The curation of DCooperation and @clixmoney accounts

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My username in steem is @clixmoney , I'm the founder of @dcooperation community.

Our co-founder is an awesome guy from Germany, he is @tibfox.

Our moderator is a very nice girl from USA, she is @kawaiicrush .

We are a group of Dtubers willing to do our best to support videos creators on steem blockchain. We make collaborations and that is the most important for us. I think to improve the interaction of the community, we should make more collaborations.

We upvote only @dtube 's videos with both the @dcooperation account and @clixmoney account. For now we have 4550 steem power for both accounts and our total upvotes are more than $0.3 including the curation trail.

People who are following our curation trail and always included in DCooperation Daily News posts are : @tibfox , @veganroma , @inoobgamer , @romafedorov , @steemitbaby , @jacksonchakma , @btcmaker , @downrighthustle , @spite77 , @zainenn , @alexabsolute , @itskyle , @behelen , @brainpod , @bobaphet , @vegan4theanimals , @kawaiicrush , @captainbob , @saracampero , @jeronimorubio , @cinema613 , @vincy , @camuel , @reality-variance , @cowboysblog and @clixmoney . The total of 27 accounts.

But to be inluded in the post you have to create a @dtube video.

Also following our trail doesn't give you the right to be upvoted by @dcooperation , you have to be clear about that, it gives you only the possibility to be in DCooperation Daily News posts.

The requirements of our upvote :

Of course upvoting someone is giving him/her a part of our power. That's why the most upvoted people will be those who delegated the most to us and who are creating @dtube 's videos at the same time.

The second priority is for those who contribute in our community. Anyone can send us a good video and we can upload it to @dcooperation account and all the earning will be used to power up. So if you want to stay a member of @dcooperation in the case you are not delegating steem power, you should at least once a month create a video for us. You can discuss the details with @clixmoney in our discord server.

The third priority is for those who are delegating very low steem power to us and those who can't create videos for us or participate in our collaborations.

We are all building this account together and all the earning is going to power up the account. This account is only to upvote @dtube 's videos and we will never withdraw anything from it.

Our delegators for the moment are :

The delegatorSteem power delegated

The tool used to check delegations is :

Created by the witness @justyy .

Big thanks for our recent delegator @paulag who is a part of @steemcommunity .

You can vote for both witness @justyy and @steemcommunity here :

The steem power that is delegated to @clixmoney is from @nathanmars , he is the second delegator to @dtube after @misterdelegation and the second delegator to @dcooperation after @clixmoney . He is also delegating steem power to a lot of Dtubers. Please give him a follow and read his posts.

You can check the details about our curation here in a chart :

Thanks a lot for all our supporters. ☺

You are also always welcome to join our community @dcooperation. ☺

You can also support our initiative to watch and comment and like our video on youtube to make it trending on youtube to promote @dtube and steem blockchain there.

Here is our amazing video :

Here is the link to our discord server :

If you want to follow our curation trail, you can do it here . Find ''dcooperation'' in ''Curation trail'' and follow us.

If you want to delegate any amount of power, you can do it here :

If you want to send any donation, you are welcome to do that, all the donations will be used to power up our account to upvote more dtube's videos.


Subscribe on my youtube channel here

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You did well.


@dcooperation, thank you for the update!

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You'r welcome. ☺

Thanks for the update. Great to see this community moving on and up!


You'r very welcome, thanks for your support.

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