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The Future of The David Pakman Show

in steem •  10 months ago

A lot of interesting stuff going on, Steemit also mentioned in this video. Thanks to everyone's support on this platform over the last 4 weeks!

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Excited for you David! And with the developments coming to the STEEM Blockchain in 2018 I believe it can be a great year both for you and those in your audience who decide to come on here and also try to share content and contribute to fruitful discussions.

Glad to be able to support you with a dollar pr day here at the moment :)

Hey @davidpakman,

I was talking to another content creator with an audience on both Steemit and Youtube, and I suggested that he do an experiment, by posting all material on both Steemit & YT, and then be sure to track the demonetization data, and income data from both platforms.

You could bring your findings to your audience and I imagine this data would lead to a positive comments about this platform since demonetization is not an issue here.

Monetization is only one part of the amazing picture of why Steemit is great, but certainly this info could help bring more people to this amazing platform, and in so doing, attract new viewers and curators here for you specifically.

Love to see you do this.

Great show.


this is a very interesting idea, a couple of possible issues:

  1. youtube partner program terms and conditions say you cannot publicize your youtube earnings or risk termination from the program

  2. there is no real way to truly "post all youtube content" to steemit from youtube since we have 15,000 videos, and youtube videos can make money indefinitely, whereas steemit posts make money only for the first 7 days.


That is pretty hilarious that they put pressure on people discussing earnings... Lame.


Wow 15,000! Well keep up the good work and so glad you are here on Steemit.


Hey david have you given dtube any thought yet, you might've mentioned it and i may not have caught it but i suppose you could try uploading shorter videos there and see how that goes?

S-t-double-e-m-i-t, wow I’m annoyed I didn’t think of that. That’s beautiful David. Excellent work as always.


thank you good sir. have a video coming up tomorrow where we answer Steemian questions from my call out for questions earlier this week. Look forward to posting it.


Am I too late to throw in a question? Have you browsed other Steem-users' blogs and posts and are you planning to talk about what you have found here in your show some time in the future?

I mean Steem is great and all, but there is still a bit of a problem with bots trying to pose as people. It's a good thing there are people actively committed at fighting the phenomena by curation, but some times it is a bit tiring to read carbon copy messages and posts that can't even pass the turing test.

That said I have met a lot of great, intelligent and passionate people here. I would probably call some of them my friends already, having had more mutual exchanges with them.

Anyway, glad to see you on this platform! Cheers!

Wow, exciting stuff ahead. I hope you reach the patreon goal! I am a patron myself ;-)

thats a great video..thanks for sharing..i enjoy it..

Nice video, thanks for sharing

Dear friend. Really great video. Thanks for sharing:)

I really like the idea of discussing "critical thinking." We really need these skills in todays society. it is certainly not being taught in public schools.

wonderful job