STEEM - The UP is back - 0.43$ to BREAK

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Hello all,

Here is the chart of yesterday :


Here is the current chart :


So after the UP of yesterday which helped us to come back upper than the support line at 0.39$, we continued today with the UP Break Out of the BTC. However, we start to have some difficulties to break the previous tops. We must really break the double TOP that we have around 0.43$ to start the real UP trend. Without that, we still have a risk to have a correction again.

I wish you massive profits,


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some people actually think steem will hit $100 then $1000 each looool
I would do a backflip if it goes above $10 lol

Hoping that Steem can keep going up as my average purchase price is in the mid $.30s. Got in at a good price I think!

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I confirm you that you had yours steems at good price. I don't expect that we try to make a new low immediatly

Nice to see the growing recovery!

It is indeed good news. Let's hope we will break that double top soon

it's been a long time since we saw 0,43, but here's to hoping that we're going back. The bottom seems to have been quite some time ago aswell, so that's good too.

Yes, if we are able to break that 0.43, it will be really a good sign for the future UP trend

You enjoyed the bottom, that you want to go back 😎?

Nah,... Back up is where I like the price to go ;-)

Uh ok but what is the message behind this?