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RE: My Thoughts and Theory on Steem Price Sustainability

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The core problem .... Steemit Inc owning around 80 mil of steem, and selling huge amounts every week and months.

We can kill our self thinking and it would not corect this. Maybe it is even better the price to go down even lower.... and they sell it all. So, then the community can rebuild this place on solid ground with no single point of faliure.


Absolutely agree. Teams should be supported by revenue models where possible, not by selling steem. Unless the project is in start up phase (for the first year or so) until it is bringing profits in.

In essence, the situation is that the creators of the system are gradually selling it to the world over a few years - but not announcing this. They (and we) would be seeing a dramatically better outcome if they had formalised this and scheduled it officially in some way as other projects do.

same opinion to steemit inc.

Agreed, one could argue that the work that has been done by them but not completed should be the property of the community and should be handed over, since the community has paid for it