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RE: If Steemit Inc announces that their coins will remain locked for a period of time, the price of Steem may go to the moon.

in #steem5 years ago

Part of the problem is you now can not deposit steem from exchanges, and the only way is to use blocktrades which in its self is a rip-off, so for people buying steem on an exchange it becomes pointless unless you are speculating have no connection to steem, this is a real step backwards it makes steem pointless if you hve to use Blocktrades to input steem to your account. Not only that blocktrades does not work I have tried with LCT to buy steem, I have tried steem to steem and its really crap, so untill they can deal with that I will no longer trade steem or buy it.


Actually i can buy or sell Steem on Binance and deposit from there to my steem account easily. I have not used Blocktrades until now.

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