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I am nobody. Small fish, no importance. But I don't like this. I understand the witnesses/big money are afraid of losing their power, but changing the rules and locking a guy out seems to me to be wrong.

He bought his SP just like everyone else did, and now he is excluded because you're afraid of how he might vote it. Its bad karma.

"First they came for your neighbor, then they come for you".

If successful, don't be surprised if this totalitarian rule is used even more in the future. And maybe against YOU!

Like I said, I'm nothing. But frankly, I'm even more disgusted with Steemit by the way people are acting on this issue. I will never forget this lesson and I'm sure it will taint the chain forever (or as long as it lasts).


It makes me uneasy, that's for sure. Locking out an investor who has put his money where his mouth is. I'm hopeful that, as per @good-karma's response, it is a very temporary measure to bring Justin to the table to alleviate concerns.

I also hope, that once that is accomplished, the code would be rolled back....(but somehow I suspect that won't happen)

I'm with you @sparkesy43... especially the whole last sentence!

I don't think the rest of us have anything to worry about in regards to getting forked out but I certainly don't like what was done.

Justin Sun bought his stake fair and square. Forking out his power that came with that stake is a shitty thing to do.

Those saying but .. but its ninja mined stake. To that I say.... Yeah, so what. Others have ninja mined stake as well. Plus Justin Sun didn't mine it, it was mined long before he purchased it fairly. The time to fork out ninja mined stake was long ago and it wasn't done, don't do it once someone buys it honestly.

I think the blockchian is more at the mercy of Justin Sun now then its ever been due to the poor decision to lock out his stake. No big investor is going to dump money into this place with the thought in their mind that their stake can be just forked out. Justin Sun is likely our last big investor due to this hasty decision made by some.

You said it well @rentmoney. Its hard to believe that the witnesses can't see how bad this is. I'm hoping Sun give's them a way to save face next week and says he's going to keep Steem intact as a blockchain and they can undo this stupid maneuver!

I find it to be a sad day for Steem Block Chain. Who is going to want to invest in Steem after seeing this reaction from the witnesses? The only safe investor are those in the top 20 of the witnesses.

I know they will just keep pulling the Ninja-mined card out, so it does not matter what the user thinks of this action.

Yes they can justify it however they want, but the bottom line is the guy spent his money to buy SP. Who in their right mind would ever invest their money again after this kind of "heist".

I know I am glad i have not, nor likely ever will invest any money. I haven't learned how yet, and I am unlikely to ever even bother learning now, even after my 5 year target is met.


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I'll vote for him! And 19 of his friends! :)

What's ninjamined @davemccoy? I read it everywhere... but I don't know what's that😯 isn't it weird? They supposed to communicate clearly, the witnesses (big guys) and @jasonsunsteemit? I heard it will be on march 6th... why softfork then?

in the beginning, @ned got a lot of very cheap steem through tricking people by hiding the fact that he owned hidden accounts (ie ninja) and thus got lots of control of steem in ways that people didn't KNOW about. So they call that ninja mined because it was disguised and people weren't aware who owned those accounts.

Now they say that particular Steem is not valid, but they never blocked it before because they would've lost their witness votes. But since Jason Sun bought it and they are worried about him taking control and kicking them out, they decided to say NOW that the old steem that was ninja mined by Ned is not valid anymore. In other words, they don't like (ie fear) the new guy and so they are saying his Steem is no good and won't let him vote it.

My problem with it is that if they can do this to anyone, then they can do it to everyone. Frankly I'm very disappointed in many of my friends that are witnesses that support it. I'm sure they are just looking at it like they are "saving" the system (because they don't want the big bad Jason Sun to take over Steem), but in my opinion they are doing some serious damage to the value of the chain. If you can steal a guy's money so easily (Sun put in $10s of millions), then no serious investor will ever trust it won't happen to them.

Its not what he bought, its who he bought it from. That stake was ninja mined. Kind of stolen. It was never supposed to be used for voting and now that rule is also built in code.

Should we lockup all the ninja mined stakes then? None of the witness talk about locking up freedom(cause it voted most of the top 20 in) cherrytomatoes2 or ngcs ninja stakes ... I agree with a some of the soft-fork in that they should not let the account witness vote ... but freezing all his assests so he cant power down or transfer steem is not ok. I dont trust justin after his stunt with tron and their print rate... but freezing an entity's assests isn't cool and once the precedent has been set anyone could be next.

yes I agree @ityp. And if the ninja mined stakes are no good, why now are they being blocked and not before? And like you said, what about the other ninja mined stakes????

To steal something from someone who unknowingly bought something that was stolen is still theft.

All ninja mined should be blocked. If they let him transfer then he can just move stake to other acct and witness vote from thr

If that is the case, then they should've blocked it many moons ago. Blocking it now is "theft" from them on a guy that bought what he believed to be valid SP. If they are NOW saying its no good, then every ONE of the witnesses that were aware the stake was ninjamined before this transaction should resign. If it is invalid now that Jason Sun bought it, then it was invalid before when Ned owned it. Where were they before? And why didn't they block it then?

This is not going to be good for Steem and will lead to lawsuits. Which they will lose on. And worse it will ruin confidence for a long time. There is no putting this genie back in the bottle.

And finally, stealing something from someone that bought something that was stolen is still "theft". Even more so when you consider the lords of steem allowed that theft to stand for many years without doing a damn thing about it.

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