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Are you an average crypto investor?

Perhaps you hold between $1,000 and $10,000 in cryptocurrency – that might make you an average investor by size of portfolio.

Today though, I am referring to the average investor as being someone HODLing, staring at their screens and pleading for a crypto market bull run!!

Sound familiar?

Are you thinking:

Which is the safest currency to hold at the minute? and;
Could I learn more about the Steem Blockchain?

This article contains no investment advice but does have two sections for your general crypto edification and enjoyment:

Section 1: Earn more STEEM organically and dynamically
Section 2: Five reasons why STEEM could outperform the rest of the market




You can accumulate more STEEM by vesting your currency in a process called powering up. You would do this by opening a Steem account and then powering up from the Wallet.

Vested STEEM is called Steem Power. Holding Steem Power(SP) is like HODLing, but it can be withdrawn evenly, weekly, over a 13-week period. If you hold Steem Power you can also benefit from feeless transactions.

Steem Power gives you the ability to reward content whether that be projects, DApps, community contributions, art, videos, photos, music, charitable and humanitarian acts or just comments and blog posts. Let me give you an example of the free rewards you can distribute as a result of the daily mining of new currency.

On 1 September 2018 – STEEM was valued at $0.95, an account holder with 17,000 STEEM POWER (equivalent USD $16,150) would have the ability to reward content of approximately $10 per day in aggregate.

All users have the potential to distribute the equivalent of ten 100% upvotes per day – in the example above 10 x $1 upvotes (for a total of $10). As long as an investor has more than 500SP, the weight of the vote can easily be changed between 1% and 100%, allowing for a much wider distribution. This upvote value fluctuates with the price of Steem.


You can do the live calculation yourself courtesy of @penguinpablo at by clicking here

You can change other people’s lives one upvote at a time without it degrading your balance, at all.

In fact, every time you reward others, you earn small amounts of STEEM in return for this “curation” of content. Many bots and other communities have emerged on the Steem blockchain, which means that users can reward others manually or automatically.

There is also an opportunity for investors to research other ways to gain a ROI on their stake, such as leasing out the use of their Steem Power through Please do your own research, the use of some services and bots can be frowned upon. I do not lease out Steem Power but I do delegate power to projects which I feel can add value or have a mission I believe in, and personally I do this with no expectation of any return.

As a result of (i) curation and (ii) a low level of “interest” accumulating the Steem Power, an investor is actually growing their STEEM holding with sometimes little or no effort.


If you have a larger holding of Steem Power you can actually influence projects built on the Steem Blockchain, which will add value to the chain and could in turn lead to an improved currency valuation and in time, perhaps a Top 10 Cryptocurrency Market Cap.

If you personally have some time, skills or resources, and you want to get more involved, there are many projects on the Steem blockchain who will welcome contributions to drive their projects forwards.

Do you want to be part of something great – do you want to partake in finding solutions to real world problems – finding systems and solutions that replace those that are antiquated and broken.

Look at this short selection of exciting projects, applications and communities that have made the Steem Blockchain their home:

ACTIFIT –@actifit built in Q2 2018 is one of the first DApps gearing up for [Smart Media Tokens](, and rewards fitness activity with cryptocurrency! The app is available as an Android app, with an iOS version in development. See their [website]( for more information.

BL1 DARK.png

DLIVE –@dlive is a video and live streaming service built on the blockchain used widely by gamers and vloggers with a really neat [website here](

BL1 DARK.png

DTUBE -@dtube is a decentralised video sharing platform along the same lines as YouTube. It is one the most popular applications on the Steem blockchain with over 75,000 followers - you can see how popular it is from their website here.

BL1 DARK.png

FUNDITION - @fundition is like the Kickstarter of the Steem blockchain – being the first crowdfunding site which connects project founders with backers and donors, and does not take any fees in the process. There is a lot of information on their clever use of blockchain technology on their purple paper here and on their website here.

BL1 DARK.png

ORACLE-D – @oracle-d incentivise and reward exceptional digital content creators with STEEM for choosing to produce valuable work for clients in order to help them improve SEO and to spread the word about their products and services. This is a new project with website here being built upon daily.

