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RE: How to Launch a Steem Power Backed Smart Media Token!

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I promised to read this post I read 10% and now my wife is calling me and the baby is crying.
Can I contribute to the community in a meaningful way by participating in this project?
Can this concept help other contributors not rely so heavily on bit bots to make profit on quality content posts?
Last but not least can this project help me to live my dream and become financially independent?


Did you get $1.62 for reading 10%? You'll be getting a really good payout when you finish it.

This is bullshit. I read 100% of your comment and I only got.05

That is nothing. I am 75% sure that I am the reason his wife was calling him to put him on 3 way speaker phone to let him hear me knock the bottom out of it and I only got paid in STD's

a resounding NO is the answer to your questions

Before you read, I'm giving away $80 here:

I'm attempting to create a protocol through which I both gain followers as well as help out followers who care enough to pay attention and read / watch / listen to my content. The whole process is going to be completely open and transparent. I want to earn money doing what I love. But I also want to make it so that it is easy for other people to do what they love so long as their content is at least pretty good.

This is my first video in a long series of videos where I will detail out my plan as well as give away a bunch of cash for people that are paying attention. If you are frustrated by what appears to be essentially a collective self voting bot where you don't really benefit, please check out my idea. If you think it's garbage, REPLY IN MY FEEDBACK VIDEO WITH YOUR CRITICAL FEEDBACK, we'll have everyone rank the ideas, and I'll respond and fix the idea to address the feedback.

One of the key problems with content nowadays is the 1-directionality. It just doesn't work. We almost are coming to a place of collective discussion, but with scams like JBC, that's never going to happen.

I apologize in advance for spamming this, but I'm so sick of huge content creators alleging to help the little guys while the platform still suffers. I don't think a coin is going to help anyone.

I think we need to develop new open source protocols that we can share and build upon together. Please head over to any of my channels and listen to these ideas. I think they're good enough that I'll literally pay you to listen.

Thanks in advance,


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Yes to all of these! Every question you asked is along the lines of what I was thinking when I wrote this post! When you buy 50 Steem of JBC you will immediately be able to get upvotes once a month indefinitely on 14,000+ Steem power. With this just being released, the votes will actually be even bigger to begin because the voting power is high and to reward the very first to purchase!

Hello! for what i see JBC is a way to make sure you have enough upvotes to earn more, but my question is, will it really help the users to create better quality media?

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