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RE: 0.006 steem to your wallet if you follow @cnts today plus 0.003 for a resteeeeeemie pie.. :}

in #steem3 years ago

The seasoned entertainer doing nothing steeming hot for a year, what Made you come back ? The bear ? Or the bull ? Eitherway welcome back Gr. From the blond , sitting on her arse ( not fat by the way ) hitting more than 2 buttons No need the sail out to the wallet. Prefer a visit and a seasoned comment on My blogs ... or not 😉 but hats of to you for rejoining ... I like that !


ahh cheers for the comments babes. I just thought i should come back & help this stricken community. Will leave a loving deposit in your slender wallet. Yum Yum.. thanks for pressing my buttons. Now let's take a gander at your posts :} xx

Well not at all nesseccary bu in the name of the holy wallet is highly appreciated 💃💃

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