0.006 steem to your wallet if you follow @cnts today plus 0.003 for a resteeeeeemie pie.. :}

in #steem5 years ago

free bits of steem coin currency .jpg

On a roll. Two posts in 24 hours after chilling the fuck out for at least a year.

Wanna make a slice of steem coin. Then drop us a follow & at the end of the day I will ship out to your wallet.

Ship us a solid resteem & you will receive 0.009 all up.

Might not sound like the world. But some people walk miles for water every day. All you have to do is sit on your fat arse and press two buttons.


But how much who followed you already 🤩 anyway you came again after long time. Welcome!!

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Nice blast from the past! I guess i am targeting the noobs.. Glad to see you still about brother.. :]

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 15.15.39.png

First heavy hitters in. Will ship out at the end of the day, let the hype build momentum :]

"But some people walk miles for water every day. All you have to do is sit on your fat arse and press two buttons."

Man, now I have to resteem... or else all those people will go thirsty...

new here....and of course, followed you...looking forward to have a wonderful time with you guys.....a big thumbs up from @muhtasim-zawad..

Ready my brother! Welcome!

reesteem-upvoted and following

greetings from Venezuela!

The seasoned entertainer doing nothing steeming hot for a year, what Made you come back ? The bear ? Or the bull ? Eitherway welcome back Gr. From the blond , sitting on her arse ( not fat by the way ) hitting more than 2 buttons No need the sail out to the wallet. Prefer a visit and a seasoned comment on My blogs ... or not 😉 but hats of to you for rejoining ... I like that !

ahh cheers for the comments babes. I just thought i should come back & help this stricken community. Will leave a loving deposit in your slender wallet. Yum Yum.. thanks for pressing my buttons. Now let's take a gander at your posts :} xx

Well not at all nesseccary bu in the name of the holy wallet is highly appreciated 💃💃

Ha ha ha ha Welcome at house Baby! !!! Ready!

I like it when people send me money. I hope you are entertaining in my feed!

It all helps, helps what I don't know, but free for minimal effort why not.

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