Don't panic and don't make people panic !

in steem •  3 months ago

Steem is the best social currency ever made.

We will all have a good future with it.

Sometimes in any company some trouble may happen.

I think our leaders are working hard to solve all of them.

We don't have to panic to help them do their work.

Especially we don't have to make others panic !

This is the worse thing to do.

Look at steem like an investment but not like earning.

We still have a lot of oppotinities online.

We have to improve and to grow everywhere.

You have to find your passion in this life, this is the most important.

Keep improving, keep growing, keep promoting steem.

Let's build this all together.

We still have a big chance to make it really huge !

Think about the future.

Thanks for watching and reading. ☺

Remember to never give up !

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Joined the community few days back and seeing all the panic staff. And then all the optimistic writing like yours are giving me hope.

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I'm gla you have hope. Thanks for the nice comment. ☺


It's my honor.

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Hhhhhh,,, take it easy, this is just a time for fake people to leave steem, only people are looking for 100% of the money that will go away,. But people like us who have a community won't panic my friends,,,
If we speak crypto, then I know from bitcoin in 2010, so we don't need to panic,


Nice to know. ☺

You are starting to look scarily like jerry banfield, matey ! lol


I don't think so.

Yes, 100% right- We will all have a good future with it. Let's make a positive mind and move forward together for bright future.


Thanks for the comment, you are always positive about steem. ☺

I prefer most people that care only about money to leave this place with these low prices and ned stuff and only the ones that all for community remain. that way we will make steemit great again :P


yeah, maybe it's good for all of us that this is happining. It's a big test for all of us. ☺

STEEM the blockchain is an investment vehicle that we all own shares in. It makes no money and just offers dividends for buying in. What could earn money and make that investment more appealing are the apps which have been coming out. Popular apps earn millions in ad revenue which would filter through to the holders and users. Holding steem will be more valuable and pay bigger dividends.


I'm glad you understand that, I hope more people will do. Those apps are really great. We will have much more i think when SMTs will be released. Steem is the best investment, it's really revolutionary coin. We can do with it almost everything. It's the future. I'm glad I joined it and I'm iproving here every single day. I leaned a lot and still learning. Thanks for the comment. ☺


I know they are just trying to steam line which is fine in a year long bear market but it will mean shutting down certain projects. The question is where they direct the remaining resources with 30% of the staff.

After SMT's they can sit back a bit more but until then I hope that is where they throw the focus to allow others to then build on what they have put together.

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I will continue to create content and hope for the best.
The strongest will survive))


Very nice attitude, keep creating. ☺