If Steemit Inc announces that their coins will remain locked for a period of time, the price of Steem may go to the moon.

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I know everyone has great expectations and targets about Steem prices. And since these targets have not been achieved, many investors may feel anxious. Yeah, that's pretty normal. Because investing requires a strong psychology.

Other than that, there are positive news for the increase in steem prices. Especially Steemit Inc. made hope for the community. As you know, the Steemit Inc. had so far had to sell Steem at the market to cover costs. This means is a huge sales pressure on the price. However, they announced that these sales would decrease with new marketing efforts and advertising revenues. This is a pretty positive development for the price. But better than that, why not?

An interesting development took place at the WTC. The price has almost doubled in two days after the WTC team announced on July 4 that their tokens lock up progress have been extended by six months. When I read this news, why not a similar development in Steem prices? I started thinking.

Actually I mean that If advertising and marketing revenues increase in the coming days, Steemit Inc. may not need to sell more coins. It can even lock its own coins as the WTC team does and announce it to the entire market. In this case, we can see the price of Steem, which is already quite cheap, rise rapidly.

Actually, this is a wish. But why not, I hope steemit inc's revenue will increase dramatically in the coming days, and we would also be witness the steem price rise.


Part of the problem is you now can not deposit steem from exchanges, and the only way is to use blocktrades which in its self is a rip-off, so for people buying steem on an exchange it becomes pointless unless you are speculating have no connection to steem, this is a real step backwards it makes steem pointless if you hve to use Blocktrades to input steem to your account. Not only that blocktrades does not work I have tried with LCT to buy steem, I have tried steem to steem and its really crap, so untill they can deal with that I will no longer trade steem or buy it.

Actually i can buy or sell Steem on Binance and deposit from there to my steem account easily. I have not used Blocktrades until now.

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