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 9 months ago 

I was working last night and slept yesterday so I missed a lot of the forking off. I had so many questions.

Le sigh.

Well, this should be an exciting adventure! :) Thanks for catching everyone up! Good luck to the hive! I know it will be awesome!

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Oh! Will I be able to tip?

 9 months ago 

I'm actually not entirely sure if TIPU will move over. His name isnt on the apps and dapps list in the hive discord yet.
He has a couple more days to confirm. I guess you should take out your balance if it is large if he doesn't clarify what will happen.

If you have any questions I'm happy to try and answer.

I think this is a great outcome and they will be happy to have market friday and your other ventures.

 9 months ago 

Thanks so much! It has been so crazy here!

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It would be more fun if everyone had to answer Justin's questions before getting an airdrop

 9 months ago 

He asked way too many questions. Now is not the time to decide on silly things like if we should reduce powerdown time or remove free downvotes. Those can be decided later (although with a 4 week witness power up time, I suspect the powerdown time can be lowered from 13 weeks to 4~10 weeks. Also we should probably only be able to support 9~14 witnesses (still can't figure out the equation, but got the logic).

Anyway hopefully everyone getting their airdrop is atleast up for trying Hive, but we do need some liquidity.

What do you anticipate the end result will be @abitcoinskeptic, of everyone choosing to power down in Steem? Specifically the loss of the Top 20 Witness positions?


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 9 months ago 

I like that last page break, it's optical illusionary.

So I have been told I don't have to do anything, my steem will automatically be switched into hive bucks (or whatever) and I'll be part of the hive instantly. Should I be doing anything else, like making a hive account? Thx for any info.

No, your hive account will be the same as your steem account. Same keys to login. It all should happen automatically.

 9 months ago 

Thank you!

I can't wait!

 9 months ago 

Yes, going to be a breath of fresh air after a long time in the gutters.

Probably the best of the possible outcomes. But I'm worried about the diminishing effects of the fork and where, and how, it will fall.

 9 months ago 

Agreed. Unless we had time machine.
I think Steem will do tron and Hive will be fine. But value is a whole different story.

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