BL1 DARK.png

PROMO-MENTORS - @promo-mentors are at a very early stage of building a Decentralised Education Platform which pairs tutors with learners for an exchange in value and tokens.

BL1 DARK.png

SNDBOX - @sndbox a community program with roots in NYC which develops educational, exhibitions and creative programs that help bring together creatives, communities and business with the emerging tools of the blockchain world. Their website is here.

BL1 DARK.png

STEEMPRESS - @steempress have built a convenient tool for automatic posting from WordPress websites to Steemit – meaning it is even easier for content curators to share their news and articles on both the internet and the blockchain automatically, further information is available here.

BL1 DARK.png

STEEMMONSTERS - @steemmonsters is a decentralized, digital collectible trading card game built on the Steem blockchain, currently in alpha pre-sales stage; with an imminent deadline on pre-sale of 1 October 2018. The launch has been highly successful, and you can read more about this game on their website.

BL1 DARK.png

UTOPIAN - Utopian is rewarding professional contributions to Open Source projects by utilising a decentralised, vote-based reward system. Contributions include code/development tasks, bug-hunting, graphic design, tutorials, translations and analysis. @utopian-io can be found here.

BL1 DARK.png

Into Blockchain Tech.jpg

As you can see, there is some innovative and exciting applications of blockchain technology. Have you seen this many use cases on any other blockchain?

AND this is just the beginning!!



As you can see above, you can earn a greater holding of STEEM just by being invested in Steem Power. Furthermore, you can make a positive impact on the communities and development projects, which will surely add further value to the currency.

One thing I didn’t mention, was that you can also earn from generating your own content or commenting on other peoples. This is evident from the section at the bottom of this article, showing the value that the community placed on this post and also below that the value placed on the community comments.

Here are five more reasons that make the Steem Blockchain different:

1) Fast and Free Transactions

A transaction on the Steem Blockchain is completed within THREE seconds for FREE. Say no more - that is outstanding.

2) 100,000+ community

There are over 100,000 unique visitors to each week – some may come just to read whilst others have active transacting accounts. Furthermore, this community is engaged in businesses that use STEEM as an acceptable currency to trade goods and services. is a website charting businesses accepting STEEM as a currency.

3) DApps

I have listed a series of decentralised apps above. I think Steem is the “go-to” place if you want to be involved in cutting edge blockchain technology. Let me share with you a quote from Steem Monsters co-founder @yabapmatt. The Steem Monsters project caught the imagination of the Steemit community and the project received $200,000 from the community for the pre-sale digital trading game in the first two months. I think this quote really explains why the Steem Blockchain has become a hotbed for development activity:

”We didn't need to raise money or put in a huge amount of time investment. The Steem blockchain made it really easy, with the existing tools and the engaged community, we could try things which had huge potential returns with very little risk”.

"My message to web developers out there is that the Steem Blockchain offers a great opportunity. There are so many ideas for building new web applications and this coupled with the tech community support means you can create something very fast with very little risk."

There is real value in the protocols being used by developers and entrepreneurs, and it appears to set this blockchain apart from competition. I wonder when this will be recognised in the currency valuation.

4) Roadmap

HF20 & Witness Consensus

The Steem blockchain will implement hardfork 20 on the 25 September 2018 which brings about numerous changes including a more efficient account creation service. The release of hardfork 20 also includes a new “test-net” area for developers to test. The Steem blockchain has a history of one persistent chain as a result of clear and specific rules for how a change in protocol occurs. It is unlikely to result in a fork like Ethereum or Bitcoin where multiple chains result as a fork, and therefore provides a certain amount of stability.

Smart Media Tokens

SMTs are launching in Q1 of 2019. This is a new way for online publishers to monetise their content and capitalise on their growing community by creating their own tokens. Content creators can be rewarded by an engaged community without the interference of advertising. There are so many potentials uses for this technology – perhaps you are ready to read the White Paper on this project.

5) Capacity & Activity

Look at the table below which demonstrates activity levels on various blockchains. Look at the Steem blockchain completing easily over one million transactions a day: a clear indication of purposefulness. Do you think this should inculcate into value, and will we see the value of STEEM outperform the rest of the market?


