Once we have private messaging we will have a classified tag. Posts made in the classified section will have payouts disabled.

Private messages are necessary for exchanging personal information to close the deal (shipping addresses).

We will add escrow support at the blockchain level.

I'm already working on recruiting some sellers and was planning to just have them ask for buyers to include shipping addresses as the memo on their payment. Any estimate on the timeline for these new features?

Hi Dan,

Do you have a roadmap for the next two years?

I've been involved with Open Bazaar for a long time and 2017 roadmap for them is pretty solid IF they can deliver. What I don't like is I can't earn currency in-platform unless I'm a vendor/seller... Enter Steem. Really looking forward to all you have to offer for this new platform and potential marketplace.

Will steem's marketplace be OpenBazaar? If not, wouldn't it be better if it were?

This will be LEGEN.....wait... for..... it....... DARY!!!

You should probably name it "classifieds" with an "s". If it is not plural then it implies that is a top-secret section or something.

HELL YES!! Very exciting!! How "anon" will this be?

what would be some comparable sites that you're envisioning the marketplace being similar to?

if it could be built up to the level of something like Craigslist... daaaaang...

This is Awesome!!! Can't believe it's actually happening.

Don't make the massive mistake eBay did, USE penny-start AUCTIONS for EVERYTHING, either that, or use Amazon's system of REVERSE DUTCH AUCTION. Wanna kill a marketplace and have a competitor beat you? Make all the listings fixed price. It creates clutter for buyers, it creates extra work for sellers (instead of just marking the GRADE of a common iPhone model which is a commodity, you have to repost ALL the information about the phone as if re-inventing the wheel), and it makes for a non-liquid marketplace. We've studied the history of eBay and Amazon's marketplace, as well as craigslist and Facebook market. The key is to create liquidity, and liquidity happens from prices being forced to a settling price. you should maybe do two or three versions, a local like craigs and FB market, an auction like ebay (but NOT fixed price offerings), and a reverse dutch auction for commodities (like Amazon's "used").

I think this is a great idea. Why wait...I'm offering to sell a Starbucks Gift Card now. See my post.

oh please, no more Starbucks !! terrible company really, expensive and certainly not respectful of the growers of their coffee !! i hope to see more interesting things than this nhere !! this is just more of the same of what we definitely don't need here !! tired of Starbucks rulers of coffee !!