Steem Update: "Communities" Are Coming

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This article will give you an overview of some important updates to the Steem ecosystem. The “Hivemind” and “Communities” updates will improve the Steem experience for both everyday users and developers.

What is Hive?

According to the Hivemind Github, Hive is a “consensus interpretation” layer for the Steem blockchain. It will be the foundation for social features like communities, post feeds, and follows. It also improves the efficiency and scalability of the Steem platform as a whole.

How Does It Work?

Hive developers want to open up vast new social features while maintaining efficiency and scalability. To do this, Hive will separate most front end features from the backend nodes. This lets front end developers work on features without making changes to the foundational infrastructure.

Imagine if you had to open up the hood of a car and tweak the engine just to increase the volume on the radio. That’s the way Steem operates currently. This system puts a lot of pressure on the backend technology. Plus it’s very inconvenient for front end developers. Hive lets developers tweak features while letting the backend nodes focus on scalability and performance.


“Communities” will be one of the biggest updates to the Steem experience in recent memory. Communities let moderators create groups devoted to certain topics. You might have a “New York” community, a “technology” community, a “music festivals” community, and more.

You can think of these as the Steem equivalent to "Sub-Reddits". The whole Steem platform will become more organized around user interests. As the name implies, this will help increase the sense of community for Steemians.

The idea of Steem communities has been talked about for some time now, with an enthusiastic response. Helping like-minded individuals connect turns Steem applications into true social networking sites, rather than purely content sites. The ‘hivemind’ Github has been very active lately, and updates should roll out soon.

Other Features

“Communities” is the biggest structural change to Steem. However, Hive can be leveraged for a host of other features as well. The following are mentioned in the Github:

• reactions, bookmarks

• comment on reblogs

• indexing custom profile data

• reorganize old posts (categorize, filter, hide/show)

• voting/polls (democratic or burn/send to vote)

• modlists: (e.g. spammy, abuse, badtaste)

• crowdsourced metadata

• mentions indexing

• full-text search

• follow lists

• bot tracking

• mini-games

• community bots


The Hive updates will be a major improvement to the Steem experience for most users. The features that the update unlocks will help Steem applications mature into community based platforms with more potential for growth.

If you have any questions about the Hive updates, please comment below. Click “Follow” to hear more news as the updates approach their launch.


Next step for steemit is to make clear deadline for the release.

yeah, @dannyzen, when approximately the "community" part will kick in?

I don't work for Steemit so I can't comment on an ETA. Although I'm excited, I really don't mind waiting for the updates. Best for them to take time to get it done right. The team is insanely brilliant and working all the time

Oh, I was under wrong impression that you are working for them. We are excited for all the new updates that are awaiting us. We are long-term here anyways.

I literally typed the following comment, and just saw your comment before I hit the submit button:

"I have one question. When?"

What is the current roadmap for Hive / Communities?

Wow! This looks really interesting. I'm speechless!

Well, it's nice to hear these ideas are still actively in the works-- they have been on the "promised" list for a really long time. In fact, to the point I was worried they had been completely shoved under the rug so everyone and their neighbor could just focus on developing SMTs.

I don't work for Steemit Inc, but I have been talking to them about the updates. These are definitely still in the works and the Github is active. I'm really excited to see these updates myself. It will be a big improvement to our experience on the platform.

Sounds like this will be a good update. Communities exist already here but have no real place to (live) <---- is that the best way to describe it? Thanks for the post!

Exactly, the "Communities" update will give a home to the Steem communities. Excellent analogy!

We have "communities" somewhat through the sacrifice of one of your five tags for a post.

This sounds amazing! I'm still relatively new to steemit, and it can be a bit difficult to navigate at times. I think the communities will definitely create a more welcoming atmosphere for noobs.

Thanks for sharing!

Well, welcome to the community!

Thanks for sharing @dannyzen! This will be an incredible update to STEEM and I won't be surprised if we get a huge boost of users due to this. We are already seeing numerous "communities" created off the STEEM blockchain and most of them operate on Discord. Having this kind of groups directly on STEEM will be a much anticipated upgrade.

I have started to follow you so that I can get more of such news in the future!

Thanks for the follow, friend! I actually wasn't aware of the communities building up on Discord. Can you link me to a couple so I can see?

Sure! I am personally in 2 of these Discord communities:

This seems like a very good idea and forethought. From my understanding, this should be great for scalability. Keep up the great work, thank you.

Ths an exciting time to be a Steemian.


What is the ETA for this? Hopefully not “soon” like everything else on Steemit. :) Sounds good if and when it happens.

Exactly the problem

Yes, exactly the problem. “Soon” is STINC favorite word.

I don't work for Steemit Inc, but I have been talking to them about the updates. These are definitely still in the works and the Github is active. Unfortunately I can't comment on an ETA because I'm not employed by them.

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