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It doesn't happen often and this is the first time that I have experienced this rare phenomena. Normally everyone is moaning that someone is draining it but not at the moment.

Why has this happened you may ask and Hardfork 20 has created the issue. Basically the reward pool hasn't paid out anything big in the last 10 days and there are still a few more days to go before it will head back to normal.

If you didn't post when all the shenanigans were going on then you have lost out. That is why we all say keep posting no matter what, one never knows what is going to happen.

On the 25 th September we had the HF 20 and we sere shut down because of the Resource Credit issue.A patch was sorted and the RC bug was fixed. The next day was the 26 th and most of us had very little RC's and voting power as it had to recharge all over again. Most of us didn't post and took a timeout and spent it on discord or somewhere else twiddling our thumbs. Whoever did post wouldn't have received much anyway as there was no one around who could perform many actions. I think some of the larger accounts could and that was it.

This resulted in a loss of some more days. When the patch was fixed and Voting Power jumped back to a respectable figure not everyone posted again and waited for voting trails to come back on. All this was lost time and the reward pool just grew and grew. The one s that then posted benefited as the rewards take 7 days to payout.

All of this is like a perfect scenario and will thus reward authors who posted with a little extra in their payouts. For some it has been a bumper week and will reflect in their wallets in the next few days. I thought it was very interesting and learn more things that can happen that I didn't know could.

Happy Steeming and Power up

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It makes a refreshing change for us to be talking about an overflowing reward pool indeed. I must confess that I haven't quite figured out how this surplus gets distributed, but won't complain if I get to see any of it!

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Very refreshing and we are all benefiting somewhere.


Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

My first steem auto! Nice !


And what was the curation like so far. Must be off the charts.It will later anyway.

It will get raped right before my payouts.

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Lol. Most likely it will.


For his name was futuremind. Yesterday it was futurespliff, today it's futureraped 😄

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This is interesting information.

I am so new to Steemit, only a month old now, so although I am not a blind follower of things in general, the "experienced" people around me were doing as you said, not posting, not voting. Since I am so small, the not voting thing for me was a mute point, but I could have posted if I had known it would be beneficial. This time I followed those that I thought knew the right thing to do. 🐑 baaaa..... 😉


Hi Jacey. Just grow as quickly as possible. Yo have time before the SMT's are launched in March.

Everyone want to say something, thats the truth :) And if you somehow muted them, the tension increases, and then, boom :D I saw those days so many shitpost, mambojambo or flipflap, that was enough for me until the next hard fork :D
But of course, i made my own jibblejabber too :D


That was a funny reply lol .jibblejabber.


Actually i have no idea, what mean the jibblejabber, i think, it is the senseless complaining and crying and blither, that nobody cares about. At least, it sounds like that. Am i wrong? :D Or you didn't see those posts? :D

It's great that you kept right on steeming!👍


Funny as I had no idea it would benefit like this.

Wow enjoy the blocktrades recognition. Let us try to be more active while it lasts

howdy sir cryptoandcoffee! I didn't know about this situation so thank you for explaining it!

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