The Steem 0.14.2 Hardfork is Tomorrow, Anyone Compiled it for Windows Yet

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The next Steem hardfork to version 0.14.2 is scheduled for Tue, 20 Sep 2016 15:00:00 UTC, so not much time is left and it seems that there is still no version of the new steemd and cli_wallet compiled for Windows available. @bitcube is the one that previously has released Windows binaries of Steem on his GitHub page, but it seems that he has not been around lately - no activity on Steemit for the last month or so.

Normally witnesses and seed nodes are ran on Linux, so that should not cause problems for Steemit in general, but there are some people like me that run nodes on Windows to play around with things like bots and write scripts for Steemit. There are also other people that are mining Steem on Windows, even though it is currently not very favorable to do so with the miner-witness queue overtaken by a few accounts for quite some time. In short there is a need for a Windows version of Steem 0.14.2 in time for the hardfork and there is currently not one available for 0.14.2.

I have tried to compile Steem 0.14.2 on Windows yesterday, but ran into some issues and haven't fully resolved those yet. If I manage to compile it successfully I will be posting it here for others to use, but meanwhile if somebody with more experience can do it and release a Windows binary of Steem 0.14.2 it will be great. The alternative solution to prevent downtime until a Windows binary becomes available would be to go for a Linux VM, but that is not as convenient as having a native window binary for people that use it under Windows normally.

Update: Thanks to @steem-id there is a compiled a Windows Binary, it is available here for anynone that might be interested: Windows x64 binaries for Steem v0.14.2 (MinGW), so show some support if you needed that... :)

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Yes, @bitcube does seem to be inactive. Someone else will have to do it this time. I've switched to Ubuntu temporarily, but eagerly awaiting a Windows build for 0.14.2.

I've also asked for some help in the witness channel on Steemit Chat...

He (or she) released it at just about the exact time that hard-fork that hardfork 13 happened. I'm hoping that they'll do the same tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

@steem-id has published a MinGW compiled version for Windows, though not recommended for mining it should work if you need a Steem node running on Windows... I have updated the post with a link.

Still not there. Guess I'll be doing this over the week-end.

I spent some time in the last few days trying to compile with VS2013 and without success... too many issues and I went on compiling dependancies myself and using various compiled ones and different versions and still could not resolve all of the problems.

I was really hoping not to have to go through that exercise. Not sure it's worth the effort since it's been getting harder to get into the queue for blocks anyway. I don't have any high-power equipment. I might just point nicehash at my SP deposit address and leave it at that. (As I wrote up here). I hate to pay the exchange fees, though.