My twitter progress in one month !

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I joined twitter about 2 years ago, just after joining steemit. I had a username there @clixmoney and I was sharing there every single post I was writing in steemit. But after a while twitter blocked me because of those links. The big mistakes I was doing is sharing only links and not connecting with other steemians there. Never showing my face maybe also made moderators there think, that's I'm not real.

After that I stopped using twitter untill @nathanmars started the campaign of promoting steem in twitter. So, I registred a new account and called it ''clixmoney1'' , here is the link to my page there :

Now, I hope I'm doing the right thing, but sharing there not only links, but also thoughts I have in my mind. I also try to connect with others, to show my face, to use pictures and to try different tags.

I'm really happy with connecting with people in twitter, it's really much easier to find good steemians there and to make more friends. I have now more than 200 followers, people are liking my tweets, retweeting and commenting. I even found those people who I knew a year ago when I was posting only in steemit.

During the last mounth I have more than 61 k impressions, and those are all potential people who may join steem.

I want to thank all those who are doing their best to promote steem in twitter. Thanks also to big players like @theycallmedan, @thejohalfiles and @nathanmars of course.

I'm happy also to see members of @dcooperation active there. Like @freecrypto , @cryptospa , @dmilliz , @iamjadeline , @eugelys , @matthewtonyit , @rehan12 , @urme33 and more stteemians who are doing it very well.

Let's join this movement and make our promotion even more effective.

I want to help more in this and I will tag more active people in twitter here, to call people to follow them and support. They are doing that not for rewards, but just to promote our awesome blockchain, so they all need a motivation.

If you are not yet active in twitter promoting steem, please write in the comments how can I find you there and I will follow you there. Let's connect in other social media to show non crypto world, how much connected and friendly we are.

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Yep , it does really feels great to see STEEM users all across other Social media platforms doing their best in spreading the name this awesome platform. Hope the numbers are gonna increase as time passes by !!


Yeah, I hope so. By the way in case you know newcomers who need some steem power, take a look at what @paulag is doing and she may help with delegating to them. Newcomers need some guidelines and we should be ready for that.

Twitter hustling great way for spread #steem to whole the planet. After I being active on Twitter I got massive opportunity to connect with other blockchain users on-board. Yeah...I saw you on twitter very recently but your activities so powerful there. Keep going and wish you the success.


Thanks a lot. I'm doing my best. ☺

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Thanks, it's my second article on @tts , that's cool. ☺

I have this list of almost 600 steemers on twitter. I've been collecting them since I got here two years ago, so some are not active (many) and some still tweet but not about steem. I am cleaning that up over time.

The feed from that list is here:

I retweet from this most days and also search the steem tag and steemit.

A key metric to notice on your twitter analytics is link clicks. We want people to click into steem - not just like and retweet.

Another step to take is to broaden your circle beyond steemers on twitter. Right now, we are mostly tweeting to ourselves. Find people with your interests, or those from your location, and connect with them. So in my case I have authors, artists, crypto, and coaches for interests. I have Southern California and SE Asia for locations.

It is very easy to make lists of people on twitter and I highly recommend doing that. It helps to focus when you end up following at lot of people.

If you can do it - tweet another tag besides #steem when you tweet. #crypto is good, but anything related to the tweet is good too - so other people besides steemers might see it.

Your tweets are looking good. Keep doing what you are doing :)


Thanks a lot. That's a great list to follow as well. I'm glad to see you excited about steem. ☺


I pretty much dropped my other interests when getting here. Now - especially on Twitter, I am looking for ways to get my other list people to see steem. I have a lot more followers that are not on steem but could be, so I'm thinking how best to do this now. My other contacts are better retweeters than the steemers, but I don't think they come to steem for the most part. It's something I'm working on :)


You should find a way to make them join steem.


I've had about 20 join because of me in the last 2 years. All left quickly due to the difficulties. The people I am connected to who would try here already make money online for the most part. My friends who left think I am crazy to stay.

My author friends cannot sell their books here, my ebay friend did not get traction, my popular yt friend died on dtube etc. If they are already doing well somewhere else - this is not too appealing, and they do not like crypto. Telling them to buy in is laughable if they make money on Pinterest for free (for example.)

My biggest effort is in trying to help redfish that are already here and like the place. We need to improve the 95% kill rate.

Second in my sights is the crypto people. I have about 1000 of them now following me on twitter, up from zero before I got here. They are probably my best target, but steem(it)'s reputation precedes me. I hope that will soon change with the dapps, so that's what I am pushing.

But I also post 30+ times a week here on two blogs and make 200+ comments a week. So I have to keep my priorities straight since steem is paying my bills. Twitter does nothing for my upvotes, so it's not my first priority. I go there several times a day and do what I can. I use share2steem there since I do get upvotes for those tweets when they get to my blog here. It's all a game :)

Nice job CM

And great to see Steemians taking part on Twitter. Iam getting into it more myself and will be creating steem related Content exclusivity on Twitter... rather than just ALWAYS uploading to Steem and then just sharing that link at Twitter.

I like the vibe going on here


Cool, glad to know, you are active there.