Steemit Advertising Campaign[part 131]

in steem •  6 months ago

These advertising campaign's are funded with upvotes from people like you! Thanks for dropping by!

Decided to go with this high rated "web traffic" package. Hopefully it pays off ;P Im somewhat addicted to gambling on fiverr vendors at this point.

Also going hard on this college campus again.

Also, i wanted to point out where we have been with these advertising campaigns(and where we can be again) if you believe in the cause please upvote, resteem, tell a friend ect.
Lastly, if you use telegram be sure to drop by our new paper trading cryptocurrency game

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Your other problem is the Ads and the site is not compelling....
And two weeks for a signup loses 90% of interested new users.


I think our main problem is user retention. I hope things like @dustsweeper help with that.