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Increasing your influence on when voting for posts and when posting will also result in an increased income for your actions, time and efforts spent on the website. In order to do that you will have to get more STEEM POWER and there are numerous ways you can do that:

  • Posting high quality and unique content on and voting for other high quality content that gets published, it takes time and effort, but the rewards you get in STEEM POWER directly increase your influence and the STEEM DOLLARS (SBD) rewards you can convert to STEEM and then use them to Power Up converting them to STEEM POWER.

  • You can use your computer to mine additional STEEM POWER for you, the mining process uses your CPU, so every computer can be used to mine - Guide on mining STEEM with your computer on Windows

  • It is possible to purchase STEEM or STEEM DOLLARS (SBD) from a crypto exchange such as or, then send the purchased tokens to your account and and convert them to STEEM POWER

Note that STEEM tokens can be directly converted to STEEM POWER using the Power Up function, but converting STEEM DOLLARS is possible only to STEEM and then you can use them to Power Up to STEEM POWER, however this takes 1 WEEK for the conversion process!

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Awesome information and easy to follow.

Thx for making it simple for newbies to understand. Good job! Steem on!

Thanks for the info

This is great information. Thank you for this. I have a couple more questions though. Do you also gain steem power for just being on steemit or is it only for the things you? Second question, is there any way to lose steem power? You will have to excuse me I am new to steemit. I am sure there are others who have the same questions so if you could upvote this to keep it at the top that would be great.

thanks a lot for the info

Thanks for the mining link! do you have any idea how much steem you can mine with an average cpu

Mining depends a lot on the CPU you use and also somewhat on luck, but I guess that at least 1 or 2 STEEM POWER per day should be possible, unless of course you have a very slow processor...

Still learning
Thanks > a week here 👍👍👍

This was one of the first links in google when I searched "how to increase my steemit power." Thanks!

thank you :)

Thank you steemit.

Very good post...thank you sir....☻


Good explanation @cryptos. Thanks a lot. Especially for newbies like me:)

Helpful post! I recently posted a video that explains things pretty well too. At least, it gave me a better understanding.

Just want to say thank you. I know this post doesn't make anything for you anymore, but thanks anyway. :)

Thank you.

This was really helpful. Thank you for your content.

@cryptos:Thank you for this information Cryptos.Short and to the point !

Thanks very informative.

The MORE STEEM POWER the harder you Hit just like a boxer.. :)
The more steem power,the more it influences our upvotes and have a bigger curation..

Cheers Cryptos, new here but very ambitious. Great post.

New here as well and figuring out the in and outs of Steemit :)

Yo buddy I have just seen you comments and it looks like you are trying to get to grips with it all on steemit. Here is a great mark-down tool to use that helps format your post and place pics where you want them to be.

If you take a look through some of my posts, there will be link to different chat forums on a website called Discord. It is pretty much ran with steemit in my although you don't have to be a steemian to join discord. They have radio shows and loads of other stuff to help get your work out there. Good luck buddy and get posting!!

Thanks for taking the time to write this for new people like me.

thanks for sharing:)

Explanatory content

Thanks for the info

Awesome post! Thanks for sharing 😊

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Excellent information [email protected] Thanks for sharing such a good information

This was very helpful. I was ondering how i was going to increase visibility on the steemit platform. I curious about this new technology and wanted to play around with how to make some crypto currency.

Thanks so much for the help. I've been using steam for quite a while now, but it seems that I've kinda gotten stuck at my current steem power. I will follow these tips to see if they can help me!

Thanks @crytpos

Below is a related link showing how to set up an Ubuntu Virtual Machine on Windows to mine steem:

Hi gikitiki, in a nutshell, how does the mining work? Do you have to keep your computer on the whole time? like 24 hours nonstop every day? Is mining really worth it? I don't know much about mining crypto and will be glad if you can help me understand it better.

Hi @andre62,
the way the steem blockchain works has changed significantly since I made that post. Unfortunately, steem is no longer mined that way.

If you are interested in "mining" steem now, you will need to become a witness. Click here for a good post on the subject.

If you are interested in mining other cryptocurrencies using the down time of your computer (yes, you will need to leave it on all the time), then you could start here.

There are typically two types of mining, CPU mining and GPU mining. The most famous currency to mine using CPU is bitcoin. There are a lot more currencies to mine using your Graphics Card (GPU). If you start with Ethereum, it's very simple to switch to different cryptocurrencies if you feel you want to change.

I hope that leads you in the right direction.

Just what I was looking for. Thank you :)

That was really useful. I did not understand the system at first sight as it seems to be quite complicated with those three things STEEM, STEEM POWER and STEEM DOLLARS. But now it is clear to me. Yet still is not self-explanatory and it will take some time and efforts to get older generations online if even young people are struggeling a bit.

Extremely helpful post. Thank you.

thanks for the useful information!
upvoted and followed :)

@crypto there is any gui mining software for steempower?

Thanks for this info really helps :-)

This post is very useful and informative. I was really looking for various ways of increasing the Steem Power. Now, I think, I should start working on the points you have mentioned above. #steempower

This is really helpful thanks for sharing

Thank you for the info! I'm learning steemit and I found this very useful.

your post is easy to understand. It helped me clear my doubts about Steem Power. If you do get time, please also explain about the conversion rates of upvotes and comments in context of steem power and overall estimated worth.

Very clear and precise explanation.

@cryptos very helpful for beginners like me. Help me to power up. Thanks!

Valuable Information for smooth growthing

got it but can you tell me that if purchase steem power from btc then after that i can get also as steem in my account

Thanks for info bro

Awesome guide, thanks!

Thank you very much, i was looking for this since very long.

Cant we mine using mobile phone???


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Thank you @cryptos for this post it brings me
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