)

This is a great effort from you, i just followed all the listed procedure and here's a picture proof i just followed them.


I do the exact instruction stated on this post. Follow them too.

Thanks for sharing !!!!!

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Thanks bro

Thanks for this information. I'm still new to all of this but have a binance account already. I wish there were a book mark feature within steemit so I won't lose this through my shuffling between phone and computers. So I can vote for sbd without it slipping my mind. I upvoted, followed you and the binance steemit account.

Thank you for that. I follow @binanceexchange now =)

Good to hear that, so that many can infuse liquid steem to the steemit system, for others to benefit.
Hoping those bigger fish spread their wealth to smaller fish by supporting the minnows.

I hope I could find extra fund to buy some steem in Binance.

I am on binance and will be getting steem in 2 weeks when I have more money to invest

Thank you for the info!
Done! :)

This is great. I am user of both Binance and Steemit. 1+1>2!

We sure need to build our relationships with other communities. Thanks for helping us out!


Thank you for writing this up. I had never been sure how to vote for the next community coin on Binance. Now I know! I'll mark those dates on my calendar so I can vote for SBD.

The article they poste was quite informative .. i had no idea that there were other terms from ICO .. damn !!!


I know right, I didnt know IEO

Thanks @ddangerwu for the info! I will take action now.

ever since bittrex stopped accepting new accounts, binance has given us hope. so let's support these guys

Followed :) Really happy to see Steem on Binance, but to abandon shitty Poloniex and Bittrex we need SBD listed there too! I will fill out the community coin form for SBD as well.


ya with sbd listing we can finally get away from those 2 scam exchanges


Hopefully! I wanted to fill out the community coin form, but it says it is for core developers only..

This is awesome, thank you for all you do! I followed @binanceexchange
Thanks for sharing this!

Finally completed the steps to help Steem out on Binance.
Account has been created as well.
Hopefully this work out for the Steemit community !!!

thanks for your information/I bought some steems on binance, but withdraw doesn't work...do you know when it will?


ya I asked in their telegram and a mod there said within the next week


ahha, thanks^^

Good info thanks.

Thanks for the info, followed.

Thanks Dan!! Will take action :)

Wow great..

Screenshot (90).png

Just followed @binanceexchange, finally steem is listed.

Okay, I've started following @binanceexchange and I will also vote on the SBD application once it's possible.

Followed you and upvoted :)

Anything that can help steem and steemit platform, I am sure majority will be in. I have just followed Binance.

Upvoted and Followed with Thanx.


Nice. Good Job buddy.

Nice post

Great info. I really like this community. Everyone wants to help each other. I purchased some steem off of binance.

may this post I post again in the Indonesian language ??? so that users more understand Indonesia @ddangerwu ??


sure, as long as you clearly link back to this article as the source, you are free to use the information in it.


Very interesting stuff @ddangerwu. Will check binance out in a bit. You have my upvote today. Cheers😀👍💯

Hey, thank you for the post !

The new binance info plateform will be quite useful I believe, so it's good to submit proper information so quickly !

However, I do not see what would be the real advantage to have SBD listed, as it is designed to be pegged to $1 USD ?
In other words, If it is not for the price fluctuations, what would be the main advatange to have SBD listed on more exchanges ?

Have a nice day !

I am confused.... Why are you applying for STEEM to be listed on Binance, when it is already trading on Binance ?

I signed up for @binanceexchange. I'm looking forward to when they add more sbd :)

#fullsteemahead thanks for your post

I was unaware that they had their own Steemit page - now I do and I’m following it!! Awesome!

Valuable information, amazing inspiration.

So cool to see binance using steem.

let the bloodbath get over first..;)

Unique name d danger wu...

Just followed @binanceexchange, finally steem is listed.

We need to support. Crypto is the future...I know it tough these days, and it will get tougher...we have to go foward. Start and we will prevail...

I gave them a follow! Hope both BNB and STEEM can make serious gains in 2018!

is that the official binance steemit account? how can we know for sure?


they have verified from official twitter and they have put a link to that steemit account from their website

Honestly my first day here from all the news hype! Love that the community can come together to raise each other up instead of bringing each other down!

Anybody can give me love?

Followed binance here on steemit and going to vote when the polls open.

Thanks for letting me know about @binanceexchange; I did not even know they had a Steem account. I will definitely follow them :)

I wish sbd was listed on binance too

I signed up to binance but I need more info on how to use it. I will check out your youtube channel. Great idea. Joy

Interesting. Followed and will vote soon.

Nice promotion. Will participate here. Nice concept

Thanks man. Just signed up on binance.

nice post there...upvoted it !! cheers!

thanks for sharing, upvoted and followed you @binanceexchange

Who qualifies as a core team member?

great work you doing for our community Dan. will do the needful to show support. so we ensure steem is on binance

Thanks for the info, Followed binance and upvoted!

Its so weird, I've been upvoting stuff for weeks and only get steem from crappy comments like this one, upvote if you hate your life too xD

I just followed binance

Thanks for the info!

√ Followed binance.

Thanks for your efforts!

I followed @binance before I read your post and have resteemed and have done everything is my power to notify other users! I think we should try the same approach with bitrex as they are planning to add $ deposits soon

Thank you....amazing this news...i like this post.....all the best...

I believe STEEM being listed on Binance is one of the greatest advance of our network and the word of steemit will be spread more frequently at some point.

BTW: Already following @binanceexchange.

Thanks for the info. I was already on Binance and would love to see SBD on there. I followed their account. Thank you for the useful information. I saw the headline and was pleasantly surprised you had some realistic goals we could pursue. Thanks again.

Done! This was a great idea.

Followed, I like this initiative, btw, How can I fill this form, doesn't I need to be a team member?

Thanks for bringing awareness bro! #SBD I think will pass #STEEM again, and when it does it will be when #SBD is on #BINANCE! @ddangerwu