STEEM blockchain hack : Steem Power mining bot

in steem •  last year

Today is what happens when tomorrow is passing through now, to become yesterday.

The moment I imagine my self eating meat, I create someone else who eats meat, even if I don't.

Truth is in the past, true is now... Craig :)

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I predict this will easily be shut down by the whales, it will be easily found on the blockchain and drains the rewards pool.


yes, just create a bot that flags all the posts so the mining bot wont earn any rewards


Fucks the fearful


Yeah, I fear that this is the weak link to any Steem Powered posting and voting bot system is the whales can erase much more value then you can raise. Additionally they can down vote more then 10 times a day since there are more of them then just one bot.

However there is no reason why people can't do something similar to auto upvote their own legitimate posts and comments 10 times per day.


You would loose a lot of followers. Assuming one has them to start with.


I was thinking the same thing...This sounds like it will be stopped pretty fast.

Have your Bot upvote me PLEASE:)

I think in many ways, we want to avoid this kind of hack. Steem power allows me to upvote my comments that I believe are helpful to others. But nobody would enjoy reading through comments from bots; and we already do, and they just get in the way, like pollution... mar the landscape.

I can upvote my own posts and make plenty of money so far, so not sure why I need this..


Things like this will always happen then their is money involved but the great thing about this community is we have the power to stop it and help in defeating these issues that would end up causing Steem to crash.


Very nice sir
Waooow your upvote power
I like it🖤🖤🖤👌
I am very tense !!
Need help
My earnings were two low from.3 days

Hack attack baby.. I like it lets get some to built it for us..


not us, for you

Yesterday is what happens when tomorrow is now but the current is passing by Yesterday that becomes when and then becomes now. Live it. Cool post. ;)


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Hi Craig, i'am already here a very similar project :)

Truly interesting can recommend this to Genesis-mining , as they were interested in getting associated with steem in some way.


you suggest it to them, and take the credit


Sure.. Thank you!


I would rather not want this to happen. It would not be good for the community at large if people simply upvoted themselves with the help from bots and didn't create anything valuable.

And to be clear. I am not against upvoting your own comments. I do that myself... But at least put a little bit of effort into the comments. This is not aimed at anyone, I am just talking generally.

I think that this is definitely already going on. I had a weird post from some looopy account that made absolutely no sense on one of my posts. It's an exploit, it'll likely be taken care of in future updates to steem

I guess we have to try to crowdfund a bot which upvotes @craig-grant .. as you all can see he really needs that.^^ :P

Right now chase bank is down nationwide and has been down for 2 hours. This is why you have to spread you green babies around and not have them all in one place!

bot number 333418 reporting in, upvoted!

Truly interesting idea.

@craig-grant , how do you come up with all these phrases?
They're inspirational!

lets give it a try..

My mind says bot bot bot until i get a bot : )

Dam that's scary! Someone should work on it.

I thought this was in reference to the polonex wallet for steem being down and in need of a serious update before coming back online. Know about that?

Haha i'm going to creat a bot and upvote your MASTER @yuliana :)

@craig-grant my name is @momogrow - you can have some mo.... I have enough mo's to give away. :)
You have a request via thoughts and if your request is passionate then you have created it with your with your words. If the passion you expressed is not feigned - then you will have "some more".
Love your quote above.
There should be only today but because we have memories locked in with our emotions - we remember the past. No memories - no past. As a result, truth is indeed only in the past but the only truth is indeed in the now - the present.

The beautiful ones are not yet born, but you look sexy

I upvote most of your posts anyways which gets you some cents. Lol!!. But on a serious note why do you need a bot you can manually upvote your posts right?? if you do will it get you in trouble or get u flagged???

Gorgeous! Future is here:-)

And if we get a few thousand of these? It's going to get very crazy on Steemit, no?
Still, good idea.

another skill bro.

thank you for posting

Keep up the great posts Craig. Always keeping it interesting

great idea , i will give it a try
thanks for the share mate.

Lets hope this is done soon!

I'm just here to read all the comments :)

If i could code,i will definitely create that bot and make it upvote you 10x a day. That will give you like $2/day because my votes are worthless LOL

Interesting post Craig, innovative. Sounds like it is worth the effort to get this going, makes sense because if you space out the comments and upvotes and have sufficient steem power this would BOOM!

Great idea. Much love and success brotha.

the end killed me haha, "PLEASE SIR CAN I HAVE ANOTHA UPVOTE?" - Oliver Gains

Interesting craig as always man. ten times a day brutal craig

yea great idea @craig-grant .this bot should work..the concept is nice.

@craig-grant you did a lot for this community. I am new here but I have already learned a lot from you.

Would you consider doing one more thing to help community?
I have discovered that an old scam (The Billion Coin) is now promoted on Steemit and I didn't want to be silent. My idea was to share that with community and warn members what is going on.
Please, read and resteem this:

Oh no.. i have an ominous feeling Craig.. It's possible that you've just unleashed something evil.

And the bot-wars begin.
Here a Bot- There a Bot everywhere a Bot Bot

Bots will take control of the world and beat the humans..

Very interesting!

The past and the present collide like a freight train full of pickled eggs and a watermelon truck.

I like my meat RARE.

Catchy Topic... Cool concept.

"Truth is in the past, true is now."
Words to live by.

Upvoted! Just because you said please... (;

Great hack lol i see how everyone is making quite a fuss about upvoting themselves and "taking advatage of the platform". When i get paid at the end of the month i usually spoil myself a little first 👍Plus im pretty sure everyone on Steemit is here to make money...Always B sharing!

im not actually a bot, but i see what you mean. I wonder if the bots can hurt eachother though by cancelling eachother's functions out. Either way, hope the good bots stay around.

I need a steem power mining

That's deep.

I found a guy creating one