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I heard many bad news from our core group in the management, about how badly #steem is doing. As a passive investor, it is not a good thing to see such drop in value, because it will also mean my "money" had shrunk. Let's have a quick look on what's happening in the market. With that, I always choose @coingecko because it is convenient and information provided is comprehensive.


Wait a minute? I thought the fall was pretty bad? By the look of it, #SBD is still hodling around 90¢, which is not too bad. What bad now is, the fluctuation happening in #crypto world is different than the $ value. Who gives you an idea fiat currency is not falling? Every investment tool came in pair, and when it's paired only can you see the "value". In this case, #SBD is holding it's value against USD, but it is not when paired against #BTC. Don't be too happy when it's not falling too much against USD, it was supposed to be a pegged currency for #steem #blockchain as 1$, and it broke the peg and stay below 1$.

Let's have a look at #steem, seriously hopeless looking at the fall. I don't know whether can it hold. What was the previous lowest low in history? 0.07 right? I heard many people turned whale 2 years ago. May be if this happen again, I can take this opportunity and turn myself into a whale? But, ask myself again, was it even worth it to buy in looking at #steemit management. Don't forget, there's a big chunk of #steemit stake went "missing". If that chunk continue to short sell, I don't care if it's for speculation purpose or personal interests of that individual, it's not going to do any good to #steem value.

What can we do now? As a long term passive investor in #steem #blockchain, as a content creator myself, I guess what I can do is to continue to buy in. My stake in #steem is not going anywhere as my cloud mining pool has expired, I do not wish to renew anymore. The operating cost of mining is way surpassing my crypto income. Previously I have sold my #dogge at the wrong price for merely 100steems that point of time. I also lost a chunk by exchanging my #SBD for #yoyow which they promised to launch in 2018, and half of 2019 has gone, I still don't see much surface. They do own their word, but I don't see how can I.

That's about all I have other than those already in trading. Not bad for that price.

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lets see, we only can wait. I think they mostly go and take out the money to put into BTC becasue the halving is coming. So they are taking the money from else where out.

Yes it is. Seeing millions of steem going out selling cheap is really pain in the butt.

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yes, who know where it will go our way.....