The indicator on the RHS is capacity – The Steem blockchain is currently using less than 0.5% of its capacity, and so it has masses of room for scalability to support applications which might require high volumes of transactions.

Why not also look at the AVI score on STEEM, indicating a very low market cap versus the volume of transactions being completed.

Activity Valuation Index (AVI):
This is one of the most interesting data points on the website. This index takes the Bitcoin value (market cap) and the number of transactions (Tx) per day and makes it an index set to "1". Then, it varies with the other blockchains data. The index grows when the blockchain is very active and its market cap is low.
A blockchain with the same amount of Tx as Bitcoin but with only half of its market cap would have an AVI of 2. From the investor point of view, it would be twice as valuable as Bitcoin because it would have the same level of activity with only half the market cap. Another blockchain with half the amount of Bitcoin Tx with the same market cap would have an AVI of 0.5.We can see blockchains like BitShares and Steem having very high index values. That is explained by the fact that they have a very low market caps but they process the same kind of Bitcoin activity or more.

Quoted from Blocktivity

Clearly the Steem blockchain has been well battle tested with both transactions and development and is emerging stronger than ever.


Has this whet your appetite to learn more about the Steem Blockchain?


Okay Great News: what next?

To learn more about the detail of the History of Steem, obstacles which have been overcome, Steem features and Steem futures -there is a huge amount of information from Steem Witness @timcliff here. Tim is also available for questions here: timcliff.steem.witness ‘at’

To register for free now: click here. The process is simple but will take a few days to come through. Other faster alternatives for account creation are included in Tim’s article.

If you would like to buy STEEM from an exchange: you will find that it has been listed on the following cryptocurrency exchanges:

If you have a sizeable investment and you want to brainstorm how you might achieve your goals in utilising the active community to achieve a goal: for example, to market an ICO, or, to launch, advertise or market a product contact the @oracle-d team here


The information contained within this post shall not be taken as financial advice. I am not a financial advisor and none of your investment decisions should be carried out based on any information presented here. You can lose all of your money by investing. The information presented in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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Clearly the Steem blockchain has been well battle tested with both transactions and development and is emerging stronger than ever.

Yes. @cryptocurator

The smart money is recognizing the social blockchain opportunity!

Also see: AngelList
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Not just for new investors! I've been a STEEM advocate for a while now, and I still learned some things! Huzzah!

Also, because this was just shared with me, I want to share it with you... a great talk about the wonderfully weird nature of all the blockchain, and why that won't disappear, even as it grows more popular.


Thanks for the great share. Enjoyed listening to this keynote speech. Celebrate the weirdness!

Very well and thought out post/article par excellence. It should make home page. All the best.


Thank you - very nice of you to say @morris49 - and welcome to Steemit. I hope you have a great journey on here and you can find your place in the community. Have fun, be kind, and help change the world one click at a time!

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Welcome to

This is one of the most detailed, much needed and timely post on this topic. This is something that every new user in particular should read before getting started. I already knew about some of the project in the list whereas some other in infancy are new to me. Thanks for sharing @cryptocurator. Shared.


Thank you for the comment - please also look up @timcliff for some very detailed information on the Steem blockchain - his recent article here is superb.

Wow, that's a brilliant piece of content!
I very much like how you structured the article and highlighted Steem's USPs.

I will share it in my other social media networks now :-)
EDIT: published via Twitter

Really useful post @cryptocurator. I still can't believe people mainly know a lot about btc,eth,bch etc and don't realise that steem has all of these things combined and as you mentioned, no fees.


I know - I feel an obligation to spread the awareness of the #Steem Blockchain. Many thanks for sharing this article with your following here and on social media. Best Wishes CC

Obviously I'm already holding steem power and have picked up a bit more recently. However your post bring out all the points that we need to get across to people. I've seen the steem blast idea and pushed a few of the messages across my profiles but none of them hold the level of depth and information that yours has.

If we can push this message as a group to the wider public then I am sure that people will start to take notice of what is happening here. We do have an unbelievable product that is undervalued and I feel that it's only a matter of time before we see it in its rightful place.

