Hive And Steem ,Steem And Hive As Both Will Benefit From Each Others Rise

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Both coins will benefit from this rise and even though they are separate they are closely interlinked.

I am sure most of everyone on here has been glued to the exchanges today watching Hive doing its thing. I haven't moved and haven't bothered to even change the television channel from Peppa Pig thanks to my grandson. We all know what is possible and it just gives an extra boost of confidence we are in the right place. When there is a bull market it doesn't really matter where you are as everything benefits, but these days you have to pay more attention.

The funny thing is that if people didn't know about Hive they will do now as seeing something rise by 600 percent and go from 71 to 28 on the market cap ratings is rather impressive. Other crypto coins thinking they are doing well with their 5% gains until they look down and see the elephant in the room at 570%. How many investors have looked up Hive in the last 48 hours and read what we are all about would be interesting to know.

Funny enough I don't know if others noticed as soon as Hive hit the magic number of $1 exactly the sell off started back down to 90 cents and Steem immediately started to climb. Obviously Steem is benefiting out of this pump as well as users are operating both coins right now. Steem has jumped not by much but still 3 c from 16c to 19 c in the last hour (20%). That was the start of what we now know was going to be a great rise for Steem and since then has gone up around 50 percent.

I am hoping Steem does something similar to what hive has done over the last few days but realistically I can't see that happening. Any increase in value is good so we should be happy with any gains. A $1 Steem would be good though maybe not this time around but hopefully soon. Price rises bring back users who have disappeared so seeing the place busy again would be a welcome bonus.

What we have been watching is the crypto markets being as volatile as ever with fortunes being made and lost within hours. We are investors but we have a slight difference as we are also stakers which gives us the edge as price fluctuations mean very little when you are thinking years and not days.

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