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in steem •  10 months ago

Now we are talking. Steem has rallied nicely the last couple of hours. Headed back up, and this is great news for all of us Steem holders for sure. I've been amazed watching the SBD double in value OVER Steem. Steem seems to be trailing back up toward eventual parity once again. The SBD is currently trading at $2.31. Who would have guessed? We all would have held on to our SBD to trade up to Steem if we would have known.

Gridcoin is making a nice move up as well. Currently just over .06 Cents. That is quite amazing if you ask me. Its been fun watching Gridcoin go from just over .03 Cents to now over .06 Cents. Gridcoin is finally getting the attention it deserves. Lots of room to grow as well. Crypto's seem to be the focus of change and hope. Gridcoin will be part of the wonderful future to come.

All is ok though. Prices moving up are always a good thing if you are locked in. Good Luck all. Keep acquiring Steem. Cheers.

(Image from google imaging in the subject of gridcoin, and steemit).

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Steem and Gridcoin are also the only two coins you earn by doing something independently valuable, rather than just generating heat on a rig. I also mine Gridcoin on my mobile phone using the android BOINC app.


I need to learn how to mine Gridcoin. I'll have to look into that. Have a good one.

i think these days are best to invest in steem platforum.. because in few days or months steem coins became of much wroth. as i think.. maybe i am wrong :)


I agree fully. Thanks for the reply. Have a good one.

this is great news my dear..thanks for sharing crypto of luck my dear friend@crowe

Dear @crowe this is great news. Thanks!

I always follow you. great news @crowe Thanks!

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