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Great job CC as always! I shared this on my twitter. Loved the way you gave a short overview of some of the amazing applications made on STEEM Blockchain which makes it easy for the investors to understand the diversity it offers!


Thanks @hungryhustle and thanks for your continued inspiration you give in your own graphic design and your very useful blue lines. Many thanks for sharing and resteeming…….. I was conscious of word count and could have added plenty more DApps - I think there are near 400 built on the Steem blockchain.

Outstanding post. Thanks for sharing steem knowledge. Trying to make blockchain every use and evolve with it. Cheers


Thank you @etka - I'm glad you found this helpful. I learnt some really interesting things about #Steem in the process of research too.

Excellent overview. Well done. Steem has a tremendous potential, vibrant community on Steemit, a strong developer communigy, and all the right elements to make it a long term success (speed, no transaction costs, etc.)


Thanks for your comment @mrosenquist - I'm glad you enjoyed the read and yes this blockchain is battle tested with a solid platform to build upon for the medium and long term.

One of the best posts in 2018 I saw here I have to admit - this could be printed as steem marketing collateral - the handbook of successful crypto investment.


Very nice of you to say @uwelang, thank you. I hope I can link back to it with relevance for several weeks/months.


I am confident on the maintaining relevance - fingers crossed and let us hope we get more investors over to Steel - not necessarily Steemit :-). There are a lot promising things on the horizon so if they come in time I am pretty optimistic.

As I currently have 1.7 Steem Power I guess it will be quite a while before my votes start making a difference :P


You still made a difference @sugarfix even though at the moment your voting power is small forexample- I went and perused your blog...….I found a really interesting video article about Puerto Rico and blockchain entrepreneurs and I learnt something new. Difference Made!


Nice. I'd comment on how wonderful this post is but its all been said down through the comments already. Good job!


Thank you I'm glad you found this helpful. Always enjoyable to research and write about the Steem blockchain.

You are a very good writer and you gotz me. I like, I like.. And Im in... Thank you Dan!


Thank you Dan. Much appreciated. I'm glad you have joined us and you are on the Steem blockchain with us. How did you hear about #Steem - I can see you just opened your account. Did you find out about Steemit through social media? Thanks Chris

I highly agree....

I can't stress it enough that coins that pay you to hold are the best investment right now.

I mean, look at "offline" investments, and even online FIAT investments... the income you get from those compared to the income you get right here is simply LAUGHABLE.


There is a real opportunity to grow your holding of STEEM whilst at the same time hopefully we will see the value of the blockchain be realised and the currency value increase. Thanks for your comment today. Cheers

Great article. Glad you went into so much detail on some of the top dapps and also the avi score.

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Hey @indigoocean - very please to meet you on here - I think we share a passion for the features of the Steem blockchain. The AVI score blows your mind!!

This is superb! Steem blockchain is the next generation social network. The Steem and Steem Power bring returns just by HODLing. Let us keep teling investors about Steem and how they can maximise their tokens. Steem is going to moon!

Shared on my Twitter, Facebook and Reddit pages.

Wouldn't expect anything less than fantastic from you my friend!
Thank you for your support to Actifit on all ends ! :)


I'm very excited to see how your story unfolds over the next 9 months especially with the introduction of SMTs - and it is only right that your DApp is included in my short selection above.

Great article @cryptocurator! It sums up the benefits that Steem could bring up very nicely!


Much appreciated @futurethinker - hope everything is going well with @promo-mentors new project.

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Excellent info! Thanks, @cryptocurator. Resteeming this post now for new Steemians like me.


Many thanks for your comment and the resteem.

There are still many dApps that haven't mentioned here.


Hey @chuuuckie - Absolutely - I think I could have mentioned anywhere between 10 and 400 DApps - and in 6 months time will it be #500?? Steem is unstoppable...……..


Rephrasing it "Popular dApps" 😂


Rephrasing it.

"Popular dApps" 😂


Yes - I still agree - let me know some more dApps that you are in favour of: I might learn about some new wins....which is always good news!


Thank you @teekingtv - I noticed thanks for sharing on social media.

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