Let's talk about STEEM, naaah mean

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The sound of crickets is the sound of no problems... read more

1991 – 16 years old. I started getting into music and dancing. I was known by my friends as a very good hip hop dancer. I organized a dance team with 8 of my friends, we practiced after school and WON the school talent show dancing a choreographed routine. That was a big event for me. My girlfriend Tamarah was in middle school. I flirted with many girls in my High School.

I continued my computer studies taking advanced computer science classes in school. I also got into drama and did school plays. I lived in a suburban neighborhood called Royal Palm Beach, there I hung out with allot of white and Jamaican friends. The girls were easy going and fun to be with because their families already had $$. My mother was studying to become and Registered Nurse and working 12 hour days.


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awesome video man ;) really love your way of seeing steem as a kind of insurance ;) I guess I am starting to see it as that as well :)

Hip hop dancing too??! Is there anything in life you have not done yet? You are my hero. I want to be able to say some day, proudly,that I am free and living life on ny terms like you.

Can you please do a blog on what are the things that you still have not done in life and would like to do ? Thanks

Everyone - please upvote and help to request Craig on this aspect!


hmmmm.... cant think of anything like that, funny, when i think of something, a couple seconds later i remember that i have done it


Wow - I must start writing a Hollywood script called "Man who did everything!" Lol
I am sure you will think of something. Please let us all know if you find something like that. It will be great to know. I am in a location where your posts come in the middle of night but believe me, I will keep an eye out to watch for that post of yours. Since I can not even dream of your following my blogs, all I can do is to post my script about your wishlist and keep checking if you saw it :-) At least I get to see your blogs when you post them because I am following you. :-)

Hey! Good chat, craig. I can empathise with those feelings of wondering whether new users will actually invest in the platform.

The price is much higher now, so some of the smaller users are probably thinking it is out of their range. I can see big users wanting to buy influence with steem power though. Big steem power holdings attract interest and attention. People love to court and seek favor from the high stake accounts.

Steemit is a number one crypto currency motivator. Since few weeks i joined this community i have gain a lot from lots of awesome steemians articles and videos. Indeed you people are doing great work here that always make me to have a great hope on steem currency and some other promising coin.

Uber and Air B&B are crazy awesome services to use!
You can definitely find great properties to stay at for cheap! I have used it many times in the past and it works great! ;)

Btw the view is still looking epic!

wish you memorable and joyful adventures. steem away while traveling endlessly until school stars. the experiences that your share will cheer and encourage others to work towards freedom.

Great video man! It's good to see STEEM making moves. It's a great company with huge potential. Keep that summer money making mindset and let's earn that money together!

I like your crypto game strategy :)

lets talk about that background

I was still waiting for the big BUT but then sound was messed up, still hoping there will come one.
As I newby steemian (bought in as a dolphin) I really enjoy most of my time here and I am not planning to become a big blogger etc(well woul be lying if I would say I wouldnt be happy to earn more on steem). I value the community which has been built here a lot ( also for my invvestmant, since this is a thing which is not easily copied) and I hope it stays that way.

Just saw your comment looking forward to listentin to your thoughts.


video works now

I haven't gotten tired of that view yet. Still epic. Where else do you plan on traveling besides Jamaica? It will be interesting to see how cheap a cryptocurrency version of Uber and Air BnB will be. I've got buys set for 1.50 as well :)

Do you still do hip hop dancing and other sorts of dance?

nice to hear about your early years

Try fixing the audio in the video @craig-grant! I could't watch past 1:38...


Nice, i'll take a look at it again. I was liking what you had to say up until that point xD!! I hope Steemit grows and only grows. The new user base might drop the price at first, and of course there are a handful of people out there who are only in it only to make a couple of bucks, but this is a revolutionary platform, and it will be a huge success. I just got my friend whose an engineer at one of the best public universities in New York to sign up yesterday! ( his username is @alihbadr and has posted some REALLY helpful stuff on reading RSI and how to invest correctly/read signals.) I am hoping that the new users will see the potential. Anybody who is actually in it for the real cause of Steemit will realize this potential and should power up and invest into the entirety of the platform.
Enough of my rant,

Cheers and have a great day @craig-grant

Looks like a nice day, hope you're enjoying it! Steem is all investment for me, personally.

Reality when you don't invest in @Steemit or crypto lol Enjoy your vacay bro!

Great team you have there!

Good video, the minor audio issue doesn't bother me. Keep it up!

Great... U are going good my friend... Kudos to ur efforts :)

You're awesome Craig just sent a friend request on FB. I love your posts. Upvoted!

Again another quality video Craig :) Thanks for the info bud

Nice video !
Maybe sometimes things has value juste cause we allowed this value to exist.

Good continuation and sucess in steem !

I don't know if it's just me, but starting at 1:38, your voice is doubled.


it works now


Roger that. Yea Airbnb and Uber is a dope combination. Also ubereats, where the uber picks up and delivers your food. They all make life so easy!

I'm pretty new to cryptos but I'm making a long term investment in the Steemit platform as well.


Yep, sounds gone all wrong on this video @craig-grant.


Yeah, from the underlapping video lol noticed after the first cut. But there were definitely some nuggets to take away, a great view too :p


definitely is happening.


uploaded a new video to fix the problem


I noticed that also

Have a nice day craig : )


your hair style is awasom dr.
upvoted+ resteem + follow + share

You just enlightened me to information I never thought of being that way. Great video , love following you to learn

In my research on steemit I found you on youtube, you inspired me a lot! You have some great videos! =]

Cool article, thank you for sharing. Followed and upvoted!