Who’s Adding More STEEM to their Portfolio?

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The price of STEEM, along with the rest of the crypto market is relatively low right now. Buy ladders has been the theme ever since the entire market plunged after the historic end-of-year run which closed out 2017 and rang in the New Year.

Liquidity is the key to making incremental investments at varying price points. Buying in from time to time gives investors the ability to access lower price points than before or vice versa. If you really have faith in the STEEM blockchain, then you will buy in until you think your investments aren’t going to make you a solid ROI.

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The value of STEEM is closely related to the success of the steemit platform. Since 2016, steemit has managed to onboard a ton of new users, which shows there lies potential in steemit as an incentivized social media networking site.

Block transactions on the STEEM blockchain are proving to be relatively favorable, with more transactions occurring than BTC and ETH combined. This has to sound pretty good for steemit users, but this doesn’t necessarily mean success is a given. Investing in STEEM is still risky business and you shouldn't invest more than you are willing to lose.

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Steemit has seen success since its original launch simply based on the fact that the platform is the market leader in a highly popular new market segment that has the potential for increasing demand in the future. But who’s to say that a competitor doesn’t enter this space and knock steemit off the totem pole?

Social networking is an extremely competitive market. A well-funded player could very well enter this space and gain popularity among users rather quickly, which would take some of steemit’s current market share away. Even worse for steemit, what if an already well-established social networking site was to introduce a monetary rewards system for their users?

Traffic to steemit wouldn’t increase, as people would have no incentive to ‘start fresh’ with a whole new social media site. If this were to happen, it would be very difficult for steemit to compete and the value of STEEM would eventually decline as a direct result. If steemit is able to keep its current leadership position as the go-to content creation/curation platform AND manages to establish itself as a reputable global social media network, then STEEM tokens will most likely be worth a lot more than current their value.

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As the crypto market continues to waver, there is only one question we really want to be answered- when are things going to moon bounce?

Bitcoin has been showing some real signs of life as of late and once BTC goes, I think we all know what's going to happen with the alts. STEEM and the rest of the altcoins are set to follow in BTC's footsteps as we have witnessed with past crypto bull runs.

By investing in STEEM, you are indirectly investing in the future success of the platform as a whole. If you believe steemit will succeed, then adding more STEEM to your portfolio may not be a bad idea.

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So, who’s adding more STEEM to their portfolio?

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What about the inflationary nature of Steem that make it lose value over time without any adverse external factors? The supply of Steem doubles every year!


I'm honestly more worried about everyone powering down at once and STEEM becoming worthless, or the fact that this place never becomes user-friendly as far as discoverability is concerned


Where did you hear this?


It was a topic of discussion that arose when I was talking closely with one of my fellow steemians. It's just a proposition, nothing more.

The other I heard from all the ghost users of steemit... and the millions of others that have been scared away from the platform due to their work never being noticed bc of the lack of exposure/visibility around here


Sorry. My question was for @projenix. About inflation and doubling a steem in one year, which is not correct.


Oh, sorry about the confusion.. I was also wondering where he got that information bc I had never heard that statistic before.

I add at least once a month! I plan on making it the largest part of my cryptocurrency portfolio over the long term.


heck yeah man that's what im talking about... best to buy in when STEEM is near a buck bc we've seen it almost reach $9 when it hit ATH's... it's only a matter of time. I like your strategy, keep doing that and I guarantee you will be sitting on a fortune one day

Well my dear that's what I'm searching and read more and more about in the last several days there's a say that steem will increase in the next 2 or 3 years to reach 10 dollars i hope so, about investment in steem why not i'm about to buy steem as investment but still looking for answers about how much profit we can gain for example 1000 dollars a year. Regards.


STEEM will most definitely hit $10.. i think before that timeframe. The question is- will the growth be sustainable? We always see the cryptos rise just to fall back down again. The next wave/bull run will be a deciding factor regarding the future of cryptos that will weed out all the shitcoins and no good projects.

STEEM has some real potential and I think can be something that a lot of people hodl for some years to come. But I guess time will tell... thanks for all the support Ang :))

See you around !!


We don't know, As you said time will tell :)
Have a nice day

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I bought steem twice in the past couple of months. Not much, but it seemed worth a go given the relatively low price and the fact that once powered up, my vote is worth more.


Yessir, I have done incremental investments like that as well. I am also going for SP bc that is the best way to make money around here. I also decided to go another route lately by delegating some of my SP, but the returns have been pretty minimal, and it made my vote worth less... so I may be discontinuing this method pretty soon.

thanks for dropping by @toddrjohnson