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RE: Task#5: Two Presidential Candidates Knocking Facebook on Twitter: Let's Get Their Attention To Steem [Earn Rewards]

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Already sent out a tweet before this post was published, but it follows most of the guidelines. Not going to make a new one, since that would look kind of spammy.

Do you guys want to join in? @harry-heightz @d0zer @meno @arunava @runicar ?


Thanks for the mention @daan! I'm promoting Steem on twitter daily! Will see what I can do for this initiative.


Yeah, that's why I tagged you ;-) Saw your posts on the Trending page :)

Twitter has a trending page? Damn, I didn't know. I'm such a Twitter noob. Never actually used it before I started to use it to promote Steem.

Btw, @oracle-d here is my reply to @tedcruz


Oh lol, no I meant that I saw some of your posts on the Steemit Trending page. That one post were you were trying to get Steem listed on Coinbase :)


Ye, that was a fun little contest. We should have such initiatives on a weekly basis by many different Steemians all the way until they decide to finally list STEEM on their exchange.

Would love to @daan. I'm not so good at creating memes.

u can just use the one above in the blog

Isn't that plagiarism?

not when the instruction in the blog above is to copy the image no.

oh okay. I'll engage then. Thanks @stakerz

I just Tweeted to her right now. Even though I am not a huge Twitter User but I like to dabble in it from Time to Time. Thanks for the Tag.

I joined already brother ;)

Didn't expect anything else @meno ;-)